2015 Predictions

Written by Motts on January 27 2015

Supercoach 2015 opens up to the general population at the end of this week. Excited? I bloody am!

So now’s a good time to get your thoughts and predictions on who you’ll be picking and how you think the season is going to play out. Cut and paste the following into Comments and fill it in:

    • Picking Gaz?:
    • First premium picked ($500k+):
    • First midpricer picked ($250k – $500k):
    • First rookie picked (<$250k):
    • Predicted biggest price rise:
    • Most over-hyped:

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38 thoughts on “2015 Predictions”

  1. Picking Gaz?:
    First thoughts were a no, but after hearing that he ran his best time in whatever it was, I feel like I should give his royal highness a chance, 50/50 at the moment
    First premium picked ($500k+):
    Nick Malceski- by far the very best option in the backline, hard to go past him, backline is gonna be tough this year
    First midpricer picked ($250k – $500k):
    Daniel Rich- out and out gun before the injury, I garuntee you he will be around the 500+ range at the end of the year, so long as he plays!
    First rookie picked (<$250k): Mitch Clarke- seriously cheap and I think he is gonna get tonnes of game time
    Predicted biggest price rise:
    Beau Waters- watch out he is gonna be the greatest steal in 2015
    Most over-hyped: Rockliff – crazy I know but that midfield is getting way to good for him to keep up that amazing average.
    Won’t be going near: Joe Daniher- I shiver every time I hear that name, bloody horrible for me last year, lost me the grandfinal with one of his trademark 30s, thought I was genius for starting with him, but got stuck with him the whole year waiting for his price to rise, except that it didn't.


  2. Picking Gaz?: Yes. In Son of God I Trust.
    First premium picked ($500k+): Nat Fyfe. Scarily, will get better.
    First midpricer picked ($250k – $500k): Daniel Rich. Price too good to ignore.
    First rookie picked (<$250k): Jesse Hogan. The wait will be worth it.
    Predicted biggest price rise: See above.
    Most over-hyped: Nic Nat. Let me down again last year.
    Won’t be going near: Daisy Thomas. You all know why.


  3. Picking Gaz?: Lock him in Eddie

    First premium picked ($500k+): Dependlebury

    First midpricer picked ($250k – $500k): Swan, just can’t ignore that price & FWD eligibility

    First rookie picked (<$250k): ??? Too early to tell

    Predicted biggest price rise: Cheap rookie like Hogan

    Most over-hyped: Newnes (seriously, where's it all coming from?)

    Won’t be going near: Bellchambers


  4. Picking Gaz?: Is this a rhetorical question? Hell yes…….

    First premium picked ($500k+): Nat Fyfe, providing his shoulders hold up over pre-season.

    First midpricer picked ($250k – $500k): Dane Swan, favorable draw for Collingwood and could still get back to his 100+ avg, which is sometimes hard to find for a FWD

    First rookie picked (<$250k): Nathan Van Berlo, Adelaide captain = guaranteed game time. Will be up over $400k in no time, then trade to fallen premium.

    Predicted biggest price rise: Go out on a limb and say Shane Biggs from the Bulldogs. Might be this years Dom Tyson………

    Most over-hyped: There is no way I would take Mumford at $613k. Sure he had a huge average but you'll be lucky to get 14 games out of him. Far too risky

    Won’t be going near: Relton Roberts………….just kidding…………seriously, Travis Cloke (even with the favorable draw)


  5. gaz – not this year (starting anyway), I’m sure after 5 rounds ill be eating my hat but I’m not so sure this year.
    malceski – backs are going to be a premium this year with out the usual dpp so lock and load.
    Leuenberger – probably get crucified for this pick but with martin going into the forward (so I’ve been told) he should be back with ruck duties and with the points system changing for hitouts to advantage I’m throwing him in.
    Clark – Always too early with the rookies but even with injury cloud surely he’s a shoe in.
    Waters – (almost) Double your money.
    Daniher – wait another year.
    Higgins – burnt


  6. Picking Gaz?: first year I can remember I’m thinking of starting without him. 50/50 atm

    First premium picked ($500k+): Joel Selwood, hitting his prime.

