$200k Mids

Written by MJ on March 25 2015

They’ve all played three NAB Challenge games and they’re all vying for spots in our on-field midfield positions. You’ve got to shell out an extra $100k over some of the other rookies, so you’d want to make sure they’re going to hold up their end of the bargain and score you points.

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*For stats like this on every game of the pre-season for every player, see SCT’s All-In-One NAB Challenge Statistical Beast

EDIT: We’ve been notified by @VDelluni via Twitter than Newton was subbed off at half-time in NAB 1. The AFL website still says 86% TOG. If we estimate it to be 43%, then it jumps his SC/TOG to 1.13.

Who have you hand-picked for your squad? (Tick as many that apply).

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20 thoughts on “$200k Mids”

  1. Have locked in Cripps at M6 got sheed currently at M7 did have Newton but not sure on either or if I should just go down to a cheaper rookie and stash the cash somewhere else on field


  2. Sheed still seems like a vest candidate, maybe Matteo can help me out there? He’s got he low-down on the Eagles. I’ll take Newton and Cripps. Newton doesn’t have much competition for his spot…….


  3. Cripps locked. Newton currently in there but not with massive confidence.

    Could see him displaced for cash reasons by round 1, especially if Lambert plays and some of my others don’t.

    $113k would make huge improvement to what still looks a risky backline, but I don’t want to lose any of my premos.


  4. All 4 currently occupying my M5-8, after having 0-2 all pre-season up until yesterday. Although Sheed will probably be getting the flick.

    Really starting to question many of the rookies this season. I liken it to when someone will say, for example, “Adelaide are looking real good for the top 8 this season!” – it’s like, okay sure, they are a decent team, but too often these people seemingly fail to understand that for this to happen, a finalist from the season prior will have to drop out.

    Take Vandenberg for example, yes he’s shown some great signs in the preseason, yes he’s a mature-age rookie (always a plus), but oh wait, that’s right, someone will have to make way for him in their best 21. This I see as improbable, especially given Vince, Howe, and, to a lesser extent, Dawes’ imminent return to the starting 21. Viney, Tyson, Vince, N.Jones, M.Jones, Riley, Cross, Toumpas, Salem, Newton, Howe, Lumumba, McKenzie, Brayshaw – all, on varying levels, making Vandenberg’s supercoach relevancy too tough of a fight, in my opinion.

    This can be argued for other popular midfield picks such as Boekhorst, Heeney, Anderson, Freeman, Krakouer, Lambert, Miller, and Steele (probably the biggest head-scratcher of them all).

    Ellis-Yolmen, now there’s a midfield rookie who I can actually trust. He has what Adelaide needs. His spot in their starting 21 is all but guaranteed, and this was before Crouch went down. Albeit, I think his supercoach impact is becoming too hyped up, particularly with Thompson and Kerridge looking to return for round one.

    Simply, I think we’ve been spoiled in the last few seasons with midfield rookies, particularly with the introduction of Gold Coast, and then GWS. Even last year; Polec, Ellis and Tyson – thanks for coming, was money in the bank from the get go (with good scores too).

    I think it’s time we have to start forking out a bit more for M6/7/8, not necessarily because they will be scoring all that well (particularly NVB), but because of the two words that I feel have become grossly underestimated amongst the SC community; job security. A spot in the starting 21, week in, week out.

    Would happily pay that extra $300-400k to rest assured that my cash cows will actually make money as opposed to constantly being considered for the vest by the coaching staff, or even worse, likely to be dropped on the back of one shocker.

    By all means, I expect the aforementioned rookies to get games at some stage this season, but it’s more than likely they, like many rookies before them, will be shown the green vest, if not on debut, then on game 3 or 4, just as they were supposed to start making that dough, d’oh.

    I am fully aware that committing to players like Cripps, Tyson, NVB, Acres, and Sheed (I’ll give Jong a mention too – a bit more pricey though), restricts your ability to start off with that extra keeper premium you could otherwise have if you start with Vanderberg, Heeney etc. I get it, it’s called opportunity cost.

    If we can step back and remember what it is we are all trying to do (for overall competitors – not necessarily league), that is, to get a team full of premiums in the shortest amount of time possible, whilst doing so in an economic manner. With that in mind, I’d much prefer, come round 12 or so, to be milking these $200k starting rookies, as opposed to being left with a bunch of rookies who have only made $100k or so, and have been stuck in the magoos for a good 4-6 weeks – which is how I see the majority of this season’s crop.

    In saying that, I see Cripps, NVB and Newton on a level of their own, and then Sheed and Acres below them. And yes, some insight on Sheed would be appreciated. Looks to be improving, but again, it’s not as if anyone has made way for him as Masten, Gaff, Priddis, Wellingham, Shuey and Selwood all seem fit and firing.


  5. I’ll take Cripps. Van Berlo has the security but is the lowest scoring, Newton and Sheed look good but seem overpriced. Cripps is my M6 or M7 depending on whether i take 4 or 5 premiums + Daniel Rich. Rest of them are Heeney, vandenBerg, Ellis-Yolman and whoever is in my team at the time



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