2018 Rookie Review – Round 1

Written by Huttabito on March 27 2018

It is good to be back! Without further ado:

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PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd1AvgBE
Finlayson (MID)GWS$123.9k8787-

Finlayson joined in on junk collection game GWS played and was their second highest rebound defender with 6. He finished up with 87 points from 20 disposals (12 kicks) at an impressive 95% DE however was let down with only 1 contested possession. Great debut game and he fit in the backline nicely – just needs to kick to himself when he takes kicks in for an extra stat!

Z.Guthrie was as skinny as an AFL player gets last year and putting on a few kilos over the off-season has gone a long way as he helped himself to 22 disposals (14 kicks), 6 marks and 2 tackles across the half back for 86 points. With Mackie/Lonergan retired and Harry Taylor succumbing to injury, it could well be Zuthrie who steps up.

Doedee took a quarter to get into the game but once he got started, he didn’t stop. He racked up 21 disposals (7 kicks) at 86% DE across Adelaide’s backline to go with 7 marks and a whopping 9 1%ers giving him a very impressive debut game of 86 points. Quenched any doubts about being fringe 22 for Adelaide, if there was even any.

Murray put his dash across the half back on display again with 19 disposals (12 kicks) but was held back to 72 points due to 5 clangers and a DE of 74%. He finished up with 4 marks and 3 tackles to add to his score. You can see why Collingwood were keen for him and looks to be a safe onfield option going forward.

Murphy, despite being listed as a defender, played a small forward pressure role much like that during the JLT. Very lively around the goal square, he put two through the big sticks which required score reviews for a result of 1 goal, 1 behind. He only finished up with 6 touches (4 kicks) at 50% DE and 2 tackles for 32 points.

Naughton (aka no-tonne) only scored a quarter (25) of that – not what coaches where wanting from his elevated price tag. He had 11 disposals (9 kicks) but 5 clangers and 64% DE didn’t help his score as he struggled against the talls from GWS with excellent delivery from their gun midfielders. One of the golden rules of SuperCoach is never pick a key defender but should find it easier going against West Coast this weekend and will be on note from many coaches.


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd1AvgBE

Kelly, take a bow, a seasoned professional game with 27 disposals (10 kicks) including 13 contested possessions, 3 marks (1 contested), 3 1%ers, 6 tackles and a silky smooth goal for 118 points which is our first rookie tonne for the year!

Holman loves a tackle, so much so he had a game high 13 to go with 13 disposals (10 contested) helping him get to 96 points. The ground was an inch under water and his 46% DE and 4 clangers was pretty standard, so wasn’t penalised at all. Great way to start his AFL revival.

L.Fogarty impressed from the get go collecting 20 disposals (8 kicks) which included 10 contested possessions, 4 marks (1 contested) and a goal for 82 points. With Dangerfield and Scooter to come back into the team, his JS was rather questionable prior to Rd1 but after that performance, he’d be unlucky to make way this week.

Brayshaw started the game like a 100 gamer, looking very composed in the intense opening quarter to go into the first break on 29 points. Unfortunately, once Port Adelaide put their foot down and got on top, he struggled his way to 58 points from 12 disposals (4 kicks) and was let down compared to his JLT form by only laying the 2 tackles against he big bodied Port midfielders.

Banfield was in the thick of it early on collecting over half of his 12 disposals (8 kicks) in the opening quarter for 24 points but like Brayshaw, faded away and finished on 51 points. He linked up through the midfield and had 5 inside 50s from his 12 disposals (8 kicks) at 67% DE, 3 marks and 3 tackles. Provided great pressure around the ball and was far from Fremantles worse.

Clark was the surprising debut of the two Saints first round picks and was gifted a goal to kick start his career. He collected 12 disposals (8 kicks) at 75% DE but was significantly punished by Champion Data only getting the 1 contested possession which was the lowest on field to finish up on 40 points. Was rather quiet around the ground with just the 3 marks and a tackle and has Weller and Dunstan waiting to come in for his role.

Barry score of 44 looks a little hard done by considering he managed 22 disposals (12 kicks) so looks though he was held back for only collecting 5 contested possessions, a DE of 68% and having 4 clangers. He did however have 5 marks, 6 inside 50s and provided great run and carry (2nd furthest ran total, furthest ran at high speed and second most sprint efforts) and would be unlucky to be the one to make way for Robbie next week.

Dow had a tough affair against the reigning premiers and although he managed 11 disposals (5 kicks), he only ran at 27% DE with 2 clangers and relied on 5 tackles to get him to 35 points. Showed through the JLT that if he doesn’t get 5 shots on goal, he may struggle to put up a decent score.

