2018 Permanent Loophole Options

Written by Schwarzwalder on January 15 2018

G’day Supercoaches!  Welcome back for another year!  I’m kicking off my 2018 Pre-Season campaign in similar fashion to last season……..with a look at the season-long loophole options…….

The season-long loophole option is an important strategic move for many Supercoaches.  With the continued success of Dusty & Dangerfield throughout 2017, Luke Strnadica of Fremantle became one of the most popular choice of Captain each week (as predicted here last year).

In a perfect world, we’d be able to select enough rookies to fill up each position.  The AFL Coaches have other ideas unfortunately and don’t take the Supercoaches into account at the selection table.  (One day, my friends, one day….) 😉  The perfect loophole option is part of a team that plays ‘late’ each weekend (predominantly Sundays plus Queens Birthday & Anzac Day).  By sacrificing one spot for the entire season, this gives us up to six games to find the perfect Vice Captain option before triggering our loophole option and maximizing our score each week.

The ideal loophole player is a youngster that won’t see any game time for the season.  In the best case scenario, this youngster would also have a Dual Position Status to add flexibility to the team structure (very useful when planning ahead with trades).  So let’s run an eye over the fixtures………..


Adelaide – Four Sunday games, seven games scheduled for Thursday or Friday. Not the best choice for loophole

Brisbane – Six Sunday Games, no Thursday/Friday games.  Could do worse for a loophole option.

Carlton – Six Sunday games with five coming after the Bye.  Five Thurs/Fri night games. Not ideal.

Collingwood – Seven Sunday games plus Queens Birthday & Anzac Day. Just the three Friday night games.  Sneaky option.

Essendon – Six Sundays & Anzac Day to close out the Round.  Five Thurs/Fri night games, majority of which are late in the season. Viable option, but better elsewhere……

Freo – Ten Sunday games, no early games at all! One of the top choices…..

GWS – Five late games, one early game. Better options elsewhere….

Geelong – Six late games, five Thurs/Fri games which are mainly after Bye.  Looking good to capitalize on Danger/Selwood/Ablett  as Captain/VC options….but loophole option? No…….

Gold Coast – Three Sunday fixtures, the rest all Saturday. Not an early game all year, viable option……

Hawthorn – Eight late fixtures including Rds2-5, surprisingly just the one early game. Rough chance…..

Melbourne – Ten Sunday games plus Anzac Day Eve Tuesday & Queens Birthday Monday. Eight late starts before the Rd13BYE.  Only slight negative is the one early game directly after the Bye. Looks the best option.

North – Ten Sunday games, six of which come after the Rd13BYE.  Only one early game.  Strong loophole option.

Port – Five Sunday games, three early games all after their Rd10BYE.

Richmond – Six Sunday games plus Anzac Day Eve Tuesday, eight Thurs/Fri night games.  No…….

StKilda – Only three Sunday games, four Friday games.  Looking elsewhere…….

Sydney – Four Sunday games, seven early fixtures which rule out the Swans loophole option.

West Coast – 12 Sunday games plus two early games directly after their Rd12BYE.  Good option!

Western Bulldogs – Seven Sunday fixtures including the first three weeks, five games played on Thurs/Fri.  Not bad, not good……………………

Judging by the fixture, our best options for VC/C loophole come from Melbourne which has twelve late games for the season, eight of which will be played before their Rd13Bye.  The Perth teams come in close behind with the Eagles a tick ahead of the Dockers who don’t have an early game for the entire season.  North are also in the mix with their ten Sunday appearances and only one early schedule.

Much will be dependant on the naming of Rd1 Teams and the rookies that will play from the get-go.  Depending on team structure coming into Rd1, the following players should be decent loophole options over the course of the entire season.

You might be hearing more of Spargo (left) & Crowden (right) this year, but only for their Supercoach Captaincy performances.



