2018 JLT Game Chat – Melbourne v St Kilda

Written by Huttabito on March 8 2018

Melbourne v St Kilda at Ikon Park, 7.05pm AEDT


B: J.Wagner, O.McDonald, M.Hibberd
HB: J.Hunt, J.Lever, N.Jetta
C: C.Salem, C.Petracca, B.Stretch
HF: J.Garlett, C.Pedersen, J.Melksham
F: B.Fritsch, J.Hogan, M.Hannan
Foll: M.Gawn, C.Oliver, N.Jones
I/C: J.Harmes, A.Brayshaw, D.Tyson, S.Frost, C.Maynard, B.Vince, T.McDonald, T.Bugg

Emerg: C.Spargo, D.Kent, J.Kennedy Harris, D.Keilty

In: N.Jetta, J.Garlett, D.Tyson, S.Frost
Out: J.Lewis (Injured), A.Neal-Bullen (rested)

Notable absentees: Jack Viney, Jordan Lewis, Alex Neal-Bullen

Note that Melbourne is listed as four ins/two outs as 24 players took the field in its last JLT match v North Melbourne.


B: J.Geary, N.Brown, D.Roberton
HB: J.Webster, J.Carlisle, S.Savage
C: J.Newnes, D.Armitage, J.Sinclair
HF: J.Billings, P.McCartin, J.Steele
F: J.Gresham, T.Membrey, J.Bruce
Foll: T.Hickey, S.Ross, J.Steven
I/C: L.Dunstan, B.Acres, K.Stevens, M.Weller, S.Gilbert, N.Coffield, H.Clark, R.Marshall

Emerg: J.Lonie, N.Wright, B.White, L.Austin

In: J.Billings, J.Bruce, T.Hickey, K.Stevens
Out: B.Long, B.Longer (injured), J.Lonie, N.Wright

Notable absentees: Billy Longer, Jack Lonie, Josh Battle, Hugh Goddard


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37 thoughts on “2018 JLT Game Chat – Melbourne v St Kilda”

    1. They like to give him some early touches.

      It settles him down a bit. He is prone to bouts of frustration.

      Reminds me a bit of Jack Riewoldt a few years back.


  1. gawn 67
    oliver 66
    petracca 59
    fritsch 49
    hibberd 47
    billings 55
    armitage 20
    coffield 28

    not bad half scores for the sc relevant fellas


  2. Melbourne Demons: 11.5.71
    M. Gawn 67
    C. Oliver 66
    C. Petracca* 59
    D. Tyson 54
    J. Melksham 50
    C. Salem 49
    B. Fritsch 49
    M. Hibberd 47
    B. Vince 47
    J. Lever 46
    J. Hogan 41
    C. Maynard 41
    B. Stretch 34
    A. Brayshaw 32
    J. Wagner 30
    C. Pedersen 30
    N. Jones 27
    M. Hannan 26
    T. Bugg 24
    J. Hunt 22
    J. Garlett 21
    N. Jetta 20
    S. Frost 17
    O. McDonald 15

    St Kilda Saints: 6.4.40
    J. Steven 60
    J. Newnes 58
    J. Billings 55
    S. Ross 55
    B. Acres 51
    J. Steele 40
    J. Webster 35
    N. J. Brown 35
    T. Hickey 35
    J. Geary 34
    T. Membrey 33
    J. Gresham 33
    D. Roberton 32
    J. Sinclair 32
    H. Clark 30
    L. Dunstan 28
    N. Coffield 28
    S. Savage 26
    P. McCartin 21
    D. Armitage 20
    J. Carlisle 18
    J. Bruce 8
    K. Stevens 7
    R. Marshall 1


  3. Jack Steven has come off with what appears to be an ankle injury. Didn’t put any pressure on it when walking off. Straight into the rooms

    Edit: footage in rooms shows he is putting weight on it


  4. Anyone rate Salem as a breakout contender? Priced at $437k def, averaged 21 possessions last year, includes a couple of injuries.


