2016 SCT Golf Day Review

Written by Motts on January 11 2016

It was a cracking day for the inaugural SCT Golf Day as Bonsai, Shaggi, Roo Bloke and Yiorgakis lined up with MJ and Motts at the Royal and Ancient Albert Park golf course for a Stableford competition, more than a few laughs and a frothy or two at the end.

Talk on the putting green before the round centred on Bonsai’s terrific performance in the Big Bash Fantasy League (he’s leading the damned thing!), TDA’s great punting efforts, and Mottsy’s incredibly skillful short game.

The groups were set with MJ, Bonsai and Roo Bloke in the first group leading the way with Shaggi, Yiorgi and Motts following.

In an entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable contest, MJ, Bonsai and Roo Bloke managed to knock off the older practitioners 117 stableford points to 85 (the chief handicapper will be taking a STERN look at Group 1 prior to our next hit).

3 individual prizes were available on the day:

  • Nearest The Pin – Originally the 8th hole but subsequently moved to the 10th after everyone failed to put a ball on the 8th green. Won by MJ.
  • Longest Drive – the 11th hole. Won by Bonsai who managed to outdrive Shaggi by about 10 metres and keep it on the fairway.
  • Nearest In Two – the 14th. Roo Bloke won this after smashing his drive over the top of the out of bounds area into a greenside bunker and then flopping one to within about 4 feet (yes he sank the putt for bird).

Highlights for the day were:

  • MJ hitting onto the green with his second shot on the short par 5 7th and putting for eagle. He missed it by a whisker and then knocked down the bird. MJ finished with a very creditable 90 off the stick playing to his handicap of 18.
  • Bonsai’s short game. With exceptional work around the greens, Bonsai had 7 three point holes on the front 9 which saw him turn the corner on 24 points. He finished for the day with the highest stableford score – 41 points – after shooting 92 off the stick.
  • Roo Bloke’s back 9. After playing to his handicap with an 18 point front 9, RB put the foot down coming home scoring 22 points for the second highest score for the day – 40 points (92 off the stick).
  • Shaggi’s shot onto the 17th green that almost hit our SCT brethren before they had cleared the green was his highlight of the day for mine. His solid all round game was on display throughout the day though underlining his 18 handicap. Final score: 30 points (94 gross).
  • Yiorgakis’ ability to shape the ball at will was the centrepiece of his game. After warming up for 17 holes he strode confidently onto the 18th, turned to Shaggi and myself and said “watch this”. He then wound up and launched a powerful drive that headed straight for the high fence on the left hand side of the tee. Getting within a school ruler’s length of it, the ball then faded back to finish in the mayor’s office smack bang in the middle of the fairway. After scoring 113 off the stick, Yiorgi finished with 23 points.
  • Motts birdied the second hole of the day but other than that there wasn’t too much to write home about. His 89 was the best gross score but a 13 handicap meant he finished well off the pace with 32 points.

All in all it was a terrific day. We’ll certainly be doing it again sometime. If you like your golf, we’d love to see you out there.



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16 thoughts on “2016 SCT Golf Day Review”

  1. Top work fella’s, my new years resolution (1 of them) was to get my handicap below 20 so I can join you next year. Although a am loving my local course at the moment. The fairways are bone dry (they would make a great cricket pitch, and the ball runs for miles) and sliced drive on the third see’s your ball in a opium poppy crop.


  2. You forgot to mention the highlight of the day.

    On the first MJs tee shot was probably his longest drive of the day at about 350m after he decided Lakeside Drive seemed the best route home. I was disappointed that MJ didn’t “play it where it lies” and track down his Callaway 4 from amongst the black swans frolicking on the waters edge and play a wedge back across the road.


  3. Many thanks Motts for your hospitality and for organising the day…and the prizes! Certainly a fun-filled day and we all had a great time…great bunch of blokes as well.

    Would highly recommend if you’re able and considering, and you don’t have to be a low handicapper in order to have some fun. My group and I are testimony to that fact.


  4. Congratulations Motts on the successful staging of the inaugural SCT golfday. Success measured in the fact that no cars were killed and a number of trees were only severely maimed.
    Me winning a sleeve of balls from you for “best looking bloke there” has me significantly worried. I thought it would have been for “he who looked most like a golfer but failed to deliver”
    The highlight for me was Roo Blokes tee shot on the drivable 14th. I looked back at the tee from where his ball finished and wondered how the hell did his ball end up there. (Actually I wonder that a lot about my ball has well).
    It was a great drive by Bonsai to win the long drive but it should be noted that Motts was 30-40 mtrs further down but not on the fairway (a regular occurance). It did raise one question though. How did the smallest bloke smash the longest drive. He claims to be a Roos man but I suspect may have had help from a certain pharmacist once employed at Essendon.
    Already looking forward to the next round. Probably my home course of Warburton is too far and there may not be enough oxygen tanks for those gasping for air after traversing the hills but it would sure bring undone those cross country drivers – Motts


  5. Thanks for the great day everyone. Was definitely a raging success and I can’t wait for SCT Golf Day #2. It’s no secret that Motts loves his golf almost as much as his Blue Baggers, so I daresay we’ll be heading out again.

    MJ’s Golf Day Observations:

    After arriving to the esteemed Albert Park Golf Club last and nearly missing the tee off time, it was only fitting that I drive my first ball embarrassingly left, hooking it onto the race track. 30 seconds later and it would have nestled in the windscreen of a local’s BMW X5. A triple bogey to start the day wasn’t what I had in mind.

    Five must’ve been Bonsai’s lucky number, as he took five shots on six holes in the front nine. His putting was exemplary, draining a couple from long range as Roo Bloke and I could only beg for similar results from our toils on the greens. The reason was obvious as to why his game went downhill on the back nine. Bonsai will claim he was running out of petrol tickets, but it was really the thought of missing the Big Bash game that was underway and constant score updates on how Tim Paine was performing for the Hobart Hurricanes as his Fantasy Captain. It was an honour to spend the afternoon in the esteemed company of the #1 ranked Big Bash Fantasy player in the world. We wish you all the best for the $10,000 big fella!

    RB’s standout feature to his game has to be his green side shots, as the most effective weapon in his arsenal was the 60 degree wedge, lofting the ball higher than Jake Carlisle on a Saturday night. His bunker shots were second to none, nailing two from two within a few feet of the pin when required. A couple of blowout holes was the only thing stopping Roo Bloke from taking out the whole thing. Correcting that inconsistency will make RB an unstoppable force next time we meet on the hallowed fairways.

    Motts, you clearly know how to wield a golf club. The next time you beat me by a whisker, I hope it’s not in SC Finals.



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