2018 Team Review – West Coast

Written by Schwarzwalder on February 7 2018

(Written By Matteo)


Potential Round 1 Team:

B: Hurn – Barrass – Sheppard

HB: Duggan – McGovern – Yeo

C: Ah Chee – Redden – Gaff

HF: Lecras – Darling – Venables

F: Rioli – Kennedy – Ryan

R: Lycett – Shuey – Sheed

Int: Watson – Partington – Vardy- Hutchings

Emg: Cripps – Partington – Nelson



Locked & Loaded: Elliot Yeo $561,300 (DEF) 2017 avg 102

After scoring 9 tons in the first 12 games Yeo was a must have by the mid season bye. However his scores took a drop after round 13. R1-13 avg 108.5 R15-23 avg 93.4.   At 24 years old and 10 tons under his belt, Yeo screams break out this year. I’m sure most of you will recall me stating 2 years ago that Yeo will win the Brownlow in 2016……….oh, how I was wrong!  It’s been reported Yeo has trained with both the mids and backs this year, in a hope to play up the ground more often in 2018. From all reports he’s training well and looks a class above. (Collided with Vardy at training but no major damage…..he’ll be right). In all honesty I didn’t have Yeo in my initial team, however with my alternatives in the Doc & Williams out injured I can’t pass up potential like this. Lock him in!!

Money Makers: First round draft pick Jarrod BRANDER ($148, 800 def/fwd) along with Francis WATSON ($123,900 def) have both trained strongly. Brander has impressed since arriving at the club and may find himself in the team towards the end of the season, while Watson is finally injury free and could be named Round 1 with the hope to push Yeo up the ground more. Keep an eye on Watson, with his blistering pace he is what West Coast need.


Locked & Loaded: How I wish I could name someone here. Unfortunately there’s just no midfielder I could confidently say will go 100+. Shuey is up and down, as is Gaff. Sheed is still too raw and while he has improved, I have my doubts. The only mid to consider is Jack REDDEN ($438,900 mid). Has potential to finish with a season average of over 100 (2011 avg – 102.9, 2012 avg 102.8, 2013 avg 98, 2014 avg 103.1 & 2015 avg 95.5.) With Priddis & Mitchell gone, he is looking the most likely fit for our inside mid role. His scoring also improved without Priddis in the team last season. For me Coniglio at nearly the same price is a better option, however I suggest if you want a POD then monitor his pre-season.


I’ve seen many a team with the Nic Nat/Gawn combo. While it is very tempting just don’t do it. At training on Monday most of the squad participated in a match sim along with other drills. Nic walked laps. From all reports I’ve heard he isn’t looking good. I’m devastated as he is one of my favourites, not worth a risk, especially in a year lacking DPP cover. However while I would stay away from Nic, Scott Lycett & Nathan Vardy are training the house down. Lycett would be the pick for me at this stage for Round 1. At $277,100 he could be this year’s Witts. Only downside would be Nic’s impending arrival into the team affecting his score, but at his price could be a stepping stone to a Kreuzer type.


Money Maker: Brendon Ah Chee’s arrival from Port Adelaide has excited a fair few and he has fit  into the side nicely. He should get games very early but don’t expect high scores. At $255k he’s too pricey for my liking. Watch his preseason.

Locked & Loaded: Here’s the exciting part of our team for me. With so many leaving the club in 2017 there will be plenty of spots up for grabs. They already look to be taken by the Liam Ryan ($117,300) be very, very surprised if they don’t play 15+ games ext this year. If you could only pick one, Ryan’s slightly ahead for me mainly due to Rioli having hammy issues last season.

Another must have is Daniel Venables ($123,900) aka Shuey 2.0. Sublime skills, rated so highly we drafted while he was injured and basically put him on ice for a year. He’s killing the training track and is one of Simmo’s favourites. LOCK, LOCK, LOCK!!

Finally I have to name one more to watch and monitor the rest of his preseason as he’s another who’s training strongly. Waterman ($123,900) is super strong overhead and he has elite endurance. At another club I’d say should start Round 1, however with Kennedy, Darling and a resting Ruckman, we may be too tall for him to play. All will depend of Simmos structure. Watch his preseason.


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25 thoughts on “2018 Team Review – West Coast”

    1. Getting info out of West Coast is like getting into Myer on a boxing day sale. Impossible. I believe he did have post season surgery however has fully revovered. He did have a collision with Vardy last week and had to ice his ankle but completed training and match sim on monday.


  1. Just one thing to note regarding the Rucks. I was keen on Lycett and still am. I have him much a head of Vardy, Lycett has been our strongest trainer this off season and is rated highly by West Coast. However Nic Nat has ramped up training this week and completed almost a full session on monday. He DID NOT do match sim, which is expected. He has also been added to the leadership group. I now am fully expecting him to play R1, how this effects his/Lycetts score is the million dollar question. It’s starting to look too much of a risk for either and I may opt to go for a double premo ruck combo. I’ll keep you all posted Nics progress.


    1. I believe he is now a rookie, but could be wrong. He would be a break in case of emergency player. If Nic, Lycett & Vardy all got injured he may get a game. I’d pass.


      1. Just remember rookie listed players no longer have to wait for an LTI to be ‘promoted’ to the senior list. They can be picked like any other player. AFL changed it at the end of last season as they eventually look to remove the rookie list and just extend the squad size.


          1. Heard it mentioned a while back. Managed to track down a source for clarity.

            “Category-A rookie-listed players will be eligible to play senior football from 2018”

            On a side story, weird tid bit that I picked up was that players that are ‘rested’ will still receive their match payments.