    1. When he came back in Round 16 he scored 101, 125, 107, 103, 115,94, 76, 81.

      So an average for that period of over 100, after starting the season with an average of 61.

      Since then he’s averaged 120 in the 2 JLT’S.

      On stats, if it was anyone else we’d be leaping at him.

      But we’ve been burnt before…


    2. Looks to have slipped quite nicely into Montagnas role. Might take a leap of faith, but I think he’s value.


  5. Melbourne Demons: 18.11.119
    M. Gawn 127
    C. Petracca 104
    C. Oliver 99
    A. Brayshaw 98
    D. Tyson 93
    J. Melksham 83
    B. Vince 82
    J. Hogan 78
    J. Lever 75
    J. Hunt 75
    C. Pedersen 69
    B. Fritsch 68
    M. Hibberd 65
    B. Stretch 65
    J. Garlett 64
    C. Maynard 64
    T. Bugg 57
    M. Hannan 55
    S. Frost 51
    J. Wagner 51
    C. Salem 51
    N. Jones 44
    N. Jetta 32
    O. McDonald 13

    St Kilda Saints: 14.9.93
    S. Savage 108
    S. Ross 96
    J. Steele 92
    J. Billings 90
    B. Acres 84
    J. Sinclair 83
    J. Steven 78
    D. Roberton 76
    K. Stevens 76
    J. Newnes 75
    J. Webster 73
    J. Bruce 71
    J. Gresham 69
    D. Armitage 65
    L. Dunstan 60
    T. Membrey 59
    P. McCartin 58
    T. Hickey 56
    J. Geary 53
    N. J. Brown 52
    N. Coffield 49
    H. Clark 44
    J. Carlisle 34
    R. Marshall 33


  6. Do we reckon big Maxy Gawn is going to be the biggest bargain of the year

    TU yes
    TD no another player (coniglio, cripps, someone else, will have a bigger year)


    1. Looked a far better player than a 44- think his DE might have let him down, not sure on that though so could be wrong


      1. Went at 87% efficiency but it was only from 8 disposals . 5 tackles plus a goal really boosted that score. You may be thinking of Coffield who had 49 points from 17 disposals. Went at 76% eff but only 4 possies were contested.


    2. Not for me, was swung around FWD and DEF and didnt get the midfield minutes like he did in JLT1, not a real ball magnet so at his price you’d want him starting in the midfielfd, which I don’t think he’ll get come Rd1. As a straight MID rookie at 175k, there’s just better options.


        1. Coffield has the head to play. DE will obviously improve with game time. NJ Brown and Geary reckon he’ll fly.


          1. With how uncontested he’s been he’ll need to improve that DE% a fair bit to score decent, that being said certainly finds the pill.


        2. He’s in my team. All thoughts of ~60 rookies this weekend will be posted on Tuesday (or Wed), might split due to how big it will be.


    1. Rule 1: Don’t judge premiums on pre-season – they go half paced and use it just as a training exercise to fine tune.


    2. He played very well, looked confident intercepting and was moving the ball forward. Stats will come when it matters, he’s still the number one rebound defender at the dees alongside Lever who is great but won’t get a heap of the ball. Looks like hibbo, lever and hunt were all taking turns playing looser across the backline.


      1. Not concerned with Hibbard’s score personally, Oscar Mcdonald went off & the knock on effect of that had Hib locking down defensively at lot more than usual


        1. yeah agree. Jayden Hunt was given a looser role too for a bit last night.
          Hibberd a lock when it comes to the real deal.
          Talking of last night, Savage continues to impress. Ave. 100+ last seven home & away in 2017 (5-100+s, H-125, L-76) and his two JLT performances mean he’s surely locked down the ‘off HB’ role for the Saints this year and has a killer kick on him? hmmm. Still makes me nervous tho’



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