The TEAM 2018 – MIDs

Written by Schwarzwalder on 5:00 pm, March 17 2018

How best to start the season off in the midfield?  Asking for a TEAM………

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Rate My MAR Team 4

Written by Schwarzwalder on 6:24 am, March 17 2018

Only five days to go before the first bounce and all our Coaches are eager to get their starting line-ups rated.  Great to see the effort going into the feedback as well!

Enter your team into the comments below and our Coaches will dissect your line-up.  Don’t be shy to leave a comment for your fellow Coaches either.  Just keep any criticisms constructive, thank you!!

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2UP: MAR 4

Written by Schwarzwalder on 6:17 am, March 17 2018

Those were dark times, my friends.  The Thumbs function went AWOL during the pre-season of 2016, freaking out an entire generation of Supercoaches.

Upon their return, Thommo’s 2UP was created.  And they lived happily ever after 😉  If you are having trouble seperating two players (or a combination of players), enter them into the Forum below.  Our SCT Coaches will steer you in the right direction using the Thumbs UP/DOWN function………..

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Coaches have given 110 responses.