2018 Player Review – Sebastian Ross

Written by Thommo on February 20 2018

Position: Midfielder

2018 Price: $555,300

2017 Average: 101

2017 Games: 22

Past Averages (2016 – 2012): 94, 68, 59, 55, 41


After a decent break-out year in 2016, Ross lifted his average another 7ppg to 101ppg in 2017 on the back of 30 possessions per game. While so many midfielders at St Kilda recorded sub-par years due to injury and poor form in 2017, Ross ticked along nicely all year playing the full 22 matches and winning the Trevor Barker Award from Dylan Roberton.

He started in Round 1 with a surprisingly ugly 36 point effort but then he recorded 11 tonnes from the next 14 Rounds with a low of 87 points in the that stretch. After such fantastic form he dropped off disappointingly, struggling with form and disposal efficiency late in the season, recording only 2 more tonnes in the final 7 rounds and lows of 61 and 64 points in the time.

Not the finish his coaches wanted during the Supercoach finals!


  1. Ross only turns 25 in 2018 so he’s reaching prime time for a midfielder.
  2. He’s another of those players who is not damaging enough to cop a tag with most teams instead tagging Jack Steven.
  3. Ross showed he can score consistently with 14 straight round of strong scores in 2017 during which he barely dropped below 90 from Rounds 2 to 15. In that time he averaged 110.7ppg.
  4. Seb Ross can certainly find the ball, averaging 30 possessions per game and only falling below 30 possessions in 8 of 22 games.
  5. He has been durable since breaking out in 2016, playing every game in the last 2 years.


  1. He has that bloody Round 14 bye round!
  2. Ross only averaged 101 ppg from 30 disposals per match because he rarely kicks goals (only 5 goals in 2017), he is rated below average for clearances (considering the number of centre bounces he attends) and he is not defensively minded, rating poor for pressure and laying only 4 tackles per match.
  3. His ceiling is not yet overly high, breaking 130 points only twice from 13 tonnes.
  4. With David Armitage coming back from injury and Jack Steven regaining full fitness, will his scoring be impacted?


Ross is a player who could easily break-out from the premium to the elite this year as his fitness improves enough to avoid a late season drop off like last year. He wins enough ball and only needs to improve his clearance and defensive pressure work to add 10-20 points to his SC scores.

If only he didn’t share a bye with so many uber and under-priced premiums in 2018!


I watched Seb Ross run around in 2017 and liked what I saw through the middle of the season so I was surprised by his poor form in the later rounds. However when you look at his statistics and discover that he hadn’t played a full 22 round season until 2016, his late season fatigue is somewhat justified. With another preseason under his belt and a focus on defensive pressure, my gut says he is guaranteed to lift his average up around 110ppg this year.

So will I select him in 2018?


Given his poor bye round and that we have so many under-priced premiums like Fyfe, Coniglio, Liberatore, Rockliff and Cripps I would rather select them than try to tip the next player to break-out to the elite level.

If he had a Round 11 bye, this would be a different article.

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3 thoughts on “2018 Player Review – Sebastian Ross”

  1. Well I am one who will definitely select Seb Ross in my Supercoach team.
    I liken him to his cousin Jobe Watson, who also was 24y.o. before he reached his first season average of 101, followed by four seasons of consistently high scoring.
    I am a great believer in natural born footballers, as they read the play best and consistently rack up possessions.



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