    First midpricer picked ($250k – $500k): Beau Waters, steal of the year.

    First rookie picked (<$250k): Mitch Clark, too good to pass up.

    Predicted biggest price rise: Mitch Clark

    Most over-hyped: Petracca

    Won’t be going near: Luenburger, people will hate on me for this but I just don't think he will score well with Martin in the team, and is to injury prone.


  7. Picking Gaz?: Yes, made the mistake of starting without him once, it wont happen again.

    First premium picked ($500k+): Gaz, but next on the list was Pendles

    First midpricer picked ($250k – $500k): Swan, I’d of probably had him without being a DPP, so that’s just a bonus.

    First rookie picked (<$250k): Mason Cox, for no other reason than he is cheap as chips, DPP meaning i can have someone like Ryder in my forward line to switch him with if necessary.

    Predicted biggest price rise: Christian Petracca.

    Most over-hyped: Mummy, May be a tad harsh, but i can't see him averaging over 110 this year.

    Won’t be going near: Could write an essay here, Travis Choke, Missy, Daisy….


  8. Just a shade excited for the season to start….
    Picking Gaz?: Hell yes, the ultimate professional will be hit the ground running.

    First premium picked ($500k+): After Gaz, probably Pendles

    First midpricer picked ($250k – $500k): Bellchambers – DPP is too good to ignore

    First rookie picked (<$250k): Probably Mason Cox, for the reason given above

    Predicted biggest price rise: Nathan Freeman if he can get a gig

    Most over-hyped: Isaac Heeney

    Won’t be going near: Dane Swan – killed me last year, just killed me


  9. Picking Gaz?: Why is this even a question? He is the greatest SC scorer of all time.
    First premium picked ($500k+): Excluding Gaz ~ Wines; monSTAR. Lids; gun, DPP.
    First midpricer picked ($250k – $500k): Swan, champion of the game. Won’t get back to his former lofty heights but will be a top 6 forward.
    First rookie picked (<$250k): Freeman, has showed the most thus far.
    Predicted biggest price rise: Waters, if his paper thin body doesn't break down on him again.
    Most over-hyped: Bellchambers, i get that people want security incase one of their rucks go down, but seriously, it's more likely he goes down before them anyway. Highest average of 85.8, rucks as a whole are likely to drop in output, 8th year in the system and has pretty much nothing to show for it, 69 games in 7 seasons, etc, etc, dud.
    Won’t be going near: Dudchambers.


  10. Picking Gaz?: This should be a statement not a question
    First premium picked ($500k+): aside from Gaz, Griffen and Lifs
    First midpricer picked ($250k – $500k): Swan/Newnes, can’t split them
    First rookie picked (<$250k): Mitch Clark
    Predicted biggest price rise: Jayden Laverde
    Most over-hyped: Rich/Wells
    Won’t be going near: Rich/Wells


  11. Gaz?: No gaz for me this year
    First premium picked ($500k+): Goldstein
    First midpricer picked ($250k – $500k): beau waters
    First rookie picked (<$250k): Hugh Goddard
    Predicted biggest price rise: beau waters
    Most over-hyped: Rockliff
    Won’t be going near: Daniel wells


  12. Gaz?: All Hail the Bald God, On board
    First premium picked ($500k+): Pendels, Gaz Pendels combo for years 😀
    First midpricer picked ($250k – $500k): Daniel Rich
    First rookie picked (<$250k): Nathan Freeman
    Predicted biggest price rise: Nathan Freeman/ Mitch Clark ect
    Most over-hyped: Rockliff, Dat midfield nuff said.
    Won’t be going near: Broughton, Cloke, Higgins aka Burnman and Co


  13. Picking Gaz?: Of course
    First premium picked ($500k+): Pendles, one of the best few SC players ever
    First midpricer picked ($250k–$500k): Swan, one of the best few SC players ever and had an offer year. 2014 was not his new norm
    First rookie picked (<$250k): Nakia Cockatoo, the kid can play
    Predicted biggest price rise: Kane Lambert
    Most over-hyped: Daniel Rich. Will be 2014 Dale Thomas 2.0
    Won’t be going near: Shane Mumford. So far overpriced, injured almost every other week. It would take a few very low scores and large price drops for me to consider this guy.


