The TEAM 2018 – Rd5

Written by Schwarzwalder on 6:00 pm, April 27 2018

**UPDATE at 7pm on 27/4/18**

Gartlett to Guelfi is DONE.ย  Vote now on the 2nd trade of the week (before the first Saturday game!)………

Coaches have given 37 responses.

Captains Table – Rd6

Written by Schwarzwalder on 1:00 pm, April 27 2018

Welcome to the Captains Table!ย  Click here to see who is dining with us this week……..

Coaches have given 36 responses.

Punters Club – Andy B

Written by Motts on 4:21 am, April 27 2018

Andy B points us in the direction of the AFL and after a huge first week, Haysieโ€™s back!

Coaches have given 18 responses.