2018 Team Review – Geelong

Written by Schwarzwalder on February 5 2018

If you’re a regular at SCT, you’ll know that our greatest asset is our ‘clientele’.  All of which can provide input at any time.  One of our first Guest Writers for 2018 is Brad.  He helped out during last pre-season as well and is back for another crack at the Geelong Team Review.  Just quietly……it won’t be his last contribution for the pre-season 😉  Take it away, Brad! – Schwarzwalder



Lock and Load: Looking for a durable, high –possession-getter?  Then look no further than Zach Tuohy ($484,600). Coming off his best season in all stats, he should continue to give more of the same this year. Priced to average 88,1, we can expect some further improve in his second season with the Cats. News from Geelong is that he’d like to play more up the ground and with Jed Bews and young Guthrie starting to cement their positions, this could free Tuohy up to do just that. The only concern is if opposition teams start to tag him off the half-back line.

Feeling Lucky: With the departures of Longergan and Mackie from the defensive half, expect Jake Kolodjashnij ($311,500) to move more permanently behind the ball to fill the Mackie role. At 193cm, he will be able to take plenty of intercept marks and has a fantastic kick when running on top of the ground. In the one game where he racked up 20 possessions last year, he scored over 100, so there’s lots of opportunity.

 Money Maker: If you saw any Geelong games last year and wondered who left the Oz-Kick kid on the field, chances are it was Zach Guthrie ($194,400). He managed 9 games last year which includes 2 finals. He averaged only 39, but his last 2 games showed promising signs with a 77 in the QF and a 66 in the SF. He should get plenty of game time this year with Coach Scott showing a lot of faith in him.  I’m predicting this will get his price up to around $400k if he can string a few games together.


Lock and Load: The only dilemma here is that Geelong’s mids are possibly too strong. It’s a given that Patrick Dangerfield ($749,800) will need to be in everyone’s side sooner or later. A little guy you may have heard of in Gary Ablett Jnr ($631,100) will get you lots and lots of points when he plays, but how many games will he play?  Will he travel interstate?  Nobody knows.

Feeling Lucky: Before the 2 guys above, there was this captain of Geelong who consistently scored like a machine, having averaged over 100 since 2009, peaking in 2014 with 120.9, it’s safe to say Joel Selwood ($562,200) will do it again. Coming off his lowest scoring season since 2009 and priced at an average of 102.2, one can expect him to lift again and push for over 110 average.

Money Maker: Mature-aged recruit Tim Kelly ($117,300) should be sitting on everyone’s bench. Brought into the team to help with forward pressure, he’s sure to pick up games.



Feeling Lucky: The third Zac(h) in this list… Zac Smith ($501,800), should be able to ruck solo through the whole year. He had his best season, boosting his average by 15 ppg to 91. He managed to score over 100 on 9 occasions, but dropped 2 games below 50. Turning 28 before the season, he should be primed for a big season feeding Geelong’s uber-elite mids. He’s looking to improve his marking and wants to become a top 3 Ruckman. He could provide an interesting POD.



Feeling Lucky: Geelong’s forward line woes explain why there aren’t much options. While Menegola went well last year, it’s hard to see that he’ll continue in that same vein with GAJ in the team. So we go all the way to a down-on-his-luck, key forward Stewart Crameri ($257,300). If he plays, he should be able to average between 70-80 as big Hawkins will take the key defender allowing Crameri to do what he does best, lead out and kick another goal. He should see plenty of ball with Geelong’s midfield feeding it there often enough.


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6 thoughts on “2018 Team Review – Geelong”

    1. Personally, I’d like to see him injury free and some more consistency before bringing him in, but he’s certainly got all the attributes to be a star.

      Loves to tackle and kicks goals, SC favourites.


  1. Brilliant! I may need Danger back in my team. How many is to many from the same team? I once had Ablett, Bartel, Chapman, Selwood & Kelly in a midfield. Good times…


  2. Tim Kelly – 2017 Sandover Medal Runner-Up
    Mature Age recruit who should impact just as Menegola did.
    Excellent bench option



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