Injury List – R3

Written by Motts on April 5 2016

A few here that haven’t updated their lists yet. Will update the post with all of them tomorrow. I’ve highlighted SC relevant players.

Curtly Hampton Foot 2-3 weeks
Paul Hunter Ankle 2-3 weeks
Sam Shaw Migraine Test
Updated: Tuesday, April 5

Tom Rockliff Calf 2 weeks

Dayne Beams Knee 2-4 weeks
Cian Hanley Groin Indefinite
Rhys Mathieson Cheekbone 4-6 weeks
Daniel Rich Hamstring Test
Mitch Robinson Calf Test
Sam Skinner Knee 12 weeks
Josh Watts Groin 6 weeks
Updated: Tuesday, April 5

Dennis Armfield Hamstring 1 week
Harry McKay Back 8 weeks
Ciaran Sheehan Hip 2 weeks
Jack Silvagni Hamstring 3 weeks
Andrew Walker Calf 2 weeks
Updated: Tuesday, April 5

Tim Broomhead Shoulder Test
Jamie Elliott Back Indefinite
Matt Scharenberg* Knee Season
Steele Sidebottom Suspended Available round 4
Dane Swan Broken leg/foot Season
Travis Varcoe Hamstring Test
Jarrod Witts Split webbing Test
Darrean Wyatt Concussion Test
Updated: Tuesday, April 5

Jason Ashby Knee 4-6 weeks
Shaun McKernan Ankle TBC
James Polkinghorne Calf TBC
Tom Wallis Hamstring TBC
Updated: Tuesday, April 5

Michael Apeness Knee 3 weeks
Harley Balic Wrist TBA
Harley Bennell Calf TBA
Connor Blakely Fractured toe 2-3 weeks
Zac Clarke Knee 2 weeks
Ethan Hughes Hamstring 2 weeks
Sean Hurley Hip 10-12 weeks
Anthony Morabito Hamstring Test
Updated: Tuesday, April 5

Mitch Clark Calf 4-6 weeks
Cam Delaney Knee 2 weeks
Mitch Duncan Concussion Test
Sam Menegola Knee 2-3 weeks
Tom Read Knee 4 weeks
Scott Selwood Foot 4 weeks
Billie Smedts Shoulder 2-3 weeks
Jackson Thurlow* Knee Season
Nathan Vardy Foot 6 weeks
Updated: Tuesday, April 5

Mitch Hallahan* Foot 8 weeks
Touk Miller Ankle Test
Jaeger O’Meara Knee Indefinite
Matt Rosa Calf Test
David Swallow* Knee Indefinite
Updated: Tuesday, April 5

Paul Ahern Knee Season
Jeremy Cameron Suspended Round five
Matthew Kennedy Knee 1-2 weeks
Cam McCarthy Personal leave Indefinite
Caleb Marchbank Ankle 6-8 weeks
Dawson Simpson Shoulder 1-2 weeks
Updated: Tuesday, April 5

Ryan Burton Knee TBC
Jack Fitzpatrick Knee 2-3 weeks
Bradley Hill Wrist 2-4 weeks
Luke Hodge Arm 3-5 weeks
Jarryd Roughead Knee 10-12 weeks
Liam Shiels Wrist Test
Matt Spangher Calf 3 weeks
Zac Webster Quad 2-3 weeks
Alex Woodward Knee Indefinite
Updated: Tuesday, April 5

Chris Dawes Calf 3-4 weeks
Oscar McDonald Ankle Test
Ben Newton Ankle 2-3 weeks
Jake Spencer Plantar Fascia 4-6 weeks
Updated: Tuesday, April 5

Jed Anderson Hamstring 7-9 weeks
Daniel Nielson Knee 2-3 weeks
Scott Thompson Soreness Test
Joel Tippett Back 4-6 weeks
Kayne Turner Hamstring Test
Ed Vickers-Willis* Shoulder 4 weeks
Updated: Tuesday, April 5

Tom Clurey Foot 2 weeks
Billy Frampton Foot 2 weeks
Hamish Hartlett Hamstring Test
Dan Houston Hip/groin 2 weeks
Nathan Krakouer Jaw 1-2 weeks
Jay Schulz Back Test
Matt White Pectoral 12 weeks
Updated: Monday, April 4

Reece Conca * Hamstring 4-5 weeks
Brett Deledio Quad 1 week
Nathan Drummond Knee TBC
Shane Edwards Hand Test
Dylan Grimes Hamstring 2 weeks
Ivan Maric Back Test
Chris Yarran Foot 6-8 weeks
Updated: Tuesday, April 5

Nathan Freeman Hamstring Test
Nick O’Kearney Broken arm 4 weeks
Brenton Payne Shin stress reaction 2 weeks
Updated: Tuesday, April 5

Alex Johnson* Knee Season
Jarrad McVeigh Knee 1 week
Sam Naismith Hand 2 weeks
Sam Reid Hamstring 2 weeks
Gary Rohan* Hamstring 3 weeks
Michael Talia Foot 7-11 weeks
Updated: Tuesday, April 5

Mitch Brown * Finger 7 weeks
Liam Duggan Ankle Test
Xavier Ellis Achilles 8 weeks
Mark Hutchings Hamstring Test
Kurt Mutimer Hamstring 3 weeks
Dom Sheed Pectoral 8 weeks
Luke Shuey Ankle Test
Simon Tunbridge Back 3 weeks
Alec Waterman Illness Indefinite
Sharrod Wellingham Knee 4 weeks
Updated: Tuesday, April 5


Tory Dickson Quad 1-2 weeks
Nathan Hrovat Ankle 6-8 weeks
Clay Smith* Knee TBC
Roarke Smith Knee TBC
Updated: Tuesday, April 5

* Placed on the club’s long-term injury list


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15 thoughts on “Injury List – R3”

  1. Fingers crossed for you mate, keep in mind how slow some concussion victims rebound to best form. So even if he plays keep a close eye on his play.


  2. Q. If Mason Cox is not injured does anyone know why he’s not playing?? (Yet he played in all 3 nab cup games)


  3. So ive done Seedsman for Adams
    but I’ve just realised that I have an option between B Ah Chee or De Goey for Papley
    who to keep
    T/U B Ah Chee
    T/D J De Goey


  4. For the 5.1% of coaches who still have Oscar MacDonald on their books, I’ve done some delving and I see he’s listed in the guts for Casey’s round 1 match this weekend. Good that he’s back from injury already.

    Bit strange that a 196cm key defender is listed in the centre!!

    Personally, i’m holding onto him for another week and watching Hartley closely.



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