2010 Injured Players

Written by Motts on March 8 2011

We all know Walesy does some great work over at Too Serious. I was having a browse this morning and spotted a post which I thought you’d find interesting on the discounts that have been applied to the players that were injured last year. Enjoy.



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13 thoughts on “2010 Injured Players”

  1. My assessments follow. Make of them what you will:

    50% Discount:
    Ottens is (obviously) worth having but Drum may struggle to get regular game time.

    30% Discount:
    All are awkwardly priced in the 200K range and many will be struggling to fight their way into the senior team.
    Exception would be Veszpremi @ $214,600 who Eade obviously has grandiose plans.
    > Not coming back from an LTI (issue was selection)
    > Cheapest of all the 30% discounts
    > Like i said, Eade will give him games and he will avg more than 40-45pts so therefore a price rise ensues. He is highly unlikely to be a keeper though and therefore his selection will greatly depend on how much you think his price will rise.

    20% Discount:
    Once we start to get down into this sort of discount we are looking for players who will not only get back to what they once were but will also go another step beyond that, therefore increasing their price by greater than 20%. Players that i see as possibly falling into this category are:
    Foley @ $364,000, Houli @ $324,700, Hartlett @ $297,800, Kerr @ $289,000, Knights @ $237,500, Petrie @ $216,000, R. Tarrant @ $184,900, Cheney @ $163,500
    For me Foley, Kerr, Knights, Petrie, Tarrant and Cheney are the most likely to make that significant jump we are looking for in one of these players but beware Kerr’s suspect hammy’s, Petrie’s suspect feet and that Tarrant and Cheney aren’t a walk up start for their teams.

    10% Discount:
    At this level of discount you really need someone that you feel is way unders what they will earn for you. The only one’s that spark any interest for me are Drummond @ $401,000, Anthony @ $362,900, Shuey @ $323,000, McLean @ $311,700, Ward @ $274,600 and Seaby @ $273,700.
    They all could rise in prices and be a great selection .. or not. If Drummond was fit he’d be an obvious choice and most people would have him but he’s not so they don’t. Anthony’s likely to go up to 90-100pts avg which would give him a $100K price hike.


  2. Here is this week injury list, I’ve cut it to the main players.

    Ian Callinan (bicep) – 10-12 weeks
    Josh Drummond (quad) – 4 weeks
    Paul Chapman (groin) – 2-3 weeks
    Gary Ablett (groin/hip) – 1-2 weeks
    Luke Hodge (achilles) – 2-3 weeks
    Ben Jacobs (glandular fever) – indefinite


  3. Considering Mayor Chapstick only missed 1 game last year, did anyone really think the SC gods weren’t going cruel him this year??

    The FWDs premium pool just a got a little thinner. Unless you’re Dick Fuld.



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