SCT Leagues Update – Rd4

Written by Schwarzwalder on April 19 2016

SCT Leagues in the Top 300 Rankings:

SCTalk LoEC1 – 25


SCTalk Standard 1 – 68

Rackemup@SCT – 88

SCT Random League –120

CattasSCTChallenge – 131

SCT H2H 001 – 141


SCTalk Standard 2 –195

SCTalk Standard 6 – 210

TalksCheapSosYaMum – 217

Davo’s League@SCT – 260


SCTalk Standard 5 – 290

Rd4 Rankings


The carnage of Rd4 didn’t escape the SCT Leagues and we’ve all been hit hard in the overall rankings.  But don’t despair……..such is the evenness of the competition that there’s only 30pts (Avg pts per Rd) separating the Top League from #300.  Plenty of time left!  LoEC1 are consistently showing up in the Top30, very good signs!  THE TEAM@SCT1 continues to rear its head as well, coming in at #50. (I believe that glitch from last week has been fixed up).

According to the official SCT Group, we have a member sitting at #5 overall!!  Tim with Here I Go Again jumped from #29 to #5 this week on the back of a steady 2190 in what proved to be a very tricky round.  James is at #33 with his Smurphs while Motts dropped to #77 with his MaulersCory with BurningDownDalhaus had it hard with a 1969, dropping to #168 overall.  I’m quite sure the SCT members will hit back hard this week.  Still just 500 pts separating #1000 from #40 000.  If you can manage a big week in amongst the carnage then anything is possible.

Sorry if I’ve missed someone, but I’m checking our official SCT Group here.  Let us know where you are in the rankings and I’ll update the post a.s.a.p.  Good luck this week, Coaches!


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