2018 Player Review – Scott Pendlebury

Written by Thommo on February 8 2018

Dependlebury no more?

Position: Midfielder

2018 Price: $586,500

2017 Average: 106.7

2017 Games: 16

Past Averages (2016 – 2012): 118, 116, 124, 127, 125

2017 in short

In the 2017 preseason the hot topic was whether to take Pendles, Treloar or both. Well, the result is in.

And the answer is: Neither.

Those coaches who started with him despite his limited preseason had some serious swagger as for 3 weeks he scored 146, 120 and 125 points. He then had a slightly quiet, but acceptable, 94 point match against St Kilda yet all was still fine and dandy.

Then in Round 5, Buckley inexplicably started Pendlebury and Adams forward for ANZAC Day and Pendles racked up a horrible 67 pionts from 20 possessions. The rollercoaster ride then left the platform as his scores varied wildly from a high of 149 to a low of 76 points as he racked up 5 scores above 100 and 8 below, an unheard of lack of consistency for the great man.

To add injury to misery, another rarity for Pendles, he injured his finger and didn’t appear again after Round 17. To be fair, his owners were not overly upset after only the one score over 100 in the preceding five weeks.

It seems that the destruction of all things black and white by Nathan Buckley has taken down one of our favourite premiums.


  1. He finds the ball consistently and in traffic and disposes of it well, perfect for Supercoach.
  2. With the exception of 2017, Pendlebury has not averaged below 110 since 2009, so he’s cheap.
  3. Few teams have successfully managed to tag him although he was tagged on a few occasions in 2017.
  4. Until 2017 Pendles was super durable.
  5. Pendlebury has a high ceiling and has proven he can score over 150 points on occasion with a high of 184.
  6. At his best his reliability is unsurpassed. If you don’t believe me look at 2011 when he played 25 straight matches for 24 scores over 100 and one solitary game below 100 (a 94 point match in round 3 when he was tagged by Gibbs).


  1. Pendles will have reached the scary age of 30 by the start of the season, especially worrying given his recent injury concerns.
  2. While it was acknowledged that he handles a tag quite well, Pendles is still the main tagging target because Adams and Treloar are unable to hit the broad side of a barn by foot.
  3. Look, maybe I’m dreaming, but I believe Collingwood’s game plan is affecting the Supercoach scores of the midfielders. The Pies’ engine room is definitely winning the hard ball but the lack of kicking skills and a forward line is making it difficult for precision, free flowing ball movement to occur. That seems unlikely to change in 2018.
  4. The Buckley factor: who knows when he will stick Pendles in the backline or forward line without warning especially with Pendlebury’s recent mention of playing outside the midfield.


If he can regain that form of 2016 and before, Pendles is undoubtedly under-priced. When you look at the statistics, Pendlebury is probably the most consistent and durable premium in Supercoach history. As long as he’s fit enough to play a full preseason in 2018, there isn’t any logical reason that he can’t add 10 points to his average and reward you with his famous dependability.


My little voice (the one in my head – let’s keep it clean folks!) is really vocal when it comes to Pendles. Logic says he’s a low risk, obvious choice but that little voice tells me that all if not right at Collingwood. Few players seem to be playing their best football when it counts and Pendles has looked disinterested at times. If we learnt but one lesson from Jobe Watson and the Bombers, it is that AFL players are human and constant speculation about the team and the players does eventually wear them down.

I know Jobe was under far more pressure than Pendlebury, but the Pies cop far more media attention and speculation than other teams and Pendles is the face of that club.

That is just the speculation of a person that way overthinks about Supercoach, so hopefully Pendles can get back to doing what he has always has done.

Scoring tonnes!

Is Pendles time done or is he still an uber-premium?

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7 thoughts on “2018 Player Review – Scott Pendlebury”

  1. Great Write Up Thommo!

    In the 4 or 5 years i have played SC there has not been a season , and unfortunately including last season that i have not had Pendles in my line up.

    However , with Pendles inconsistency last year and talk from Bucks as well as Pendles himself that he will be used forward for periods in matches i just have not got the cahones to start with him this year even at a discounted price. Also worth noting the secret intra club hit out Pendles spent over the half game forward.

    The other concerning factor is that finger injury from last years home and away season and then in the International rules series could blow up at anytime with a tackle after it being such a bad break.

    All that said , it is a pass for me , but with De-Pendlebury i am happy to be proven wrong being a passionate Pies fan.


  2. I can’t help but feel like Buckleys poor coaching has robbed us of arguably the best supercoach player of all time.

    Was fun while it’s lasted, but it’s time to move on to the next generation.


  3. Upgrade target for me. usually one of my first picked every year but last year he drove me nuts along with his mate Treloar.


  4. 2 years ago o stared with out Pendles…that didn’t end well…wont make that mistake this year. I’d rather pick him than a Cripps type at nearly the same price.


  5. Collingwood showed some promise at the end of last year, but then again maybe that’s just de ja vue from year’s gone past. I think the way Hardwick got through last year saved Buckley’s ass for the next 2. Pendles is too good (and smart) a player to be this cheap again during the season , will expect 110 ave which might just be enough to be top 10.



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