2018 Rookie of the Year

Written by Huttabito on August 28 2018

I’m going to be brief on the accolades as Schwarz and Thommo have said everything I would have said anyway… but just want to thank all the writers, contributors, statsmen, new game/competition entrepreneurs, donators, marketers and of course, you wonderful readers of this site for keeping us all going. It’s been a successful year here at SuperCoachTalk and everyone of you have played your part!

Without further ado, I shall issue the votes for round 23, because I can:
3  – Taylin Duman (126): 
2 – Liam Ryan (93):
1 – Logan Austin (92): 

5th – Nick Holman (10 votes)

After playing 9 games with the Blues in his first 2 years in the system, Nick was delisted at the end of 2015 and went to play in the SANFL. Fast forward 2 years and he was picked up by Gold Coast in the rookie draft and played all 22 games in 2018. He bought the pressure from Round 1 laying an impressive 11 and 13 tackles in his first 2 games to score back to back 90s. He fell away slightly as the season went on but did his best work early in the season when we needed it the most.

4th – Paul Ahern (12 votes)

Pick 7 in the 2014 draft spent the first 3 years in the system undergoing repeat knee reconstructions but finally got his body right in 2018. The club put no pressure on him and just wanted to get game time at lower levels so we didn’t see him until mid year. He showed class from his first game though registering 29 disposals but his coming of age game was against he West Coast Eagles with 37 disposals and 124 SuperCoach points. For someone who only played half the season, he is a deserving top 5 rookie.

3rd – Bailey Fritsch (16 votes)

Bailey knows the Demons and was picked up from their affiliate team, Casey, and was a lock Rd1 after being talked up in the pre-season by the coaches. Putting up consistent 60s in the opening 4 game he was dropped  and after not being named Rd6, was dropped from many a SuperCoach team. Fortune favours the brave (or people with other issues, like my dud premiums) and those that kept him were rewarded with a late inclusion role change – a wingman! He then went on a 10 week streak averaging 88 points earning all of his 16 rookie votes and was in the talks of becoming a season long F7 keeper. He faded as the year went on but those that held him were able to “downgrade” to a full premium post byes.

2nd –Tom Doedee (17 votes)

No Lever, no worries? That was certainty the motto for Adelaide in 2018. Filling the defence void perfectly, Doedee offered attacking returns which translated directly to SuperCoach points in which we all saw first hand in his first two games (86 and 115) making him a must have defender rookie. Tom hit 100 points on 6 separate occasions boosting his average to a lofty 82 which includes 2 games that were cut short due to injury. Adelaide were very wise saving all that money letting Lever go if he keeps it up and naturally progresses, it won’t be long before he’s asking for the big bucks himself.

1st – Tim Kelly (25 votes)

Let’s all be honest… none of us are surprised by Tim Kelly topping this list and he had this award in the bag before the byes. Michael Barlow is the GOAT rookie and over the first month, Kelly had actually projected his price up faster than the man himself courtesy of 118, 117, 90 and 89 in his first 4 games. Picked up as a mature aged recruit from the WAFL, Kelly played all 22 games and finished the season with 13 x 90+ scores, including 9 in excess of 100. What’s most impressive about his feat was he was still able to average 93 points over the entire season whilst sharing a midfield with Ablett, Dangerfield, Selwood, Duncan and Menegola. He would look good in purple, just saying. If you were forced to hold all year, you weren’t disappointed.

Final Standings:

T.Kelly 25
Doedee 17
Fritsch 16
Ahern 12
Holman 10
Finlayson 7
Higgins 5
Murray 4
Stephenson 4
Guelfi 3
Leinert 3
Mihocek 3
Redman 3
Sier 3
Smith 3
Ryan 3
Duman 3
Abbott 2
Gowers 2
Henry 2
Richards 2
Ronke 2
Austin 2
Giro 1
Spargo 1

Note: The top 6 were all mature age recruits with the youngest being 21 years old. Bare this in mind when you are selecting rookies next year 😉

P.S. Dead team results up later this week.


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8 thoughts on “2018 Rookie of the Year”

  1. Nice job Hutta.

    One of my greatest regrets of the season was trading out Doedee before Sam “A sample” Murray.


  2. Fritsch was the one that got away, exactly as you said. Traded out after so-so scores and then dropped.

    Otherwise, I had the top 8 in my team at one stage.


  3. Great write-up Hutta. Missed Higgins, but that was it!

    Only regret was upgrading Kelly. Kept Doedee and Fritsch all year, but should have kept Kelly too. That extra trade could have stemmed my late decline!

    Interesting point Thommo re: mature-age. Am currently analysing the profiles of successful rookies and it is amazing just how many of them are Rookie Draft mature-age recruits. More on this in pre-season … 😉

    Thanks again Hutta


  4. Yet Doedee is well behind Stephenson in the Rising Star award betting. Don’t get why it’s such a one-horse race. Surely Stephenson, Doedee and Witherden are all in with a shot. Collingwood bias??



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