2018 Rookie Review – Round 19

Written by Huttabito on July 31 2018

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* Denotes bubble boy


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd19AvgBE
AustinStK$292.1k DNP82.239
MihocekColl$309.3k (+$25.3k)4968.340
O'RiordanSyd$178.1k (+$54.2k)3366-4
DumanFrem$258.5k (+$31.6k)7061.92
RiceStK$259.5k DNP59.520
LynchWB$226.3k (+$6.8k)3759.447
TaylorGWS$226.1k (+$23.6k)6253.67
J.Smith (MID)Melb$225.2k (+$0.7k)1652.853
Farrell (MID)Port$117.3k4848-


Lienert did exactly what coaches playing in 2019 didn’t want him to do and back up last weeks game with an 83 point performance against the Bulldogs. Playing that rebound 50/winger role, he had 17 disposals (13 kicks) at 71% DE and was just 1 contested possession away from a 50% CP rate. He also took 5 marks, 2 tackles and 2 1%ers for the afternoon.

Farrell joins this list of debutantes who kicked a goal in their first ever AFL game to go with 10 disposals (5 kicks) at 80% DE. He also took 2 marks, laid 3 tackles and put in a couple of 1%ers to finish on 48 points.


O’Riordan with a classic rookie troll move and scored 33 points from 10 disposals and 2 marks. I hope people didn’t field him after his efforts in his first 2 games at senior level…


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd19AvgBE
SierColl$232.5k DNP75.3-19
TrengrovePort$201.0k DNP6214
GiroFrem$247.3k (-$2.1k)3252.990
NarkleGeel$188.5k (+$10.1k)4248.447


Walker made his debut for North and managed 11 disposals (6 kicks) at 64% DE, 4 marks, 4 tackles and a behind for 52 points. One that probably could have made his debut earlier had his coach not been named Chris Scott and one we may wish was held off until next year!


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd19AvgBE
McInerneyBris$285.4k (+$6.7k)3958.646
CrossleyGC$211.3k DNP50.120
Cameron Syd$123.9k2525-


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd19AvgBE
Ahern (MID)NM$346.1k (+$35.4k)12477.626
Higgins (MID)Rich$365.4k (+$6.8k)9173.125
RonkeSyd$307.6k (-$3.9k)5670.3100
Daicos (MID)Coll$293.8k (+$16.5)6659.819
Spargo (MID)Melb$269.1k (+$12.9k)4157.570
BattleStK$213.5k (+$3.1k)3055.468
Dawson (MID)Syd$123.9k5353-
Daniels (FWD)GWS$183.2k (+$31.7k)6052.3-4
PowellGC$177.3k (+$8.8k)5245.614


Dawson has been tearing it up in the NEAFL recently and after 3 goal, 29 disposal, 9 marks and 24 (yes, TWENTY FOUR) tackle game, he had to be rewarded with an AFL debut. He didn’t quite replicate that effort against the Bombers and finished with 12 disposals (7 kicks), 5 marks, 1 tackle and a goal for 53 points.

Baker tried his little heart out and scraped together 12 disposals (3 kicks) at 58% DE to go with a mark but a couple of wayward shots at goal (who wouldn’t be nervous in a debut in front of 90,000) left him on 45 points.

Greene made his debut on the weekend against Port Adelaide but struggled to get his hands on the ball and finished with 5 disposals (2 kicks) at 60% DE. He committed 3 clangers on what was a rather wet day and relied on a goal and 5 tackles to get him to 41 points.


Ahern had the ball on a string and showed why he was worthy of a top 10 pick year ago. He racked up 37 disposals (14 kicks) and an equal game high 22 contested possessions boosting his score to 124 which was fantastic cover for many who had Shuey as a late out. He also had 3 marks, 12 clearances (game high), 3 tackles, 5 inside 50s and a goal assist. Safe to say North got a steal with this kid.

Higgins well and truly earnt his 91 points from this effort alone:

Slim pickings in decent rookies scores who are worthy of a vote or two…

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10 thoughts on “2018 Rookie Review – Round 19”

  1. Is the rookie ‘2 game rule’ a thing? So many rookies seem to pump out 2 good games before mediocrity sets in…


    1. Quite possibly. There’s probably a fair few who run off the excitement of a debut and have some leftover in their second game. Once their 3rd roles around, they become a bit quite complacent.


        1. Cheers. They seemed pretty cut and dry this year. They were either:
          – Great from the start,
          – Sh*t from the start, or
          – Great at the wrong time!


          1. Or,
            Sh1t at the wrong time! eg Doedee, Fritsch and Kelly. Result? People offloaded them too early!

            I have a theory on this and have done an analysis which kinda proves my point. I’ll share it at season’s end.


    1. Votes still coming in but it’s looking like a photo finish!

      I’ll do votes for the SC final week and post the results.


  2. Am going for overall and NOT leagues, despite playing a lot of qualifying finals this week, but none for cash, just pride.
    Finally have to trade Sicily this week and am going for Macrae via TMac and Heeney, but need some extra cash to do it, ie use BOTH my final two trades.
    I’m sure there will be more carnage but might as well maximise points now, until the inevitable happens.
    For my final trade I am thinking:
    OUT: Fritsch (I think he’s cooked)
    IN: Higgins (RIC) – who I can loophole with Ahern at F6/M9 most weeks. Will have to field one of them!
    Good call/bad call?


    1. Don’t think thats worth it especially with Fritsch playing Gold Coast this week Im expecting a solid score.



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