2018 Player Review – Max Gawn

Written by Thommo on January 12 2018

Maxy’s back and wants his #1 ruck mantle back!

Position: Ruck

Price: $503,700

2017 Average: 91.6

2017 Games: 13

Past Averages (2016 – 2012): 118, 102, 62, 67, 55


Like so many ruckman before him, Maxy could not repeat his break-out form for a second year. While we all fretted that he would share the ruck role with Jake Spencer in the preseason, that fear was unfounded. Instead, the issue was with Maxy’s very long hamstring going twang!

The right one to be exact.

He started with scores of 128 and 111 in Rounds 1 and 2 respectively before his hamstring tore in the second quarter of Round 3 on 27 SC points. Being a hamstring tendon tear, Maxy disappeared for 11 Rounds, returning in Round 14.

From there, he struggled to really get in to the swing of things. He did post 4 tonnes, including a healthy 160 point effort against the Giants, but he mixed in 6 sub-100 scores with a low score of 57 points.

Not really surprising after missing 11 matches!

Due to those injury affected matches, Gawn averaged 2 less disposals, 6 less hitouts and 1 less mark per match than in 2016.


  • He will play as sole ruck.
  • He is one of the best tap ruckman in the league, helpful for the SC scoring system where you are rewarded for hit-outs to advantage.
  • When he’s fit, Maxy gathers possessions and kicks goals.
  • He has a hell of a ceiling with a career high of 174 in 2016. A high ceiling is important when you’re over 2 metres tall.


  • Max has rarely played a full season.
  • Even in his best year, Maxy still pumped out a few ugly scores with a low of 49 points and 3 scores below 70 for the season.
  • He’s is so skinny that when he turns sideways he’s hard to spot.
  • At his worst, he can struggle to win the ball so he can be quite reliant on hit-outs some weeks.


At first glance Max Gawn looks a bargain, priced at least $100k cheaper than his 2017 starting price. By all reports he is training the house down, burning up the track and in career best shape so he looks a bargain at second and third glance too.

Only a preseason injury will stop him being the most popular ruck selection to start 2018.

To be honest, what other cheap options are there in the premium ruck stocks other than NicNat?


When I selected my first squad I immediately selected Max Gawn without a second thought. And why wouldn’t I? He’s cheap, reportedly fit and firing and there aren’t any obvious cheap options at this early stage of the preseason.

After a second or two of thought, my gut started to send warning messages. Maxy is not durable and it is looking like we will have no ruck backup in 2018, so can we risk starting with him and praying he stays fit?

So I then attempt to find a durable, decent ruckman to replace with him and what do I find?

Donuts. Nada. Zilch…

Max Gawn it is!

Will you start with Max in 2018?

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11 thoughts on “2018 Player Review – Max Gawn”

  1. “A high ceiling is important when you’re over 2 metres tall”…..very good Thommo!

    Yeah, show me a durable ruckman and you’ll be my best mate for life. I’m still waiting for a year where the ruck division isn’t a complete lottery.


    1. Hey Chillo. The ruck line has me worried as we have no rookies and no ruck-forwards. Champion Data would have beem wiser to name Lobb a ruck-forward.


    1. I think my plan will be to start with one or both of Gawn and NicNat, then when one of them inevitably goes out, trade to Jacobs/Martin/whoever. I just think there’s too much value in Gawn and NicNat to pass them up.


      1. In my draft #2 I was still running the Ryder/NicNat combo.

        But another 60k from Maxy Gawn starts to bring the possibility of a very solid forward line upgrade.

        The downside is it means I *really* need a dpp cover. There is little likelihood of NicNat and Gawn both playing a full season.


  2. Jacobs Ryder and BBM all played minimum 21 games last year and scored over 2000 pts. I’m gonna save trades and avoid natgawn for the obvious injuries that will follow.



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