The Fallen Premiums – R13, 2015

Written by MJ on July 1 2015


Michael Hibberd $443,400 (-$48,100; AVE 82.50, BE 71, PTA 88.6) Two 90s in succession sees the consistency creeping back into his game that we relied upon last year. With St.Kilda and Melbourne in their next two, he could be due to step it up a level, but that average of just 82.5 will keep many away.

Alex Rance $401,100 (-$75,100; AVE 91.75, BE 73, PTA 80.2) Rance strangled Buddy in the 2nd half last week, spoiling his way to 120 points and a chance for some Brownlow votes. It’s nice to see key defenders getting some recognition. His selection has to come with the expectation for some 50s with three scores under 60 this year, juxtaposing his four over 110.

Give them a week:
Luke Hodge $533k; BE 136
Bachar Houli $479k; BE 127
Kade Simpson $484k; BE 124
Tom McDonald $469k; BE 115


David Mundy $539,900 (-$9,300; AVE 113.58, BE 111, PTA 107.8) One of the most consistent scorers this season, Mundy has gone under 99 on just the sole occasion. Now at under $540k, he’s priced well below his season average. The Dockers will take on Brisbane this week, promising the potential for big returns on debut.

Adam Treloar $535,700 (-$42,100; AVE 106.08, BE 97, PTA 107.0) A 124 before the bye last week has Treloar edging his average towards 110. St. Kilda and Gold Coast after the Tigers this week will have his owners hopeful of some big scores early. I see a lot of ‘Dangerfield’ in young Adam, and can see him exploding as an SC beast before too long.

Josh P. Kennedy $479,000 (-$133,200; AVE 104.00, BE 71, PTA 95.8) The number one traded in player thus far has Sloane owners making the easy switch to the now incredibly cheap JPK. Three weeks under 100 before the bye were extremely uncharacteristic from the Swans’ contested disposal king. After R7 he was priced at $572k and averaging 114!

Hold your horses on these:
Patrick Dangerfield $636k; BE 155
Jack Steven $557k; BE 151
David Armitage $547k; BE 141
Steele Sidebottom $494k; BE 141
Brad Ebert $581k; BE 140
Ollie Wines $531k; BE 140
Callan Ward $588k; BE 138
Dylan Shiel $511k; BE 135
Trent Cotchin $542k; BE 133
Jordan Lewis $445k; BE 129


Sam Jacobs $527,000 (-$93,100; AVE 101.50, BE 116, PTA 105.4)  115 points against Brisbane makes it seven scores of 110+ this season. If you can deal with the odd sub 80-point stinker he could be your man if you can’t afford the likes of Goldstein or Blicavs.

Coming down:
Ivan Maric $501k; BE 151


Jarryd Roughead $462,600 (-$52,100; AVE 98.33, BE 55, PTA 92.4) Just like that, the Roughnut is back on our radars after a stunning 150 point display in the Hawks’ victory on Saturday. That’s his third monster effort this year after a 173 v WB and 145 v Melb. His best performances have been few and far between, but when he’s firing it’s a massive boost for your side. High risk, but at the $462k price tag he’s got more horsepower than most.

Dayne Zorko $447,400 (-$84,500; AVE 87.67, BE 54, PTA 89.4) The Magician is back to his old tricks with a very solid month of football behind him (93, 95, 91, 119). This is the last time he’ll be under $450k for a while. The downside is that the Lions face Fremantle and Sydney in the next fortnight – tough!

On the decline:
Robbie Gray $546k; BE 218
Tom Michell $509k; BE 160
Shane Edwards $462k; BE 151
Josh J. Kennedy $485k; BE 132

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15 thoughts on “The Fallen Premiums – R13, 2015”

  1. I’ll going oxley to Bob Murphy this week

    Then target hodge as my final defender next week.

    Do you guys see Bob as a premium defender?


  2. Really like the Mundy option, but a bit scared that he will get rested towards the end of the season. How does everyone else feel about it?

    Thumbs up: Good pickup
    Thumbs down: Be Careful, likely to be rested 1-2 games in the SC finals


  3. I’ll wait on hodge and possibly Houli as well. Trelor is tempting but.
    I gotta trade Sloane so:
    Tup Hannaberry
    Tdown Trelor

    I already have Parker and Kennedy


  4. Speaking of fallen defenders, I’m looking long and hard at Nick Malceski this time next week if he plays a full game for 90-ish. Over the last two weeks he’s going at an average of 0.96 points per minute in limited game time; if this is extrapolated over his pre-injury TOG percentages he’ll average 96.8ppg for the rest of the season.

    I know he looked terrible before the injury and has been given limited game time so far, but the numbers are trending upwards as he works back into fitness. Plus he will see a lot of the ball, given GC all hate each other too much to play cohesive enough footy to keep it out of their back half. Given the state of defense, it’s worth looking to guys on the ultra-cheap to spend your money in areas of greater importance.


  5. As much as I want to wait on Hodge I need to get rid of McIntosh before he bleeds cash again. So McIntosh > Hodge for me


  6. Sloane out, then via some DPP magic (Robbie Gray to the mids, Gawn to fwd to fill in for the suspended Franklin), Blicavs comes into my ruck, all facilitated by downgrading McIntosh to Colquhoun.

    My head hurts, and I know this is going to bite me, i just can’t figure out where.



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