2018 SuperCoach Draft – Finals

Written by Huttabito on July 28 2018

Rd19 is the final round for Classic but for those coaches who are apart of our annual draft competition are heading into their first week of finals. Contributors Chillo and Huttabito finished top 2 and are among 4 coaches who have earned themselves a double chance if they go down this week.

Chillo is facing Flamingo Theory whilst Huttabito faces the might of Nathan’s Gunz who is coached by forum regular and currently No11 overall ranked coach Nateo.

Tom Mitchell was controversially taken with pick 1 but being the current highest total scorer, I think Kid81 nailed it on the head and Titch has no doubt played his part in getting him to a knockout final against Crusader Kings. Adam and his Thugs scraped in at 8th spot and finds himself in a knockout bout with Eagling.

Chillo’s Champs was mighty impressive and only lost the 1 game for the entire season which was all the way back in Rd2 at the hands of the Bearded Burbler. Huttabito and his Mumma’s Bois finished the season with the highest overall score, almost 200 points more than Chillo.

Forum regular Jack and his Salamanders held onto a top 8th spot heading into the final round of the season but winterblues got the better of him and knocked him out.


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2 thoughts on “2018 SuperCoach Draft – Finals”

  1. Thanks for the mention Huttabito but the Adam in the SC Draft is not the one that provides the captaincy stats but I would love to partake in the SC Draft next year.


  2. Had our draft final last week and took home $900
    Brought in Aliir Aliir when Jimmy Webster was ruled out & he got me over the line!
    SC classic, sadly is a different story – with buddy stinking it up last night, will be lucky to make the finals.
    Good luck punters



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