  2. Also how could I leave out Rioli! Training strongly and looks likely to play R1. Has that something special about him. Just needs to work on endurance.


    1. I would assume Rioli plays forward only, Ryan plays forward/Stints on the wing & Venables will play mid/fwd. Rioli most likely to miss until he builds his tank.


    1. Hey TDA, not sure how he went at our match sim on Monday bit the previous match sim he got plenty of the ball, although did make a fair few errors. Being dropped our last final for Wellingham, who got delisted a couple weeks later, doesn’t scream confidence in him from the coach. Whilst if I were coach of persist a little longer, I think he would be lucky to get games early, especially with Venables/Rioli fit this year and would play a similar role. At that price if prefer a Rayner type that’s almost guaranteed games.


  3. A few points.
    1.) Yeo I thought has/had a hip complaint. Also he scores better in the backline and is shown by reduced output when playing mid. Usually more midtime is great but some players are just more suited to certain positions/roles. I wonder if at his high price it is better to wait and see. If he’s killing it you can always upgrade as he likely wont get any more expensive.
    2.)Ryan needs to work on defensive game and I think Rioli and Venables will be better options. Interested to see if they can all fit in best 22 and stay there.
    3.) I’d love to start Lycett given his great preseason and NNs injuries. But with Vardy also training well and JJK and Darling up fwd. it’s hard to see them both line up every week.


    1. All valid points Steve o. I initially didn’t start with Yeo. However with Doch & Williams out Yeo was a player I was happy to take. 2 years ago he played Midfield/Defence/Forward. He sucked at it. I believe as he’s matured and with more of a back/mid role he could flourish. He had a hip complaint December last year which from my understanding he is fully over.
      Ryan the most likely starter over Rioli. Rioli hasn’t quite got the tank yet and needed long breaks at the intra club. Vardy’s training has slowed after a great start. Lycett has dominated training. As I mentioned above I may not pick any as all could be a risk this year.


  4. Good morning all,
    As promised a few updates regarding West Coast and their preseason. In regards to training last week here are a few notes:
    Liam Duggan ($356k, Def) looks in ripping shape and has added bulk to his small frame. Has been training with the backs and midfielders. Could improve on his 65 point average. One to moniter over the next couple of seasons.

    Francis Watson ($123k Def) had his right leg strapped and looked in slight discomfort. However he did play in the AFLX.

    Venebles looks like a Rolls Royce! Kid has star quality. Shown a real appetite in training.

    Redden looks likely to fill Priddis inside mid role.

    Rioli and Ryan don’t look out of place in the team. Rioli looking like the more likely starter for me now. Is a natural born footballer! However both should start R1.

    Nic Nat completed all training drills and then sat out the match sim. Looked in no discomfort and looked likely to start R1. West Coast have scheduled a scratch match with Freo between JLT1 & JLT2 and rumour is that will be his return to footy. Behind closed doors of coarse. Interesting to note. Vardy partnered Nic Nat in the drills, not Lycett. I’m very wry of picking Lycett now, have lock Nic back in.


        1. Dang. Just read an article saying NicNat may not be ready for round 1. He is playing havoc with my team atm. I think those that have the big fella may need to have a plan B up their sleeve…


          1. NicNat was in my Gold Team Picker but was moved out before Christmas and never been back in. Just seems like too much hassle.


  5. Good morning all. Fee updates from training and match sim this week.

    Venables has silky smooth skills. I know i keep saying it but he is a beautiful kick of the footy, all class.
    Brander moves real well for a big guy and is a nice long kick. Sneaky chance for R1.
    Ah Chee is bloody tall and looks solid for a midfielder, should olay R1.
    Ryan was very impressive, knows how to find the goals, also had a couple sprints on the wing. Can also take a screamer.
    Yeo and Schofield delivered some beautiful passes to leading forwards.
    Jack Darling looks like he has slimmed down a bit.
    Watson trained better than last time I saw him.
    Vardy trains forward only.

    JLT Team: (From afl.com.au)
    West Coast v Port Adelaide at Leederville Oval (Perth), 3.35pm AWST


    B: S.Hurn (c) 25, T.Barrass 37, B.Sheppard 5
    HB: T.Cole 28, J.McGovern 20, L.Duggan 14
    C: L.Jetta 23, J.Redden 8, A.Gaff 3
    HF: J.Cripps 15, J.Waterman 45, B.Ah Chee 41
    F: M.LeCras 2, J.Darling 27, N.Vardy 19
    Foll: S.Lycett 29, E.Yeo 6, L.Shuey 13
    I/C: L.Ryan 1, D.Sheed 4, J.Brander 10, D.Venables 18, L.Partington 24, F.Watson 26, J.Nelson 30, W.Schofield 31, B.Ainsworth 33, M.Hutchings 34, F.McInnes 36, M.Karpany 39

    Notable absentees: Nic Naitanui, Josh Kennedy, Willie Rioli, Eric Mackenzie

    Ones in keen to watch regarding SC.

    Lycett and if he dominates over Vardy for R2 to Nic Nat.
    Duggan and if he’s getting midfield minutes.
    Redden and if he’s playing Priddis role.
    Waterman, been a stand out at training, big chance for R1.
    Yeo and how he handles the midfield.
    Ryan/Venables/Ainsworth/Brander/Watson rookie watch.

    Now regarding Nic Nat, the media have made a huge issue over his fitness and will he play r1. He had his first Match Sim this week and completed it with no hassle. He was NEVER going to play JLT1, he will play JLT2, pending how he goes he’s in my team at under 500k. Also he has bulked up dramatically, is a massive unit now. I’m predicting a mumford style game from him this year.



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