2012 Dual Position Players

Written by Motts on April 26 2012

I don’t think I ever put these up at the beginning of the year. Better late than never they say so here are the 2012 DPP’s at their starting price. Hope it helps.

MID / FOR       
Chris Knights    Adel    $374,700
Matthew Wright    Adel     $372,300
Patrick Dangerfield    Adel    $435,400
Tim McIntyre    Adel    $94,700
Sam Kerridge    Adel    $106,600
Patrick Wearden    Bris    $106,600
Dayne Zorko    Bris    $113,200
Mitch Robinson    Carl    $489,700
Steele Sidebottom    Coll    $452,400
Dayne Beams    Coll    $546,400
Alan Didak    Coll    $336,100
Angus Monfries    Ess    $451,500
Jason Winderlich    Ess    $302,200
David Zaharakis    Ess    $494,100
Nathan Fyfe    Fre    $585,700
Haiden Schloithe    Fre    $94,700
Clancee Pearce    Fre    $332,500
Matthew Pavlich    Fre    $573,000
Hayden Crozier    Fre    $106,600
Harley Bennell    GC    $371,700
Alex Sexton    GC    $106,600
Allen Christensen    Geel    $356,800
Travis Varcoe    Geel    $389,300
Paul Chapman    Geel    $548,600
Luke Power    GWS    $450,500
Taylor Adams    GWS    $136,600
Josh Growden    GWS    $113,200
Curtly Hampton    GWS    $113,200
Nick Haynes    GWS    $166,600
Adam Kennedy    GWS    $113,200
Devon Smith    GWS    $131,600
Adam Treloar    GWS    $113,200
Jordan Lewis    Haw    $493,000
Colin Sylvia    Melb    $521,800
Thomas Couch    Melb    $94,700
Leigh Adams    North    $487,400
Brent Harvey    North    $548,00
Robbie Gray    Port    $490,100
Darren Pfeiffer    Port    $126,700
Dustin Martin    Rich    $536,200
Robin Nahas    Rich    $467,900
Cameron Shenton    St.K    $94,700
Adam Goodes    Syd    $586,500
Ryan O’Keefe    Syd    $556,600
Ben McGlynn    Syd    $407,800
Callum Papertalk    WCE    $94,700
Justin Sherman    WB    $366,300
Shaun Higgins    WB    $447,500

James Sellar    Melb    $229,900
Jay Lever        St.K    $106,600

Luke Brown    Adel    $106,600
Sam Docherty    Bris    $141,600
Bradley Harvey     Bris    $113,200
Richard Newell    Bris     $94,700
Andrew Carrazzo    Carl    $505,800
Heath Scotland    Carl    $572,900
Mark McVeigh    Ess    $345,200
Mark Baguley    Ess    $94,700
Jordan King-Wilson    Fre    $94,700
Jackson Allen    GC    $106,600
Kurt Aylett    GWS    $113,200
Tim Golds    GWS    $113,200
Shaun Burgoyne    Haw    $433,200
Dan Nicholson    Melb    $276,500
Brett Deledio    Rich    $568,700
Warrick Andreoli    St.K    $113,200
Brendon Goddard    St.K    $584,700

Shaun McKernan    Adel    $272, 700
Brent Staker     Bris    $326,900
Jackson Paine    Coll    $106,600
Trent Stubbs    Coll    $106,600
Michael Johnson    Fre    $390,800
Billie Smedts    Geel    $113,200
Adam Tomilson    GWS    $156,600
Tom Curran     North    $106,600
Lachie Hansen    North    $310,300
Jayden Post    Rich    $259,500
Jackson Ferguson    St.K    $113,200
Simon Tunbridge    WCE    $94,700
Jack Redpath    WB    $94,700

RUCK / FOR     
Sam Rowe    Carl    $106,600
Joel Hamling    Geel    $106,600
David Hale    Haw    $406,600
Jarryd Roughead    Haw    $550,00
Adam Pattison    Haw    $94,700
Jordan Staley    St.K    $94,700
Scott Lycett    WCE    $265,500


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15 thoughts on “2012 Dual Position Players”

  1. Does anyone else think they could have made it a bit more even with a bunch more MID/DEF players (who are actually playing…)


  2. Off topic:

    For some reason I can’t see my SCTTL team. I can login fine but it doesn’t show my team and the rest. Log back into normal team and its fine.

    Anyone else having this issue?


  3. Anyone got any info on dayne zorko??? Was being talked up pre season and not a whisper since , is he injured? I have him in my team and don’t know whether to ditch him. I haven’t needed him yet so havent bothered to trade him out.


  4. Interesting to see Dangerfield named in a Fwd pocket this week rather than in the centre. Hopefully this doesn’t mean he’s been banished back to his old Fwd role again, though his last game against GWS was relatively poor considering the opposition.


  5. There’s only a few mid/def rookies that I think will get a game….

    Ess: Mark Baguley – Played VFL with Frankston last season. 180cm left footer who has exceptional kicking effiency. Almost named in Anzac day clash.

    Bris: Sam Doherty – In the NAB AFL 2011 under-18 Championships he was best on ground for Vic Country against WA. Known as a classy rebounding defender who is cool under pressure.

    Ade: Luke Brown – Was pre-listed with GWS. Is a speedy 181cm defender with excellent leaping ability. Great reader of the ball.

    Its true Omen, With Gibbs, Heppell & Hodgey having their mid/def status revoked over the last few seasons it’s slim pickings….even seriously out of form Lindsay Gilbee had his license to DPP expire ensuring that what lil chance a supercoacher had of taking a punt on the former All Australian is well & truly gone.

    R.I.P – Supercoach player Lindsay Gilbee (2005-2012)



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