Harrison Petty (MEL) $117 300

Josh Rotham (WCE) or Francis Watson (WCE) $123 900

Taylin Duman (FRE) $123 900

Tom Murphy (NTH) DEF/MID $124 900



Charlie Spargo (MEL) MID/FWD $117 300

Callan England (WCE) $102 400 or Jack Petruccellee (WCE) MID/FWD  $117 300

Stefan Giro (FRE) $102 400 or Mitch Crowden (FRE) MID/FWD $117 300

Kyron Hayden (NTH) $117 300



Lachlan Filipovic (MEL) or Mitchell King (MEL) $123 900

Tony Olango (WCE) $102 400

Scott Jones (FRE) or Lloyd Meek (FRE) $117 300

Tom Jeffries (NTH) $102 400



Oskar Baker (MEL) $117 300

Ryan Burrows (WCE) $111 400

Hugh Dixon (FRE) $117 300

Gordon Narrier (NTH) $102 400


It was all so straight-forward in 2017 with Strnadica and his dual position status.  There was solid back-up in the Forward line with Paddy Ryder and each big score from Dangerfield was banked fairly early with the loophole option.

The good people at Champion Data have toughened things up a bit in 2018.  There is no standout-season-long- loophole-option at this moment.  It will all come down to Rd1 selections and the amount of decent rookies on each line.

At this early stage, I’m leaning towards Spargo (MEL) or Crowden (FRE) with their dual position movements.  They look like being handy M11 bench warmers.  However, if there are no viable rookie Ruck options coming into the season (R3), then I might just start with Olango (WCE) or Jeffries (NTH) at their rock-bottom price and use the cash (wisely…..hopefully) elsewhere.  Given the recent retirement of Kurt Tippett, Darcy Cameron comes into calculation at R3 however.  Was constantly rumored to be close to the Seniors in 2017 but it never eventuated.  Surely he gets his chance at some stage in 2018.  These new developments have made the loophole choice even harder.

A couple of likely lads at R3 for the loophole option…….Tony Olango (L) & Tom Jeffries (R)

How do you rate the loophole situation for 2018?  Feel free to comment below or join in the conversation on Twitter (@SC_Talk , @SchwarzwalderSC).  It’s good to be back…………All the best for the Supercoach season!


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16 thoughts on “2018 Permanent Loophole Options”

  1. nice work Schwarzwalder
    I rate the loophole as the most important position on the field & will defiantly be using the ruck loophole again this year
    as there isn’t a full season standout I’m giving serious thought to using 2 , 1 pre bye & then trading to 1 post bye to give me access to the most Sunday games possible
    also going with danger to start , @ any price he’s worth it , even if he plays fwd , he’s too good a capt option @ any price , even if he drops to 650k


  2. If there was any viable dpp R/F I’d be going a dpp r/f again.

    However the only viable one at this stage is Kurt Tippett, who spudded it up badly last year through injury.

    If he can come back to form, post operation, a 90+ ppg Forward with ruck cover would be valued this year.

    But at this point it’s a no. So it becomes a choice between taking English at R3 and carrying an extra donut elsewhere, or taking the Olango flavoured donut from the get go.

    At the moment Olango’s the go.


  3. At this early stage plan to go with M/F from the list above. Feel R3 needs to be playing especially if going with Gawn/ Nan with their injury issues. Hoping Carlton may play Lobbe to allow Kruezer to play more time FWD.


    1. At this stage, my guess is that Lobbe is a back-up option only if Kreuzer gets injured…..would impact massively if he was a permanent 2nd tall……


  4. Always a interesting write-up Schwarz.

    Last season I had a poor loophole option and it probably cost me a few points across the season. I’ll be more careful with my loophole this year!


    1. Thanks Thommo! Looks a little more involved this year with the loophole as there is a bit of ‘X-Factor’ about some of the youngsters. Hoping Huttabito can clear things up for us after the Pre-Season comp………


  5. I like Olango. He’s cheap, plays for West Coast, and is in a position (ruck) that is usually hard to find cash cows for. This also saves me from having to waste a good cash-generating spot like M11.

    That could change if Darcy Cameron looks like getting a regular game, or if TIm English looks like he’ll a) play regularly, and b) score well enough to make money.


  6. When I look for a loophole option I tend to look at the first half of the draw more than the second half. The reason for this is by then injuries have normally set in/other rookies dropped etc. and not too many teams have all 30 available. There will most likely be another player that can loop for the VC. Just some food for thought .


  7. R3 is going to be a wasted position this year with so few R/F options, so I think that’s where the loop is for me…Olango. Way too many good looking rookies it seems to waste a d/m/f spot on a loop….and who then would fill the r3 spot ?



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