2018 Rookie Review – Round 12

Written by Huttabito on June 12 2018

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* Denotes bubble boy


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd12AvgBE
J.Smith (MID)Melb$152.5k9191-
AustinStK$237.3k (+$77.6k)7390.3-21
DoedeeAdel$405.6k (+$11.1k)8283.886
RiceStK$213.9k (+$40.5k)6662.82
Coffield (MID)StK$252.5k (+$2.4k)4655.960
Keeffe (FWD)GWS$157.4k DNP50-4
T.Murphy* (MID)NM$124.9k4241-6


I’m honestly not sure where to put Austinย and his 73 points against the Swans so he can get pulled out on his own. On one hand, 73 points is great for a rookie as one could not realistically be expecting his current output but the worrying thing was he was sitting on 22 points at half time. What changed? Nathan Brown made his way back into the squad this week and seemed to have an immediate impact on Austins scoring. Brown came off just before the half with concussion and didn’t come back on which resulted in a 51 point final half. What happens when Brown comes back? What happens when Carlisle returns too? Surely they can’t all play at the same time. Anyway, time will tell and those coaches who bought him in can count their lucky stars Brown got injured as it resulted in a 21 disposal (14 kicks) at 81% DE, 9 marks and 4 1%er game from the ex-power at full time.


Doedee for just being so solid in the first round of the bye scoring 82 points with the highlight of his afternoon being chasing down Walters in the 3rd saving a guaranteed goal. This no doubt got Sonny fired up which resulted in a punch to the gut later on but he will pay the price. Doedee may lose cash this week but I imagine it’s all hands on deck!


Coffield returned to the seniors and with the Swans being so dominant, he turned a 15 disposal (8 kicks) at 87% DE and 4 marks into a 46 point game. He did only have 4 contested possessions, which seems to be the norm for Nick. One more week before his bye and with a BE of 60, he can be safely held without dropping bucket loads of cash to cover numbers this weekend before being moved on.


J.Smith debuted last year in Rd1 and was scoring rapidly in the first quarter before injuring himself resulting in a lay off before finally cracking the seniors for 2 games later in the season for a 3 game average of 34.7. This gives him a reasonable price this year and was the direct replacement for Lever who is now sidelined for the remainder of the year which gives Smith an opportunity to see the season out. He did not disappoint putting up a team high 8 1%ers to go with 16 disposals (7 kicks) at 75% DE, 5 marks (2 contested) and 6 tackles for 91 points. Bye this week but another game like that and I will be very interested.

Redman has come in and played the same role the Ridley did the first few weeks and almost replicated his debut game. Redman finished up with an equal 3rd team high 24 disposals (14 kicks) at 71% DE to go with 7 marks and 3 tackles for 90 points. After going early on a few rookies and having moderate success, I will wait to see how he goes against the Eagles upon his return from the bye.

Mihocek was made to look much better last week compared to against Melbourne punishing those who went early (Huttabito inserts sad face here)ย  giving only 36 points from 9 disposals (8 kicks) at 56% DE and 3 clangers. He managed a single goal, but in a 34 goal match they aren’t worth quite the same in SuperCoach. On the bubble after his bye and could offer some quick cash with his basement price, but I would imagine the 97 against the Dockers was a once off.

Taylor loves a spoil (think I said that last week) as he put up an equal team high 10 1%ers giving his score a boost to 59 points. He also had 11 disposals (4 kicks) at 91% DE to go with 2 marks (1 contested) and 2 tackles. Has a bye this week but represents as a possible Rd14 downgrade option and with the extent of the injuries at GWS, could be around for a while.

T.Murphy remained in the team with Waite still sidelined and finished up with 12 disposals (7 kicks) at 83% DE, 3 marks, 1 tackle and a 1%er for 42 points. Bye this weekend.

Goodbye for now: Appleby, Cumming and Stoddart


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd12AvgBE
JacobsNM$427.0k (+$5.7k)6778.4102
CunicoGeel$355.4k (+$48.1k)12277.110
HolmanGCS$367.6k (+$27.0k)5773.678
PhillipsStK$226.4k (+$23.7k)6162.418
BaileyBris$231.2k (+$8.5k)5146.216


Cunico is in some red hot form and now has a 3Rd average of 98 after his 122 point game against North Melbourne. Racking up an equal team 3rd most disposals of 26 (17 kicks), he took 5 marks, laid a couple of tackles, and 1%ers to go with a goal. One to hold after his bye as he looks set to make a fair amount of cash.


Jacobs went full lock down mode on J.Selwood which reallyย  held his score back given he only managed the 3 tackles which was less than half his seasons average walking into the game. He still managed 21 disposals (8 kicks) at 71% DE but only finished on 67 points. His BE is now over 1oo, which is could well make upon his return but time to say goodbye with his bye and well done to coaches who started him!

Holman was looking good to the half but GWS were just too good and didn’t allow any Sun near the ball and he registered all but a tackle and a few handballs in the final half to finish on 57 points. Disappointing end given he was on track for 90+ if he replicated his first half.


Brodie was one of the better players for Gold Coast with 14 disposals (7 kicks), 3 marks, 7 tackles and a goal but with GWS taking up 60% of the points on offer, he was just able to get to 63 points. On the bubble, but looks short of putting up consistent 75s we’d likely want at his high rookie price. Aaron Halls injury will certainly help his job security if that’s what you are after.