Jacobs went full lockdown on Lyons allowing him to lay 7 tackles but 6 disposals (5 kicks) at 33% DE and 5 clangers resulted in a score of just 29 points.

Davies-Uniacke scored just the 25 points from 8 disposals (3 kicks) at 38% DE and 2 clangers. Not sure he is fond of swimming.


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd1AvgBE
English (FWD)WB$134.7k8383-

English came straight in with no pre-season games and shared the ruck duties almost equally in thirds with Trengrove and Roughead. He only played 2 games last year due to an extremely light frame but a couple of kilos heavier in 2018 (could use a few more) has done him no harm as he went on to collect 13 disposals (8 kicks) at 69% DE, 6 marks (3 contested), 12 hitouts and 3 tackles for 83 points.


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd1AvgBE
Stephenson (MID)Coll$180.3k6262-
J.Garlett (MID)Carl$117.3k6161-
D.Fogarty (MID)Adel$153.3k4848-
Rayner (MID)Bris$202.8k3838-

Stephenson topped the SuperCoach scoring of the top 10 draft picks from last year with 62 points from 16 disposals (10 kicks) at 69% DE. Playing forward with rotations through the midfield he had 4 marks, 2 rebound 50s, 4 inside 50s, 3 tackles and a goal assist. Was far from the worst for Collingwood and will want to cement himself in the team with De Goey and Wells still to come in.

Garlett came straight back into the team after missing JLT2 with a shoulder injury and got busy early kicking a couple of goals in the opening half. He was linking up through the midfield which helped him to 17 disposals (9 kicks) at 53% DE and 7 marks. He did most his work in the first half entering the main break on 50 points but once Richmond put a stranglehold on the game after half time, he pottered his way to 61 points.

Long opened up the year with is best ever SuperCoach score from 5 AFL games with 61 points. Was busy around the ground to collect 15 disposals (7 kicks) at 67% DE to go with 6 marks, 3 tackles and a goal.

Fritsch got the game rolling kicking the opening goal and behind for the game. Was very active in the first quarter scoring half of his points as he drifted out for the middle period of the game. He had 11 disposals (7 kicks) but was the least accurate on the ground being the only player with less than 50% DE (46%). He laid 5 tackles and took 6 marks (1 contested) to help him finish on 61 points.

Marshall had a very quite first half before a 3 goal 3rd term put him right into the game. He finished up with a game high 4 goals from 10 disposals (6 kicks) getting him to 59 points with the help of 2 marks, 2 tackles and a goal assist. My original thought before the game is that he would be the one to make way for Robbie from their forward line (as they are barely lacking forward height) but it would be extremely harsh on the kid – especially now with Ryder injured for 6 weeks pulling Dixon/Westhoff  way from the forward line.

Crocker was the only multiple goal kicker for Collingwood with 2, to go with 3 behinds, to help him to 59 points from 9 disposals (6 kicks). Let down by his poor DE (44%) and 4 clangers in what could have been an 80+ game, especially if he converted another goal.

Waterman played a leading up the ground forward role to clunk a couple of marks to go with 8 disposals (4 kicks), 3 tackles and a goal for 51 points. Will continue to play over the next month with JJK missing and should be good for a consistent 50-70 points.

Gowers was a surprise debut after being picked up in the rookie draft and not playing any JLT games but he came in and made an impact immediately. Loves a contest, with 9 of his 10 being contested however unfortunately for him only hit the target on 4 occasions and 5 clangers pulled his score down to 49 points. He managed to kick a goal, take 3 marks (2 contested) and lay 3 tackles.

D.Fogarty got a run with Tex Walker missing through injury and could not have asked for a better debut kicking the opening goal of the game. He finished up on 48 courtesy of 2 goals, 6 disposals (3 kicks) at 100% DE and 4 tackles.

Giles-Langdon worked hard and spent a lot of the time around the ball but just struggled to get his hand on the ball early on, which didn’t help given he had a few early dropped marks which would have lowered his confidence. He laid 6 tackles, which was a team second high to go with 7 disposals (4 kicks) at 86% DE, 3 marks (1 contested ) and a goal for 47 points. Should have had a second goal with a mark 30m out straight in front, but chipped it over to to Greene who passed it off himself, so not even awarded a goal assist!

Ryan was the busiest of the WCE rookies with 12 disposals (9 kicks) but he was let down by his 50% DE (second lowest on field) and 3 clangers resulting in 38 points. Took 3 marks (1 contested) and kicked a goal which helped and should continue to get game time but not an onfield rookie choice.

