2018 Rookie Review – Round 14

Written by Huttabito on June 26 2018

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* Denotes bubble boy


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd14AvgBE
ColeWCE$288.5k (+$2.6k)5064.967
RichardsWB$352.0k (+$7.8k)6465.850
MihocekColl$162.2k (+$59.8k)6365.3-1
J.Smith* (MID)Melb$152.5k3462.5-33
TaylorGWS$157.9k (+$40.6k)4654-9
R.SmithWB$191.4k (+$3.7k)2946.836
T.Murphy (MID)NM$153.6k (+$28.7k)5846.7-7
Brander (FWD)WCE$148.8kDNP25-


Cole scored 30 of his 50 points in the third quarter and finished up with 13 disposals (7 kicks) at 85% DE, 1 mark and 3 tackles but giving away 4 free kicks for the game hurt his score. He now heads post-bye with a BE of 67 and given his 6 round rolling average is 58, can be safely moved on.

R.Smith has now scored a grand total of 50 points in his last 7 quarters after 29 points against North Melbourne. Thankfully practically no-one owns him!


Redman is giving me Witherden vibes cropping up towards the tail end of the season and fitting in seamlessly into the half back line. After a debut score of 90, he was on track to replicate the performance yet again and was on 73 from 71% TOG before an ankle injury put an end to his night in the surprise upset over West Coast Eagles at Perth. He finished up with 17 disposals (11 kicks) at 70% DE, 8 marks and 2 tackles but 4 clangers held back his score. On the bubble although is in doubt for this week but with his current role, could be a handy final defence downgrade.

J.Smith was the 3rd most popular trade in target this week after a great first game but couldn’t back it up collecting just 6 disposals (4 kicks) at 67% despite all possessions being uncontested. He took 2 marks, laid 2 tackles and put in 4 1%ers to score 34 points. On the bubble this week, but what can we expect going forward? If I had to have a guess, due to the sheer number talls at Port Adelaide, he played much more of a lock down role compared to peeling off like he did against Collingwood.


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd14AvgBE
HolmanGCS$353.9k (-$17.3k)4572.285
PhillipsStK$226.4k DNP62.418
BaileyBris$245.0k (+$13.8k)4746.350


Holman has been a successful rookie this year but has been rather frustrating to own as you can never predict his yo-yo scores and when you should have him on field or not. Unfortunately for the final bye round he dished up 45 points – mainly due to playing forward which he has done the last couple of weeks. He had just the 9 disposals (2 kicks) at 67% DE but laying 6 tackles and giving away 4 free kicks really hurt his score. He dropped just over $17k this week and with a BE of 85, can be moved on.


Dawson  made his debut against Hawthorn and could allow coaches to keep their quota of Gold Coast rookies in their team even if downgrading Holman. He looked very good in the first half posting 40 points but faded as the game went on and finished on 51 points from 11 disposals (4 kicks) at 75% DE, 1 tackle and 2 1%ers. He was mainly rewarded from his 8 contested possessions as his stats were quiet otherwise. Won’t hurt to take another look but his bargain basement price would be welcomed by many.


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd14AvgBE
McInerneyBris$256.0k (+$3.1k)4858.348


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd14AvgBE
FritschMelb$425.1k (+$8.9k)7677.896
T.SmithMelb$224.2k (+$36.1k)6871.542
GuelfiEss$308.9k (+$15.2k)6368.151
Higgins (MID)Rich$292.8kDNP65.857
RyanWCE$257.6k (+$4.8k)3163.480
Ahern (MID)NM$175.2k (+$51.3k)4963.30
Spargo (MID)Melb$238.0kDNP58.961
Giles-LangdonGWS$293.0k (+$21.2k)645853
Daicos (MID)Coll$224.7k (+$13.9k)435146
Poholke (MID)Adel$207.9kDNP4414
Clarke (MID)Ess$123.9kDNP34-
Wilson (MID)Adel$105.4kDNP34-
Petruccelle* (MID)WCE$117.3kDNP22.526


T.Smith may have scored under his average but returning in what was deemed as the toughest bye round and to score a solid 68 points in a loss rewarded the coaches who held onto him. 7 disposals (3 kicks), 6 tackles and a goal got him to a respectable score.


Fritsch is traditionally slow starting but just a 1 tackle opening quarter really held him back this week. Finished strong with 13 disposals (9 kicks) at 85% DE, 5 marks and 5 tackles for 76 points but for those hoping his winger role is enough to hold down F6 will want to start seeing 4 quarter efforts. The dud labelling this week is more of a kick up the bum to help those coaches out. Up to you coaches what you do with him, with a BE 96 he’s either a premium, cover or done being a cash cow.

Ryan spent more time during the game trying to earn himself a mark of the week nomination which resulted in a 1 kick (point), 1 handball first half while Essendon had a stranglehold on the game. He finished up on 7 disposals (6 kicks) at 57% DE and 3 marks (1 contested) for 31 points. With a BE of 80 after 2 weeks, you have to feel for the $13k coaches who traded him back in off the injury for $60k increase.

Ahern gave so much promise after his debut game many jumped on, but the last two games, 57 and now a 49 on the weekend against Western Bulldogs has let many coaches down. He knows how to find the ball and had 16 disposals (5 kicks) but other than a mark, had no other major stat which stopped his score ticking over. Just needs a little time.

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10 thoughts on “2018 Rookie Review – Round 14”

  1. May sound a bit silly but If Redman is out for only 1-2 weeks, I like the look of him to potentially fill my D8 spot!

    Still have Austin as cover at D7, hopefully he can hold his spot for a few more weeks to fatten up over $300k


    1. Would also make a decent loophole until he’s back playing if that helps. Bombers play Sundays for the next couple of weeks.


  2. I was hoping to upgrade Holman for Kelly this week but with Holman stinking it up and Kelly having a blinder I will either have to
    T/U straight swap Holman for Gaff
    T/D trade Spargo into a rookie and Holman into Kelly

    Have 8 trades before this week and it will take my team to full premium


    1. If you can get Spargo FWD and trade to Battle, that’d likely be a better option than the GCS new boy in the MIDs. Sounds like Battle is gonna be given a decent run at it.


  3. Nice review as always, Hutta.

    Looks like it’s either Smith or Battle for a downgrade this week, or going early on Dawson. Yuck!



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