2016 SCT League Winners

Written by Motts on August 29 2016

It was an incredible standard of competition across all our leagues this year. It now gives me enormous pleasure to announce our winners.

The SCT GroupRaj (GOODBETTERBEST@SCT), 52,273 points – wins $500 courtesy of the enormously generous Catta (thank you again mate!)

The SCT Group 2nd PrizeLiam (2Ezy@SCT), 51,803 points – Liam actually came 7th in the Group but as one of the conditions for winning was having the “@SCT” suffix he picks up the $100 which was generously donated by Ratticus (thank you again, buddy!)

SCT Technical GroupYiorgakis (ThePhatSide SCTTL), 50,471 points – very happy to see Yiorgi take this one out after being with us for so long. Did it all while traipsing his way through Europe on holidays too. Well done mate!

SCT Chick’s LeagueFiona (Deelirious@SCT) won 2,558 to 2,337 against Victoria (Renegades). Another long time follower of the site that I’m absolutely rapt for! The Chick’s league finished 533rd overall which was a great result considering a lot of the cellar dwellers gave up early.

LoEC1 – Andrew (Green Machine) won 2,569 to 2,436 against Snowman (1st Tracks). Andrew, aka @FootyAficionado, finished 10th in 2015. This shows he’s got what it takes to back it up! A big congrats to all those who competed in LoEC1. You finished 18th overall as a league which is SCT’s best finish ever. Totally stoked.

LoEC2Jonathon (Jonny’s Janitors) defeated Frank (The Frankydoodles) 2,599 – 2,486. LoEC2 finished 162nd overall.

LoEC3Daniel (Choc and Pies) defeated JD (S Pendlebury) 2,570 – 2,405. LoEC3 finished 185th overall.

The Dead Team League – Waiting on Father Dougal to let me know. Pretty sure its me 🙂

The SCT Writers League – In a GF that mirrored our cash league, Ol Mottsy and The Maulers @ SCT knocked off MJ @ SCT 2,524 – 2,457. It was the second year in a row MJ had met Motts in the final of their cash league and the second year in a row he’d played the bridesmaid. The Writers League finished 254th overall.

If the winners of the SCT Tech League, Chick’s League, and our three LoEC leagues could please contact me, you’ll all be receiving a magnificent pair of boots. I’m not sure at this point if I’m allowed to publicise on the site what the brand is but rest assured they’ll be the same as the prizes we’ve offered in previous years courtesy of the wonderfully benevolent Hawker.

Just a reminder to take a screenshot of your final total points screen if you’re keen to join one of our LoEC leagues in 2017 as we’ll be basing entry to our elite leagues solely on that basis again. Keep an eye on the site in February and March and get in touch with me once the call goes out.

Thank you to everyone who competed in any of our leagues this year. We love having you all involved and we look forward to doing it all again next year.

Just because Supercoach is over doesn’t mean we’re going anywhere. Continue to drop past the site for SC Finals, EPL Fantasy, Star Stable, The Brownlow Competition, Big Bash Fantasy and of course our (woeful) Punters Club. We’ll also be posting all the rumours and innuendo we hear over the offseason with respect to player movements.

Here’s to a great 2016!


Motts, Nath, MJ, Schwarzwalder, Thommo, Juddlow, and Father Dougal


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21 thoughts on “2016 SCT League Winners”

  1. Thanks Mottsy, SCT team, and league winners!

    Was once again an enjoyable year and already counting down the days until the SC preseason!

    Go Hawks 🙂


  2. Shout out to ‘Cobra Kai FC’ who not only knocked me off in the final of ‘THE TEAM@SCT1’ .. but for also winning the 50k in RDT.


  3. Just wanted to say a huge thank you to both Catta and Ratticus for putting up the $500 and $100 respectively for the SCT group. It was really pleasing to see the @SCT on the end of so many of the teams in the group, and also explaining to others in my leagues what the @SCT meant, hopefully will drive more people to reap the benefits of such a fantastic site.

    Congratulations to Raj, fantastic effort to finish 9th Overall and deserves all the credit for finishing in the top 10 and also 1st in the SCT group. Well played sir!

    Also a big shout out to everyone in the LoEC1 league. By far the hardest league that i have ever been involved in, as i finished 13th albeit ending up 1st in Total Points. Goes to show you gotta beat the opposition on the day! Hopefully, I will be able to be involved in it again and take it out next year 😉

    434 overall for me this year, which i was fairly happy with after finishing 165 last year and 327 the year before. My aim was the top 100 but there is always next year I suppose!

    Big thanks again to everyone involved on the site, from the articles written to the contributions of each and every person, I know that I certainly would not have been finishing so high without the help of SCT.

    Until next year!


        1. Please email me your bank account details, 2Ezy, and I’ll transfer the greenback over to you.

          motts at supercoachtalk dot com


  4. Hey guys, don’t you mention winners of SCTalk league winners as well? I won SCTalk4 and hoped you’d do a mention of all aligned leagues.


    1. Apologies for the oversight, Bretty, we shouldn’t forget everyone in our Standard Leagues. I’ll put a post together now.


  5. Big thanks to the countless of hours of work you guys continue to put in to make this site awesome. THANKS GUYS!


  6. Just wondering how to get involved in SCT leagues next season.
    Not looking at elite leagues , just general participation.


  7. Both Raj and 2Ezy received their Group payments this morning courtesy of Catta and Ratticus. Thank you once again to those two fine men for putting the prizes up. It was extremely generous of both of you.

    None of our LoEC winners have contacted me. I just want to remind you guys that there is a magnificent pair of new workboots available to each of you for your outstanding efforts but you need to get in touch with me!

    Fiona and Yiorgakis – I’ve got your details guys. Will send something to you soon.


  8. Congratulations to our winners. Especially yiorgi as i know how hard it is to keep on top of your team while travelling.

    Luckily i think europe has better internet coverage than cape york.


  9. Was mighty tough doing Supercoach this year. Been abroad in Europe since the season started, so late changes and Captain Loopholes weren’t a viable option (Must admit to loop holing a danger 150 at a dutch nightclub). Still pleased with my overall rank and the premiership of LOEC2.



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