2018 JLT Game Chat – Sydney vs GWS

Written by Huttabito on March 9 2018

Sydney v Greater Western Sydney at Blacktown International Sportspark (Sydney, New South Wales), 7.40pm AEDT


B: N.Smith 40, L.Melican 43, N.Newman 28
HB: J.Lloyd 44, H.Marsh 31, C.Mills 14
C: H.Cunningham 7, J.Kennedy 12, I.Heeney 5
HF: K.Jack 15, S.Reid 20, D.Towers 22
F: G.Rohan 16, L.Franklin 23, T.Papley 11
Foll: D.Cameron 17, L.Parker 26, G.Hewett 29
I/C: O.Florent 13, W.Hayward 9, Z.Jones 10, R.Fox 42, R.Stoddart 33, J.Rose 1, D.Robinson 27

Emerg: T.McCartin 30, C.O’Riordan 38, J.Foote 6, B.Ronke 25

In: Z.Jones, H.Marsh, D.Cameron, D.Robinson
Out: A.Aliir (ankle), C.Sinclair (ankle), S.Naismith (knee), D.Rampe (rested)

Notable absentees:


B: H.Shaw 23, P.Davis  1, J.Finlayson 31
HB: B.Deledio 7, A.Tomlinson 20, J.Kelly 22
C: T.Taranto 14, C.Ward 8, L.Whitfield 6
HF: S.Reid 50, J.Cameron 18, Z.Langdon 17
F: M.de Boer 24, J.Patton 12, H.Himmelberg 27
Foll: D.Simpson 26, S.Coniglio 3, D.Shiel 5
I/C: N.Shipley 34, N.Haynes 19, J.Stein 42, L.Tiziani 33, L.Keeffe 25, T.Greene 4, D.Lloyd 38
Emerg: J.Buckley 41, M.Flynn 30, T.Mohr 39

In: B.Deledio, N.Haynes, J.Stein, T.Greene
Out: M Flynn, H.Perryman (back), T.Mohr


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54 thoughts on “2018 JLT Game Chat – Sydney vs GWS”

    1. Id be surprised if he actually starts there. Im excited to see delidio back to defence and interested to see if he affects heater


  1. Deledio really rusty and still no kicks, only handballs this early on , then the giants are still disorganised… I like Finlayson, poised, composed. Fox has a good first quarter too.


    1. Fox could be a surprise into the 22.

      Looking as good as Rohan or Mills for impact in these two JLT games.

      Hard to see who gets dropped to fit Rampe And Grundy back in.


    1. After Whitfield taking over half back duties for sure. I think he got 3 possessions in the second half.


  2. Sydney Swans: 5.4.34
    L. Parker 69
    Cunningham 61
    I. Heeney 58
    C. Mills 58
    J. Lloyd 51
    G. Hewett 50
    R. Fox 48
    N. Newman 47
    K. Jack 45
    D. Towers 42
    J. Kennedy 42
    O. Florent 40
    W. Hayward 34
    H. Marsh 34
    L. Melican 31
    D. Cameron 26
    Z. Jones 25
    S. Reid 22
    L. Franklin 20
    T. Papley 19
    R. Stoddart 18
    G. Rohan 18
    N. Smith 13
    D. Robinson 4
    J. Rose

    Western Sydney Giants: 4.9.33
    Whitfield 59
    S. Coniglio 54
    J. Kelly 53
    C. Ward 53
    Himmelberg 51
    T. Taranto 49
    H. Shaw 44
    M. de Boer 43
    D. Shiel 41
    J. Cameron 40
    Finlayson 37
    Tomlinson 35
    G-Langdon 33
    T. Greene 32
    D. Simpson 32
    N. Shipley 30
    D. Lloyd 24
    N. Haynes 23
    J. Patton 22
    L. Keeffe 22
    S. J. Reid 15
    B. Deledio 11
    P. Davis 6
    L. Tiziani 6
    J. Stein 1


    1. For anyone wanting to know Rose has spent 7% tog on ground for no involvement in the play so he is on 1 if he is lucky


        1. What I am seriously considering though is Parker.

          We all know he’s underpriced. I’m just looking for a way to squeeze him in.

          Means going back to a more GnR approach. Just question whether there is enough rookies to get away with it.


  3. ahh Whitfield you are doing it again, playing some good footy for supercoach but after a few weeks you will burn everyone like you did to me last year


  4. The moment when Simpson has had 26 hit outs but is only on 32 sc points. Towers has only had 1 and Cameron only 6 all game


  5. Thoughts on Robbie Fox, i havent watched the game, but scored 92 in JLT 1 and has a score of 48 at the half- priced at around 230k is he worth considering- only downside is he’s a mid only if he was a fwd then would be more interesting but just wanted to know what everyone else thought


    1. He’s only slightly more expensive than some of the premium rookies (Dow et. al.). If he can average, say, 80, then he could be worth it.


