2012 SCT All Girl Supercoach Leagues

Written by Motts on February 7 2012

Just a quick reminder that if:
1) you’re female, and
2) you love supercoach, and
3) you love the idea of competing in a league against other like-minded ladies,

then join one of SCT’s All Girl leagues today. We’ve filled one and a half leagues so far so there’s plenty of spots available.

The competition was of a great standard last year with one of the girls now playing in one of our LoEC leagues!

Email motts@supercoachtalk.com if you’re keen.


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8 thoughts on “2012 SCT All Girl Supercoach Leagues”

  1. This doesn’t concern the girls league but does anyone know how tO check last years supercoach ave and results for my league


  2. Reposting this for gimme guitars who emailed me saying she couldn’t find her own post from last night #gavethevinoatouchup?

    DEF: Shaw, Fisher, Newman, Tomlinson (D/F), Docherty (D/M), Ellis, Smedts (D/F)
    Inter: Mohr, Spurr)

    MID: G. Ablett JNR, Mitchell, Goddard (M/D)
    [ either Hayes & Sumner OR Barlow & Pfeiffer(M/F) ] Zorko (M/F)
    Inter: Stevens, J.McDonald

    RUCK: Mummy, Macca
    (Giles, Stephenson)

    FWD: Franklin, Pav (F/M), R’OK(F/M), A.Walker, J.Brown, Christensen(F/M), Siposs
    (Walsh, Redpath F/D)

    Money left?: with Hayes & Sumner $6700 with Barlow & Pfeiffer I spent exactly $10mil so nothing



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