2018 Rookie Review – Round 8

Written by Huttabito on May 15 2018

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* Denotes bubble boy


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd8AvgBE
DoedeeAdel$355.3k (-$4.2k)5681.290
Finlayson (MID)GWS$345.3k (-$12.2k)618185
MurrayColl$336.8k (+$0.2k)6574.862
ColeWCE$259.4k (+$21.3k)3672.332
MirraHaw$165.7k DNP67.3-25
Coffield (MID)StK$238.6k (+$2.0k)645921
ApplebyColl$167.3k (+$45.5k)6058.3-16
RichardsWB$246.6k (+$8.8k)7057.744
DumanFrem$185.9k (+$15.9k)4655.827
Keeffe* (FWD)GWS$123.9k5754-33
NaughtonWB$289.9k (-$13.2k)053.4100
Buckley GWS$158.3kDNP47-
O'Brien (MID)Carl$200.0k (+$3.4k)5046.633


Very slim stud pickings for the defence rookies and Richards tops the lot with 70 points. He put in an all rounder performance without being spectacular with 16 disposals (7 kicks), 2 marks, 4 tackles, 2 1%ers, 1 goal assist and a behind. Made up the money he lost last week and will trickle up over the next few weeks.


Where do I even start? Doedee and Finlayson both lost cash with scores of 56 and 61 respectively. Doedee struggled with the intensity the Port forward line bought and whilst Finlasyson went back to his defender role with Cameron/Lobb returning and started well, he fell away as the game went on and was swung back forward towards the end of the game. Time for you coaches to do with what you want but it is time for me to say goodbye as they have both slowed and will bleed cash for a while. Thank you for your rookie services early on!

Then we have Cole who dropped 30 points on his previous lowest score to only score 36 points for the week. Looks very hard done by with 9 disposals (7 kicks) at 89% DE to go with 5 tackles and 4 1%ers but that score rolling through his average will kill cash generation for a fortnight leading into his bye. All his possessions were uncontested but still, not sure his score adds up.

Duman continues the backline pain with 46 points from 15 disposals (9 kicks) at 80% to go with 6 marks. He has a 3 round  rolling average of 46 and his BE is rapidly approaching this number – it’s looking more like the 85 in his debut game was an outlier.

Then to bring it right home, Naught(on) scored exactly that – naught, nil, nada, zero! Yes, 0 points due to an ankle injury in the first after 1 kick (which missed its target). He would have chugged on nicely to the byes with the potential to earn another $50k but loses money $13k this week instead and his BE skyrocketing up to 100. With that, time to say our farewell.


Cumming made his debut for the Giants and collected 14 disposals (7 kicks), 3 marks and 2 tackles for 64 points. One to watch this coming week with a few of the top end rookies looking maxed out.

Keeffe was handy back up ruck collecting 27 hitouts to go with 11 disposals at 82% DE, 1 mark and a tackle but 4 clangers and only 2 kicks held him back to 57 points. With Patton not lighting it up in the NEAFL, he is very likely to stick around for a little whole longer – worst case he makes some coin and can be swung with Sicily who is looking more and more like a must have every week (that he’s not suspended).

Eagles may have been the recruit, but he doesn’t seem to be the recruit we we’re after with a score of 42 from 7 disposals (6 kicks) and 4 marks. He did put up an equal high 10 1%ers so was let down a little losing 15 points from 3 clangers.

Goodbye for now: Doedee, Finlayson and Naughton.


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd8AvgBE
KellyGeel$432.5k (+$31.5k)9199.955
JacobsNM$349.8k (+$14.2k)6371.842
CunicoGeel$274.5k (+$7.8k)4569.458
HolmanGCS$271.9k (-$6.6k)5067.944
CerraFrem$285.0k (+$16.1k)7961.918
BanfieldFrem$266.5k (-$7.0k)4758.664
MutchEss$163,8k (+$39.9k)4654.71
BrayshawFrem$268.4k (+$11.8k)5854.742
DowCarl$282.2k (+$14.1k)6054.336
BarryPort$182.4k DNP46.423
ClarkStK$203.6k (+$17.3k)5643.419
BaileyBris$203.1k (+$22.3k)474320


This must be a “rookies hit brick wall” week or something because there weren’t many studs in the midfield either and Cerra was the only one who didn’t score as we would expect or poorly. Still spending most of his time forward, he kicked 2 goals from 14 disposals (4 kicks) at 79% DE and 3 tackles for 79 points.

Kelly gets an honourable mention, scored less than his average and dropped it below 100, but 91 points is another great effort for a “rookie”.