Rayner joins the list of debutantes that managed to kick a goal on their debut this weekend but it wasn’t enough as he finished up on 38 points – not what you want for his starting price tag.

Venables is earmarked as the Shuey replacement, and I’m not sure if it’s a like-for-like playing style of the fact that they look exactly like each other. He was barely sighted throughout the JLT and it continued into the real season with him only registering 7 disposals (4 kicks) at 86% DE for 37 points. He laid 4 tackles but giving away 2 free kicks didn’t help his score.

Ratugolea started off on fire before fizzling out to finish on 32 points from 8 disposals (5 kicks) and a goal.

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Golden Rule #1: Do not trade in and do not trade out rookies after one performance. Wait until Rd2 when you have twice as much information so you can make twice the better decision.


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16 thoughts on “2018 Rookie Review – Round 1”

  1. How do you rate banfields job security?
    Im starting to get nervous about having all four of walters, fyfe, banfield and brayshaw in team.


    1. I think it’s fine for now, he is far from the problem of our team.

      There’s a reason why you choose Fyfe/Walters and Brayshaw/Banfield demanded their spots over the pre-season, just sit and wait.

      I like to remind myself that the 2015 winner paid top dollar for Malceski (105 avg) and only got a return of 71 and he used on of his final trades correcting him. It’s a long game, finish your team first.


  2. Nice write up Hutta.

    I was impressed with English and have him on the radar. Given he is r/f, it may be worth adding him to the forward list?

    Any thoughts on Gowers JS?

    I know Bonner is not s rookie, but what do you think about the idea of upgrading a rookie to Bonner after next week?


    1. Gowers is a mature recruit and we know how well they have faired in the past, will play again this week and it’s his to lose.

      I think you need to ask the question is do you think he’s a keeper? Bonner has very likely had his highest score for the season (or near future) and it’s only in his price cycle for a week. WHE went 88 and 125 in Rd1/2 last year and only averaged a tad over 75 for the rest of the season. Is Bonner this years WHE?

      If you think he’s a keeper, then he will be a must at his price. If not, it’ll cost you two trades for $170-200k. If you have Murray, Finlasyson and Doedee on field, the money may be better spent elsewhere and the other 2 rookies can be slow burners (they dont need to all max at the same time, and if fact, you want them spaced out).


      1. Gowers is really bad at actual footy, and according to those at the ground was all too willing to try and sneak out the back to try and get cheap goals, which you have to figure flies in the face of why he was selected (presumably to apply as much defensive pressure inside 50 as possible). I wouldn’t consider him.


  3. Lazily held LDU and Rayner as set and forget rookies with JS and was punished for it. 80 between three players in the above and Naughton killed me.

    I held onto a ‘fuck up fund’ of 347.9k for a Rd 3 pre-bubble burst and injury. Very torn on who to bring in and when to bring them in when players like Bonner, Sicily, Cripps and Simmo are screaming to be selected. Although it’s a good chunk of cash, it’s a little awkward to the point where I’d likely need to drop one of LDU or Rayner to bring these guys in.

    If I go early and trade this round I’m chasing points at a risk, but allow myself the opportunity to use an extra two trades next round for emergencies and other bubble boys.

    If I wait, I get a gauge on consistency but risk having to use these trades on an injury emg, likely missing out on some of the bubble boys.

    Who goes and who stays? Which of these bubble boys should be the priority target and would you hold fire this round? Looking at Bonner for Naughton at the very least this round.


    1. Based on this week’s scores, I’d most likely look to drop Rayner for whichever of the cheapies you don’t have, and spend the cash trading LDU up to Cripps/Cogs.


  4. As everyone knows naughton under performed. I have no injuries to deal with yet. Should I deal with him now while nothing else needs to be done. Because if I get an injury this week and he goes bad again he could be stuck on my bench for a while if I’m busy replacing other players. Just considering because of his bad score and no money making and I hate not having money makers on my bench.


    1. I know what you’re saying…but who to trade him to? I guess Bonner is an option if you can afford him, but he could easily go quiet against the Swans this weekend. ZGuthrie is also expensive and a bit of a risk.
      I assume you have Murray, Finlayson and Doedee already?


      1. No finlayson but do have the other 2, i went deep in defense with march bank at m5,(580 round 1 points with no one going big was good) thinking if everyone else took rookies id hopefully out score them.


  5. Be interesting to see if Mark O’Connor gets a run this week. Harry Taylor looks like he might be out for a while, so there’s an opening there.


  6. Great work again Hutta. Apart from selecting the wrong rookies on field, I think we have a bit to work with this season.



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