  6. Newman is having a great game despite butchering many of the balls, it looks like his fairytale is continuing


  7. Sydney getting heaps of free kicks for soft high contact, (26 to 11) the Giants cannot help they are GIANTS 🙂


  8. Sydney Swans: 12.10.82
    N. Newman 131
    L. Parker 120
    Cunningham 109
    S. Reid 103
    J. Kennedy 97
    C. Mills 93
    L. Franklin 90
    I. Heeney 86
    K. Jack 81
    Z. Jones 79
    D. Towers 79
    R. Fox 76
    J. Lloyd 73
    G. Hewett 73
    H. Marsh 69
    O. Florent 61
    L. Melican 48
    G. Rohan 46
    D. Cameron 37
    T. Papley 36
    N. Smith 32
    W. Hayward 27
    R. Stoddart 22
    J. Rose 20
    D. Robinson 20

    Western Sydney Giants: 9.17.71
    Whitfield 142
    J. Kelly 117
    J. Cameron 111
    C. Ward 103
    T. Taranto 95
    S. Coniglio 95
    J. Patton 70
    Himmelberg 70
    M. de Boer 69
    D. Shiel 68
    Finlayson 66
    Tomlinson 66
    H. Shaw 62
    L. Keeffe 61
    D. Lloyd 58
    N. Haynes 55
    G-Langdon 54
    T. Greene 52
    N. Shipley 44
    S. J. Reid 39
    P. Davis 33
    D. Simpson 30
    B. Deledio 26
    L. Tiziani 7


  9. Coniglio and Finlayson looking solid,
    Most likely going to go with Darcy Cameron at R3, and Heeney looks composed despite only reaching 86 points. All of these are a lock in my book


  10. thoughts on coniglio v kelly after that game?
    having coniglio allows me to have kreuzer over gawn and christensen over fwd rookie


    1. Kelly will almost certainly be a top-10 mid; Coniglio almost certainly will not. He is cheap, but he’s also injury-prone (not that you’re likely to want him by season’s end, anyway).

      One thing I would question is whether or not you really want Kreuzer over Gawn. Kreuzer is one of the most injury-prone players in the competition, and, having played 21 games in each of the last two seasons, is probably about due. There is also talk that he might share the ruck duties this year (and in 2016 he averaged 73 doing just that).

      I can’t argue with wanting Christensen over the dodgy forward rookies, though.


  11. Keeffe’s 61 came from only 45% TOG. If you’ve got Sicily, there’s a good DPP link there.
    Whitfield could be a useful D/M in 2019.
    Got to try to figure out how to fit Parker in my team. Can you pick 10 mids on the field?


      1. Is that right? Impressive.

        I’m not expecting big cash generation, but his JS looks pretty good. That’s more than you can say for most fwd rookies this year!


  12. Lachlan Keefe looks like he will be a great pick after scoring 61 points from 45% game time and he played the first half of the Neafl game beforehand.
    – Toby Greene had a decent score from 48% tog and 62% efficiency
    – Shaw really died off in that 2nd half, not sure if he is a good selection as Whitfield might be the one that will take that half back role.
    – Darcy Cameron didn’t get to spend much time in the ruck that 2nd half from what i saw. They kept giving it to Towers but he was just dominated by Simpson.
    – Simpson however had 33 HO but couldnt put them to advantage so he isn’t looking like a risk worth taking when producing that against a team without a number 1 ruck.


    1. Yeah that second half from Shaw was a stinker. Anyone know how much You?

      But do you throw one of your best mids into defence in the real stuff, rather than JLT?.

      This is why a 3 game JLT tells us so much more than this 2 game version.


    2. I have been bullish on Shaw but tonight is concerning. Having second thoughts.

      Hard too ignore Buddy. Very impressive in two jlt games and a time-tested fwd premium.

      Keefe looking good as a fwd bench option. Finlayson down back.

      Not sure what to think about Cameron. Maybe in the real season more contests will mean better scoring … maybe? Tossing up between Cameron and a loophole for d3.


  13. Got a good report about Taranto just last week.

    Taranto $365,600 Fwd – Mid a tricky price , but could be a smokey Forward Mid Pricer with the lack of Fwd rookies on offer with the handy DPP status. A solid 95pts tonight with 21 disposals going at 81%DE and 6 tackles.


    1. Taranto will be a real smokey choice as he received a fair amount of mid time but with the massive depth of the midfield will he get that luxury in the actual season.

      Scully has to return and so does Griffen, so how do they affect his output. Then there is always whether they push Greene into the mid or Whitfield takes the wing role and doesn’t play half back during the season

      Will be quite interesting to track how he does this season


      1. JLT1 didn’t get that chance. Was that only there for him in JLT2 because of how they used Whitfield?


    1. Leon said after the game that he’d like to see Hopper play 15+ games in the MID this year! Whatever you can take from that …



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