Injury List – R3

Written by MJ on April 21 2015

Bartel, Wines, McGrath and Lamb owners will be forced to scramble for the TRADE button this week. They’re all out for at least a month or two.

Brett Deledio and Nick Riewoldt are both listed as TBC, while fast starters, Bontempelli & McGovern are going to have to prove their fitness.

On a positive note, Tom Rockliff has remarkably been given a slim chance to play this week, now listed as test!

Who are you nursing this week?

Player Injury Estimated Return
Rory Atkins Knee 5-6 weeks
Brad Crouch Broken foot 4-5 weeks
Harry Dear Shoulder TBA
Sam Kerridge Hamstring Test
Riley Knight Ankle 5-6 weeks
Luke Lowden Achilles 4-5 weeks
Mitch McGovern Achilles 2-3 weeks
Andy Otten Knee 4-5 months
James Podsiadly Fractured back 4-6 weeks
Brent Reilly Fractured skull TBA
Sam Siggins Buttock 2-3 weeks
Sam Shaw Hamstring 4-5 weeks
Updated: Tuesday, April 21
Brisbane Lions
Player Injury Estimated Return
Clay Beams Toe 2 weeks
Michael Close Knee Season
Jonathan Freeman Glute 3-4 weeks
Cian Hanley Knee Season
Pearce Hanley* Hip 8 weeks
Sam Mayes Foot 1-2 weeks
Jaden McGrath Foot 8-12 weeks
Daniel Merrett Hamstring 1 week
Jackson Paine Shoulder Test
Tom Rockliff Ribs Test
Archie Smith Knee 4 weeks
Trent West Knee 2 weeks
Updated: Tuesday, April 21
Player Injury Estimated Return
Cameron Giles* Foot Indefinite
Matthew Kreuzer Foot 1 week
Troy Menzel Calf Test
Ciaran Sheehan Groin 1-2 weeks
Dale Thomas Shoulder 4 weeks
Simon White Knee 3 weeks
Updated: Tuesday, April 21
Player Injury Estimated Return
Levi Greenwood* Fractured ankle 7-9 weeks
Ben Kennedy Virus Test
Brent Macaffer* Knee 5-7 weeks
Ben Reid Corked leg TBC
Matt Scharenberg Knee 1-2 weeks
Steele Sidebottom Broken thumb 7-8 weeks
Ben Sinclair Hamstring 4-6 weeks
Updated: Tuesday, April 21
Player Injury Estimated Return
Kurt Aylett Hamstring 1 week
Jake Carlisle Hip Test
Adam Cooney Hamstring 3 weeks
Lauchlan Dalgleish Knee 2-3 weeks
Heath Hocking Groin TBC
Nick Kommer Knee 2-3 weeks
David Myers Shoulder 10-11 weeks
Jason Winderlich* Back 8-10 weeks
David Zaharakis Knee Test
Updated: Tuesday, April 21
Player Injury Estimated Return
Zac Clarke Knee Test
Ryan Crowley Provisionally suspended TBC
Zac Dawson Groin 4 weeks
Anthony Morabito Knee TBC
Tom Sheridan Calf 1 week
Alex Silvagni Hamstring 1 week
Updated: Tuesday, April 14
Player Injury Estimated Return
Jimmy Bartel Knee 6-8 weeks
Cameron Delaney Foot Indefinite
Jarrad Jansen Hamstring 1-3 weeks
Tom Lonergan Concussion Test
Andrew Mackie Quad 1-3 weeks
Lincoln McCarthy* Foot Indefinite
Daniel Menzel Knee Indefinite
Matthew Stokes Achilles TBC
Nathan Vardy Knee Indefinite
Updated: Tuesday, April 21
Gold Coast
Player Injury Estimated Return
Gary Ablett Shoulder TBC
Mitch Hallahan Ribs 1 week
Jarrod Harbrow Shoulder Indefinite
Jaeger O’Meara Knee Season
Updated: Tuesday, April 21
Greater Western Sydney
Player Injury Estimated Return
Jeremy Finlayson Hip 2 weeks
Tim Golds Concussion Test
Rory Lobb Ankle Test
Jonathon Patton Knee TBC
Lachie Plowman Elbow 5 weeks
Sam Schulz Hip 3 weeks
Liam Sumner Wrist 7 weeks
Adam Tomlinson Toe 11 weeks
Jacob Townsend Foot 3 weeks