Holman has now lost cash for 2 consecutive weeks but thankfully his BE remains somewhat achievable (44) so has opportunity to make some of it back. It is just me or are you sick of his inconsistency of late? He was rather underwhelming yet again scoring just the 50 from 10 disposals (3 kicks) and a goal. Lacked the tackles which he needs for a good score.

Banfield continues his tagging role and kept Steven to a relativity quieter night by his standards (23 disposals) but he’s become less damaging with the ball himself and had 12 disposals at 58% DE to score 47 points. He seems to have slowed and whilst his BE is now 64, which is the same as his average was in the first 5 rounds, his last 3 have dropped off to 49.7 and he’s now lost money this week. Time to say goodbye to his rookie days.

Mutch was rather so-so this week and didn’t stand out with any major stats as he had 11 disposals, 4 marks, a tackle and a couple of 1%ers for 46 points. Very much a bench option as we all start upgrading our midfielders but it will hinder his short term cash generation – especially now his other score in the cycle is his 52 points from last week.


Now we’re talking! Falling just shy of almost premium T.Kelly, Phillips made his debut for the Saints and fit right in finishing 3rd for total disposals of any Saint with 24 (8 kicks) to end up on 87 points courtesy of an additional 5 tackles and 3 marks. With others doing very poorly around him, he’s all but locked a spot for this weekend.

Ainsworth looked the goods with 66 points in his debut game from 15 disposals (7 kicks) at 60% DE and an equal second team high 8 tackles, but is one we like to call a risky rookie with the amount of big names to come into the Eagles squad. Worth waiting til on the bubble to ensure at least one price rise!

Goodbye for now: Banfield and L.Fogarty.


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd8AvgBE
McInerneyBris$179.9k (+$56.0k)8166.7-38
English (FWD)WB$287.4kDNP63.676


McInerney was a popular trade in target for English this week and kicked a couple of goals from 13 disposals (7 kicks), 4 marks (2 contested), 12 hitouts, 4 tackles and 5 1%ers for 81 points and was just let down by a DE of 54% DE.


Crossley is an option this week but has much shallower JS than the already on the up McInerney given the height that is pushing to return in 3 weeks after the China game. Just collected the 8 disposals (4 kicks) at 75% DE to go with 3 marks, 8 hitouts, a tackle and a couple of 1%ers for 53 points. Ceiling isn’t huge with the game style he’s played so don’t expect truck loads of cash jumping on board.

Goodbye for now: English


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd8AvgBE
RonkeSyd$214.7k (+$90.8k)12092.7-57
Higgins (MID)Rich$273.3k (+$21.6k)5170.836
FritschMelb$310.1k (+$40.4k)9869.624
Spargo (MID)Melb$178.7k (+$61.4k)4969.3-19
Stephenson (MID)Coll$324.9k (-$9.5k)4967.863
WatermanWCE$300.7k (+$26.8k)9466.441
RatugoleaGeel$291.6k (+$15.5k)5862.445
RioliWCE$288.9k (+$30.6k)6960.1-4
HenryGeel$278.0k (+$21.7k)3559.818
GowersWB$278.6k (+$26.4k)575735
Rayner (MID)Bris$288.2k (-$7.7k)3654.965
Giles-LangdonGWS$209.9k (+$15.5k)5052.834
Crowden (MID)Frem$222.6k (-$4.3k)3849.155
D.Fogarty (MID)Adel$191.5kDNP47.816
Ballard* (MID)GCS$117.3k4237.5-4
Poholke (MID)Adel$138.3k (+$14.4k)3635.729
Petruccelle* (MID)WCE$117.3kDNP22.526


Ronke now has a religion named after him and a cult following after a 7 goal haul against Hawthorn, which is the first time since the great “Plugger”, has a Swan kicked 6+ against them. Not only that, he also put up a team high 10 tackles for 120 points. Good luck getting a spot back in the forward line Buddy, the future of the Swans has arrived!

Fritsch has had a change in role the last 3 weeks and is playing much more a half-back/winger role which has seen his disposals jump up to 26 against Melbourne. He’s had a poor DT:SC ratio the last 2 weeks but finally his SuperCoach score caught up putting up 98 points against Gold Coast. Plenty of money still to be made.

Waterman is the new yo-yo at the Eagles which is making it hard to get some rapid cash growth but nevertheless, 94 points against the Giants from 12 disposals, 4 marks and 3 goals will do just fine! His ownership is slipping off but surely there are more important forwardline woes!? Maybe they are from smart coaches unlike me who have already moved on Billings and Petracca. Yes, I still have these two stains….


Higgins had his lowest output to date with 51 from 14 disposals (no goals) which is not surprising given it’s the first real test Richmond have had since he debuted and a top of the table clash this week against West Coast in Perth will be another hard fought slog of a match so will be interesting how he goes again.