  14. Picking Gaz?: Leave him out at your peril, but his price and shoulder puts the early pressure on!!
    First premium picked ($500k+): Mid options a plenty but I’m thinking the Eski first.
    First midpricer picked ($250k – $500k): hard to go past Swan at the price, consider Jaench, A Swallow and Neale?
    First rookie picked (<$250k): Blaine Boeckhorst
    Predicted biggest price rise: If not Boeckhorst, maybe VB or Gilbert if he stays on the park.
    Most over-hyped: think Rocky might come back to the pack with all the extra mids
    Won’t be going near: Any of my star DPPs from last year who aren't this year
    eg Bartel, Mitchell, Parker, McVeigh, Swallow etc.


  15. Picking Gaz?: No, mainly so I get to pick a different captain every week, makes it more fun to play
    First premium picked ($500k+): Michael Barlow, with a full preseason and all of the attention and most likely taggers going to Fyfe I think he’s in for a great year
    First midpricer picked ($250k – $500k): Beau Waters, no brainer if fit
    First rookie picked (<$250k): NVB would have picked regardless but the fact that he won't be tagging anymore means he should score even better
    Predicted biggest price rise: Too hard to pick at this stage but most likely a fallen premium like Waters or NVB
    Most over-hyped: Malceski, yes he's a great player but on the wrong side of 30 now with multiple knee reconstructions and a new club I just don't feel comfortable spending that much on him
    Won’t be going near: Liberatore, was great last year when he scored big but way too inconsistent and without Griffen to take the tag I think he'll struggle this year


  16. Picking Gaz?: Yes but the payoff is that I have to use Rich to get the extra $$$ that I would have otherwise spent on a Griffen/Swallow combination.

    First premium picked ($500k+): Joel Selwood – decided that I can’t go without the big three this season to start as Pendlebury was also very close behind him.

    First midpricer picked ($250k – $500k): Jack Newnes – buying into a bit of hype here but if he goes midfield full time he’ll be a serviceable keeper down back where some of the old names are a bit shaky. Surely something good comes from the Saints this season…

    First rookie picked (<$250k): Nathan Van Berlo – Happy to capitalise on a few LTI assisted prices early on and along with Beau Waters, Rich and Mitch Clark should prove to be handy cash cows while returning some decent scores.

    Predicted biggest price rise: Isaac Heeney – A lot hinges on Longmire's plans for his midfield as I get a feeling Heeney misses round one because old Horse doesn't have him in his Supercoach side. But he's a good a chance as any to buck the trend and play all 22… I mean how many players do you know of that have the capability to change the bidding process for academy picks before taking the field in anger? Big year in store!

    Most over-hyped: Nat Fyfe – You can't have the same bye as the other guns of the competition, whack blokes, have arms fall off and choke on Brownlow night to a bloke no one east of Eucla has heard of and be taken seriously… actually who am I kidding… he'd be in Camp Kelso if Freo's bye was different.

    Won’t be going near: Anyone from the Lions not named Daniel Rich… supporting them is like a roller coaster ride… imagine relying on a few of them to bring home tons week in and week out! My head still hurts from last season… I expect to reneg on this statement sometime in the next 60 days… right around the time I tell everyone how good they all are.


  17. So i spend the last month tinkering with a team in the advanced team picker, only for them to open supercoach properly and delete the team i had assembled.

    Thanks Supercoach!!!


  18. Can someone help me please.

    I can find pretty much all the stats i want, but what i can’t find is that if certain games were sub affected. Can someone tell me where i can find out if a player started as sub or was subbed off during a game?



  19. Picking = Gaz?:
    He hasn’t failed me yet.

    First premium picked ($500k+):
    Gaz, closely followed by Pendles. Was key last year and I believe its the way to go again.

    First midpricer picked ($250k – $500k):
    B. Waters.
    If fit, will be an absolute necessity down back with a tough year in defence.