Updated: Tuesday, April 21
Player Injury Estimated Return
Kaiden Brand Shoulder 4 months
James Frawley Pectoral 4-5 weeks
Bradley Hill Concussion Test
Paul Puopolo Corked leg Test
Cyril Rioli Shoulder Test
Liam Shiels Hamstring 1 weeks
Matt Spangher Hamstring 4 weeks
Updated: Tuesday, April 21
Player Injury Estimated Return
Sam Frost Toe 6-8 weeks
Jayden Hunt Back 3 weeks
Christian Petracca* Knee Season
Jack Trengove Foot Season
Jack Viney Fibula 4-6 weeks
Updated: Tuesday, April 21
North Melbourne
Player Injury Estimated Return
Leigh Adams Concussion TBC
Nick Dal Santo Hamstring 8 -10 weeks
Taylor Garner Hamstring 2 weeks
Nathan Grima Back 7 – 8 weeks
Jamie Macmillan Achilles tendon Test
Aaron Mullett Shoulder 3 – 4 weeks
Daniel Nielson* Knee Season
Daniel Wells Achilles tendon Test
Jack Ziebell Chest Test
Updated: Tuesday, April 21
Port Adelaide
Player Injury Estimated Return
Billy Frampton* Shin 3-5 weeks
Dougal Howard Lower leg 4-5 weeks
Jarman Impey Hamstring 2-3 weeks
Matthew Lobbe Quad Test
Mason Shaw Groin Test
Matt White Ankle Test
Ollie Wines Wrist 4-5 weeks
Updated: Tuesday, April 21
Player Injury Estimated Return
Dan Butler Knee TBC
Reece Conca Hamstring 1 week
Brett Deledio Calf TBC
Dylan Grimes Hamstring 1 week
Chris Knights Hamstring 10-12 weeks
Kane Lambert Shoulder 6-7 weeks
Ricky Petterd Foot 11-13 weeks
Ty Vickery Knee Test
Updated: Tuesday, April 21
St Kilda
Player Injury Estimated Return
Daniel Markworth* Shoulder 7 weeks
Leigh Montagna Knee Test
Farren Ray Hamstring 5 weeks
Nick Riewoldt Calf TBC
Seb Ross* Hamstring 6 weeks
Arryn Siposs* Shoulder 9 weeks
Updated: Tuesday, April 21
Sydney Swans
Player Injury Estimated Return
Aliir Aliir Knee Test
Alex Johnson* Knee Indefinite
Nic Newman Knee 1-2 weeks
Lloyd Perris Knee 3-5 weeks
Nick Smith Groin Test
Updated: Tuesday, April 21
West Coast
Player Injury Estimated Return
Mitch Brown Knee Season
Damien Cavka Foot 6-8 weeks
Jack Darling Foot 5 weeks
Xavier Ellis Hamstring 2 weeks
Tom Lamb Knee 8 weeks
Eric Mackenzie* Knee Season
Jeremy McGovern Knee Test
Scott Selwood Ankle 4 weeks
Simon Tunbridge Ankle 12 weeks
Updated: Tuesday, April 21
Western Bulldogs
Player Injury Estimated Return
Marcus Bontempelli Calf Test
Matthew Boyd Calf Test
Zaine Cordy Shoulder 5 weeks
Caleb Daniel Knee 2-3 weeks
Matt Fuller Quad 7 weeks
Tom Liberatore* Knee Season
Dale Morris Pectoral 6-8 weeks
Mitch Wallis Back 1-2 weeks
Updated: Tuesday, April 21



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23 thoughts on “Injury List – R3”

  1. Remarkably I have escaped all of the carnage. Some people have the McGrath/Lamb bench combo, I have the Hogan/Saad combo. Sometimes it really is just the luck of the draw…Injuries are a killer and can make or break peoples seasons in a matter of weeks. Good luck to everyone that is in a bit of bother, hopefully the SC Gods are kinder to you later in the season ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Sup,

    Would you pick (for Bartel -> mids)

    T/U -> Lewis/Sloane
    T/D -> Scott Thompson (ADE) – save 100k for Lewis OR 160k for Sloane




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