Spargo popped his bubble with 49 points which after his 81 and 79 points games in his opening 2 games, was far from welcome! Played much more forward in this game (a little tired maybe?) he contributed with 2 goals from 9 disposals (7 kicks) – hope he can bounce back against the Blues, who will be on a high.

Henry backed up his 114 from last week with 35 points and appeared to be impacted by the inclusion of Taylor. Which is a shame he didn’t take advantage of a low BE because even with a 60 this week he will only go up another $18k with a new BE of 80+.

Rayner joins the list of rookies who’s time have come with 36 points from 9 disposals and a goal. He lost nearly $8k this week and only has 2 of 8 scores this season above his BE, so very likely to drop some more. Once again, up to you how you deal with him but goodbye from me.

Crowden finished the night with 10 disposals but with just he 1 kick and 4 clangers, finished on 38 points and end his time as a cash cow with a 3 round rolling average of just 42 against his BE of 55. Bye bud.


Scheer looks good for a 60 after a year in the system and with a 61 against the Demons, his slightly elevated price, bye next weekend and many rookies who are just not ready to cash out on, how much do we really need him? If you want him, this is the week though as another 60 will see him north of $200k.

Ballard is on the bubble but with 41 points from 9 disposals (7 kicks) at 56% DE and 5 marks to go with his 33 points last week, probably one to pass up.

McCartin, of the Tom variety and brother of Saints Paddy, made his debut against Hawthorn playing the tall key forward as there is no-one else left  and had 8 disposals, 4 marks and 3 tackles for 27 points.

Goodbye for now: Rayner and Crowden

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27 thoughts on “2018 Rookie Review – Round 8”

  1. Thanks Hutta. Quite a depressing read huh? Naughton’s injury may just be an ill-chosen brick in my jenga stack!


  2. Cant decide whether to downgrade bring in keeffe or scheer who both look a little underwhelming or go a week early on phillips.


    1. I’ve gone a week early on Phillips. May reverse depending on selection news and injury updates from GWS this week.
      Might also need to reverse if the Tank is rested for the trip to Perth and need to bring in Crossley.
      Good to make plans for all eventualities.


    2. I would like to select Keefe but I am not sure what GWS are doing wth Patton. He could come back at any moment imo.


  3. Can’t understand why everyone is so down on Keeffe.

    Didn’t most people have him in their starting teams until teams got announced week 1?


    1. Nope, never had him – he’s purely a depth player at GWS getting games due to injuries, the swing with Sicily is handy but I wouldn’t be expecting constant games from him if you pick him up (more liklely he’ll be a captain loophole option)


  4. Keeffe was in my team round 1 for the Sicily swing (until he wasn’t named). But not getting picked for 6 games has me concerned about bringing him in. I just want him to play through the byes if I do get him


  5. Doedee-Yeo

    TU – good trades
    TD – bad trades

    Have Hurley and LMurphy in DEF as well so need to do something to stop a donut.


    1. Get Cumming. Better js than Keefe and more sc friendly role. I know its a week early but Keefe is just as likely to be omitted next week; if Cumming is named jump on IMO.


  6. T/U: Go early on Phillips
    T/D: Bring in Keeffe

    * will be doing 1 trade only to free up cash for Danger next week.


  7. Three options I’m considering and need urgent SCT advice.

    TU – Holman-Phillips & Naughton-Lloyd
    TD – Naughton-Keefe & Doedee-Yeo
    Comment – Naughton-Keefe & Banfield-Zorko

    Issues at play – Keefe’s JS, bringing in a one-gamer in Phillips, is Zorko back, which rookie needs to go first out of Holman/Doedee/Banfield.

    Cheers in advance.


  8. Dylan Clarke looks set to debut for the Bombers this week.
    He’s had 164 disp from 5 games in the VFL
    79 contested, 33 hard ball gets, 43 tackles.

    Looks to be a option in the next couple of weeks.


  9. Doodee & Billings for Keefee & Danger? Means I field Keefee this week although next week I’ll go Henry & Holman to a rookie and a Def Premo by swinging Keefee up to the fwd bench


    1. If you have Hurley apparently he’s out also (don’t know if that’s why you’re fielding keefe), otherwise to avoid doghnut could bring in Cumming (as i have…)


    2. Pondering that too. Henry looks ripe next week so could go naughton to keeffe this week and then swing him to fwd line next week to open up the sicily def/fwd swing.
      And then one of billings/brayshaw/holman to danger .
      Its that or hold naughton on bench this week and go early on Philips


  10. Yeah Henry could have a good week against Essendon they like bombing the ball which gives him intercept mark opportunities.



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