2018 Player Review – Luke Dahlhaus

Written by Thommo on January 22 2018

Yes Luke, we all shared your pain in 2017!

Position: Mid-Forward

2018 Price: $498,500

2017 Average: 90.7

2017 Games: 22

Past Averages (2016 – 2012): 95, 104, 92, 79, 84

2017 IN SHORT:

After a strong preseason, Dahlhaus was an obvious choice for our forward lines. He was a midfielder that we could select in our forward lines: What’s not to like? And didn’t he reward his owners early with a 114.8 average over the first 5 weeks? Unfortunately, he only managed 4 more tonnes for the rest of the season, partly due to being too handball happy, partly due to injury niggles as he seemed to find new ways to hurt himself (like Toby Greene’s boot to his face) and partly from spending more time forward than in previous seasons.

Possibly the form of the Bulldogs didn’t help!

His last month was particularly painful for his owners as he spent most of his time forward and averaged 74.4 points per week. However, to be honest, he sucked for a large portion of the year as he only averaged 82.3 points per week from Round 8 onwards.


  • He is certainly cheap and he has scored better than his 2017 year in each of the three preceding years.
  • There are few ‘safe’ forward options.
  • Although he does get injured often, he doesn’t actually miss many matches. Since 2013, only once (2016) has he played less than 21 matches.
  • Surely the Dogs will improve this season which should boost his score.


  • Even in his best year (2015) he scored inconsistently with a low of 57 and a high of 139.
  • He can turn out some shockers especially when he picks up those niggling injuries mentioned above.
  • He is too effective forward so he is often sent there to crumb and pressure the defence, ugly words in Supercoach.
  • He looks like a 15 year old, especially since shaving the dreadlocks.


Hell, I don’t know. It’s hard to be logical when judging Dahlhaus. Yes, he’s cheap compared to past seasons but his high scores were all based on playing mostly midfield and who knows where Beveridge will play him in 2018? Bevo loves his ‘groundball gets’ stat and adaptable players so he will always be tempted to push Dahlhaus forward and he has emerging players like Caleb Daniel and Toby McLean to play through the midfield.

Yes, this is a year with so few decent forward options and Dahlhaus can score big  but he can also stink it up like few others.

I’m going to have to say: Wait for the preseason and hope Bevo plays his best 22.

If he doesn’t, go with your gut and pray!


My gut is still in shock from owning Dahl in 2017. Given his cheap starting price, I chose Dahl for my forward line in my initial starting squad but I just don’t trust him.

Unless I get definitive confirmation that Dahlhaus is playing mostly forward, he’s out. The 2017 wounds from his terrible back half of 2017 are just too fresh!

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3 thoughts on “2018 Player Review – Luke Dahlhaus”

  1. Nice one, Thommo! At this stage (still early) I’m backing Dahlhaus in to get that 100avg back. Great value for mine……



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