Giro was offended that I wasn’t convinced he’d be relevant so worked his heart out getting involved in several scoring chains from his 18 disposals (7 kicks) at 89% DE, 2 marks and 2 tackles earning himself 63 points. I’m a little more convinced now, but wonder where he sits when Fyfe (and Walters – pull you’re head in mate!) and the Hill brothers return. Unfortunately on the bubble this week before his bye but with RTB being committed to this rebuild for now, I imagine he’d be adequate short term cover.

Goodbye for now: Jacobs, Mutch, Barry and Worpel


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd12AvgBE
McInerneyBris$252.9k (-$0.2k)5959.741


Jones had 13 hitouts and 15 disposals for 38 points but won’t be relevant for ruck cover or cash generation this year.

Goodbye for now: Crossley and Jones


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd12AvgBE
FritschMelb$416.2k (+$18.8k)8577.956
RonkeSyd$321.5k (-$3.6k)5276.980
Ahern* (MID)NM$123.9k5770.5-66
GuelfiEss$293.7k (+$23.8k)7368.929
Higgins (MID)Rich$286.0k (+$5.3k)646742
HenryGeel$324.9k (+$13.5k)7062.977
Spargo (MID)Melb$238.0k (-$0.2k)6158.961
Giles-LangdonGWS$271.8k (+$17.8k)6057.317
MooreRic$169.7k (+$36.1k)34549
ScheerGCS$205.1k (+$13.2k)4653.839
Daicos (MID)Coll$210.8k (+$20.3k)4753.712
JonesGeel$160.0k (+$36.1k)5052-19
D.Fogarty (MID)Adel$234.0k (+$3.8k)344846
Poholke (MID)Adel$198.8k (+$31.5k)8346.59
Clarke (MID)Ess$123.9kDNP34-
Petruccelle* (MID)WCE$117.3kDNP22.526


Fritsch is fast becoming my F6 so keep up the good work as putting up 85 in a 7 goal loss is more than I could ask for!

Poholke had the game he was hyped up to be able to play and finished with 18 disposals (13 kicks) at 72% DE, 7 marks, 6 inside 50s and a goal for 83 points. Would have been handy earlier in the season but you can’t win them all.


Ronke could have had an outing against the struggling Saints but with a game high 7 clangers, he can thank 6 tackles for helping him get to 52 points as he only had 6 (of 13) disposals hit the target. He lost cash this week and is more than likely not going to lose more in his final game before the bye. If you need him for numbers hold, otherwise might be time to move on.

I noted last week that Moore had it somewhat easy the last fortnight and could struggle against better opposition and that he did, with only 34 points in the loss to Port Adelaide. Thankfully for most, he was a very unpopular trade in target.

D.F0garty finished up with 8 disposals (7 kicks) but 50% DE just doesn’t cut it in SuperCoach especially if you don’t do much else earning 34 points.


Battle did much better than his 8 point solo game last year as was the Saints only multiple (2) goal kicker from 14 disposals (8 kicks) at 64% DE, 4 marks, 2 tackles and 5 1%ers for 77 points. Popped up at a great time and could present as a downgrade target post bye.

Ahern looked very good early on but scored less than 20 points in the final half to finish on 57 points. He played predominantly midfield but once the Geelong trio get going, you’re going to have a hard time touching the ball. On the bye but will be a popular trade in target in 2 weeks time – he’s shown enough class.

Apeness led the charge against Sam Jacobs and finished up with 18 hitouts, 10 disposals (4 kicks) at 90% DE, 5 marks (1 contested) and 2 tackles for a handy 64 points. The third Freo bubble boy that will break it a week before their bye. May well get a gig this weekend if they give Sandilands another week off but after the byes, Sean Darcy will be getting games again and will be pushing at the end of the season.

Goodbye for now: Ronke and Henry

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17 thoughts on “2018 Rookie Review – Round 12”

    1. went up $29k. Has a BE of 6. Should consistently rise to around $177k over the next three weeks. JS may decrease as more Suns return from LTIs (eg Lemmens and Wright may be back soon). Hold for now if you have him.


    1. yep. Great write-up Hutta. A couple to look forward over the next couple of weeks (eg J Smith) should more carnage be imminent.


    1. yep. I brought Ahern in a week early, just so I could get Hurn into my backline and keep Doedee. 21 on field this week (just Gawn OUT with no cover) and 22 next week so not concerned.
      *remembers writing something similar at the beginning of last week. Gulp!


  1. You know you’re rookie selection is a spud when Hutta doesn’t see fit to give them a row in spreadsheets that include almost every rookie known to man. I’m eyeballing you J Heron and L Murphy. Stop giving me next to nothing.


    1. They were removed as they offer next to nothing ๐Ÿ˜› L.Murphy lost cash too so he’s just making numbers now.

      Didn’t think people would jump on Heron, if he has a good game against the Saints I could whack him in but he’s not looking good for much more than a 50.


  2. Great write-up as always, Hutta.

    I also see that you have moved up to #2 in RDT โ€“ keep up the good work!


    1. Cheers! Thought I had a so-so week and only scraped together 18 and expected to drop with 9 premiums on the bench. Looks like the 2 that were above me had it rougher and moved 80 points closer to #1.


      1. Real Dream Team: SuperCoach mechanism (30 trades, no position changes, prices change after 3 games) but used the official AF fantasy scoring.

        It’s run by virtual sports so has the same user interface too.


        1. i had no idea. brilliant work Hutta and good luck. just had a look at it. think i’d lose my job if i got involved in that too ๐Ÿ™‚



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