2018 Dead Team League

Written by Huttabito on March 14 2018

And playing is simple. Attached at the bottom of this post is a spreadsheet for you to fill in and email it to ‘sct dot dead dot team@gmail.com’

Please fill out your details on the instructions page so we know who to credit the win to!

The rules are easy. You have a salary cap of $9,000,000 to pay for 6 defenders, 8 midfielders, 2 rucks, and 6 forwards. We’ve thrown out the last $1,000,000 as you get no bench cover in this league. A player goes down, they’re dead! At the end of the season, I will add up their total scores for the year and whichever team has the highest total, wins.

We are rolling with no captains again this season, it makes for a much more interesting and closer competition.

The deadline (no pun intended) for entries is 7:25pm AEDT Thursday March 22 – the moment that ball is bounced to commence the start of the AFL season, entries will be closed.

I am also going to enter a Dead Team as well and I will be emailing my submission to Schwarzwalder personally before the deadline, just to keep everything above board.

I will not be checking the submitted teams until entries have closed so I don’t get a gauge on who others have selected, so if you make a mistake (or go over budget) and need to resubmit, please email the changes through and make sure you clearly state so on your re-submission. A team submitted that is incomplete or is over budget will be void.

The winner will receive the honour of being elevated into the SCT Hall of Fame. How’s that for a prize!?!

Most importantly though, have fun! Good luck, Coaches!

Excel Download: Dead Team Submission Sheet 2018


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19 thoughts on “2018 Dead Team League”

  1. Love the Dead Team League!! Always enjoyable. Gotta pick durability and consistency over flash in the pan options.


  2. My Dead Team is emailed off Hutta.

    Running with 5 premo Mids , 2 premo Rucks , 1 premo fwd and back with 9 Mid – Pricers and 4 Rookies filling out my Dead Team squad.
    Very risky , but Guns ‘n’ Rookies just does not seem to cut in the Dead League even though i have had a 3rd and 4th finish over the last 3 years with that strategy.


    1. Don’t worry too much mate, I’m joining for the first time as well, should give you a fighting chance to stay off the bottom!!


  3. Team entered and happy with it. Fair bit of midpricer madness going on with 7 players between 300K and 500K!!



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