    First rookie picked (<$250k):
    Jesse Hogan.
    If 100% will likely play plenty, ensuring a reasonable price rise as the dees improve.

    Predicted biggest price rise:
    Mitch Clark.
    If he stays on the park, I expect him to rise 300k.

    Most over-hyped:
    Daniel Rich and Nick Malceski.

    Won’t be going near:
    There's plenty. But Zorko springs to mind.

    First team is in and it looks pretty good!
    The glaring make or break is defence this year, very tricky.
    I reckon the top players come years end will have put there balls on the line down there.

    Happy SC day all!


  20. Picking Gaz?: Sure. Why not. He’s only averaged 130.4 for the last seven seasons! He may drop a bit in price. He may average less than 136.6. End of the day, you’re still looking at a minimum 125 average and 250 per game when you put the C on him.

    First premium picked ($500k+): Well, Ablett. Then Pendlebury. I’ve started the last five years with him and honestly, it’s never even given me a seconds though. Why would it? For the last four years he’s scored 100 or more 90% of the time. His eight scores under 100 have been 62, 86, 88, 92, 93, 94, 95 (he subbed out at half time with a broken leg!), and 96. One score of less than 86 in four years. Even Ablett’s had five in that time. Safest pick in the game and still only 27.

    First midpricer picked ($250k – $500k): Literally? Waters, because I always start picking from my backline. But really, Swan. Champions bounce back and regardless of what you think of him, Swan is a champion.

    First rookie picked (<$250k): If he's named round 1, has to be Clarke. Certain best 22 at $155k.

    Predicted biggest price rise: Really haven't done enough analysis on the rookies yet so just someone under $150k (really narrowed it down there, ey?)

    Most over-hyped: Geez, I know it says "most" but there's a few options:

    First one is Daniel Rich. He's cheap and could work out as a stepping stone, but the man is a yo-yo. Did you know he's only scored back-to-back 100s three times in the last five seasons? If you want him to make cash to jump to a premium, you want more consistency than that. His 2013 campaign is a great example of his scoring: six games under 80 and only three 100s with a max of 118. In fact, only five of his 99 games have been over 120. He's at an awkward, in-between price and I think he carries risk. I won't be touching him.

    Second is Van Berlo. Sure he's cheap, but he's turning 29 this year, after a season out of the game, and has a career average of under 74. Yeah, he's only $215k and I may actually start with him, but you could easily have half a dozen rookie midfielders averaging as much as him, if not more and for almost $100k less. Like I said, he isn't a bad choice and I could well start with him too, but it feels like people expect a lot from him just because he isn't going to be tagging.

    Third is Hogan. Again, pick him because he is cheap. At $130k, it's the right call. But he is a rookie forward, playing for Melbourne. History, and the quality of their team, says he averages low 60s this year, which is OK, but not what the hype would have you believe. The other issue is, as a key forward in a bad team, you will get 20-30 point games which will kill his cash cow value for a month. He'll be one of those guys that you should start with and trade at the very first opportunity. I know I've done this before, but rookie big's first year scoring: Walker 46.1, Cloke 53.5, Daniher 50.6, Roughead 54.5, Jack Riewoldt 40.6, Franklin 59.3, Tippett 52.5, Boyd 43.6. Every one of these guys has been or is a dominant force in the AFL, or was a hugely dominant junior forward. Big forwards take time, especially when they get drafted by a low-end team. Just know what you're buying.

    Won’t be going near: Well, maybe one from each position.

    Malecski – New team where he will get tagged. Turns 31 during the year. His knee history is well known. He had a great year last year and should still be around the top 6 backs, but he will fall. A lot.

    Rich – See above

    Any high priced ruck. With the changes to the scoring system, ruck numbers will likely fall, which makes starting with an under-priced combo an even better call.

    Ryder – It has very little to do with SuperCoach, I'm just bitter he left. Love his game and he'll make an exciting Port team even better. I'd presume that he will be starting forward and backing up Lobbe which traditionally has hurt his scoring, so there is actually SC logic here too, but really, I'll just miss this in the red and black: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rP87PUQi9gk



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