2018 Team Review – Adelaide

Written by Huttabito on January 17 2018


Lock and Load: Averaging 29.4 disposals in the regular 2017 home and away season (19/22 games 25 or more) means you are going to want Rory Laird ($550,800) locked in your squad for 2018. Being the number 1 distributor from their half back you pretty much know exactly what you will get every week. Occasionally forced to play a lockdown role however he will still scrape through with a respectable 70 minimum given his ceiling.

Feeling Lucky: His name  has been floated around for years but with the departure of Lever and the injury to Smith, you feel like it’s now or never for Paul Seedsman ($300,200). After Smith’s injury in the QF last year, he came out and scored 111 in the PF without him however was unable to back it up in the GF scoring only 66. Nevertheless, only 15 defenders averaged 88.5+ in 2017 so would be a passable end of season D6 for only $300k. Question is, has his time finally come?

Money Maker: The Crow rookie in the box for early games is Tom Doedee ($123,900), a more or less direct replacement for Lever.  Was a round 1 draft pick for Adelaide in 2015 and was a standout player for Adelaide’s SANFL team in the back half of last season and finished 2nd in the B&F behind Scott Thompson. Known as the intercept king, the spot his is to lose this pre-season.


Lock and Load: He enters 2018 as the most expensive Adelaide midfielder but for good reason. Averaging 125 points in his final 10 games for regular H&A season plus 123 over the finals sees Matt Crouch ($608,300) as pure value. He is very good at finding the ball and boasts an impressive average game of 33 disposals and 5 tackles all from 77% TOG. All signs are there for him to join the 120+ season, the only downside is he shares a bye with the more popular picks of Dangerfield, Martin and Fyfe – how many Rd14 bye players can you really afford?

Feeling Lucky: It took him just a little longer than he hoped for, but Bryce Gibbs ($563,000) is finally home and ready to win a premiership.  Apart from an injury in 2015 where he only played 10 games, he has only missed a further 4 in his 231 game career with the Blues. There is talk he will spend time across half back  seagulling with Laird with runs through the midfield which could very much see an increase in his average to 110 which is a great return for his price tag. He is susceptible to a tag, however Adelaide’s midfield will need more than Gibbs being tagged to stop it, so is there even much point in tagging him like back at Carlton? Also, can’t forget about the Rd14 conundrum. When he’s on though, he’s on, which is evident by his 208 point game last year and in 2016, he almost single handily won a game against the Swans in 2016 with a 100 point final quarter.

Adelaide have also shown that their rookies generally need to spend a couple of years in the system before getting games, being in their premiership window doesn’t help either. Poholke is the cheap rookie who is closest to getting a game, but plays predominantly midfield which they don’t need.


Lock and Load: Rucks are always a contentious position, however if you want a durable ruckman with no competition, look no further than Sam Jacobs ($526,300). 5th highest average ruckman in 2017 with 95.7 and has 3 seasons of triple figures (2012, 2014 and 2015) next to his name. Only missing 4 of his last 150+ games, you can feel pretty confident to bank yourself a safe 2,000 points. He may just be the smartest ruck pick for 2018.


A whole lot of non-supercoach relevance up front for Adelaide.

No forward premiums are locks as Betts, Jenkins, Walker and Lynch have been sharing the load equally for years and will all end up between 78-85 for the season.

Greenwood would have featured as a feeling lucky pick, but after losing forward eligibility, there is no more value in him.

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5 thoughts on “2018 Team Review – Adelaide”

  1. Matt Crouch season keeper and Doedee as a juicy cash cow look good. The only problem i have with Laird is having to pay 550k.


  2. I think that Laird is a risk this year because Gibbs will be playing the role that Laird played last year and Laird will playing the role that Brodie Smith played last year.

    Is Doedee the guy who’s blind in one eye?



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