2019 Dead Team League – Rd7 Update

Written by Huttabito on May 9 2019

With forum regular Shaggi, who beat me our league match up this week by 2 points (!!), taking the lead with SnoiL, last years Dead Team runner up, close behind….

Rank SCT User Name Team Name  Score 
1 Shaggi The Danny La Roos    14,098
2 SnoiL SnoiL@SCT    14,057
3 Teamcustard Teamcustard    13,767
4 Kid81 Zombie81@sct    13,751
5 Hawkshank Redemption BRING OUT THE GIMP    13,619
6 Scotty412 The Deuce Deuce Crew    13,616
7 Mark Mark’s Demons    13,565
8 Stewy_the_Swan Stewy’s Soldiers    13,553
9 Craig Macca’s Magic    13,466
10 dotrat JustResting    13,461
11 Snoidz Snoidz FC    13,456
12 Bearded Burbler BeardedBurbler@SCT    13,428
13 Thumb Equos Mortuos    13,423
14 Wognuts Wognuts@SCT    13,402
15 BBQbarbs BBQbarbs@SCT    13,363
16 Champ Champ’s Sleepers    13,323
17 Dermot Skyarm    13,289
18 Brettkim Crippsy Kreme    13,233
19 Alza Kunde’s Kings    13,152
20 Mike MikeDaddysBigNutz    13,152
21 Kovanator Dead Meat    13,132
22 Jonezy Yeo Dead To Me    13,089
23 Bryson ErniTheGiantChickn    13,072
24 Baz Phil Gilbert All Stars    12,945
25 The Midwife Death of a Midwife    12,887
26 JCON7 KuzKontrol@SCT    12,878
27 Gassassination Gassassination    12,877
28 Tebs Dead Bears    12,861
29 Roo Bloke Roo Bloke’s Walking Dead    12,848
30 allsaints@SCT allDEADsaints    12,818
31 Huttabito Huttabito@SCT    12,785
32 King Lear Lear’s Dependables    12,774
33 Cuzza2 MightyRoos@SCT    12,747
34 Motts The Dead Maulers    12,701
35 The Salamander The Dead Salamander    12,644
36 Dusty Dusty    12,632
37 Yiorgakis The Phat Dead Side    12,597
38 j.allison way2serious    12,583
39 The Death Adder TDA ‘s Dead Squad    12,521
40 RogueReardo D_RogueReardo@SCT    12,316
41 Damien Fordys Elite    12,302
42 Pete Dead Set Armends    12,189
43 EatChickenNuggets DeadNuggets    11,991
44 Ben Roid Ragers    11,850

Updates will not be posted every week but remember, you are never too far behind in the Dead League.


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13 thoughts on “2019 Dead Team League – Rd7 Update”

  1. Not terribly surprised I’m last since 7 of my players have missed significant time. Oh well, this year certainly has been a learning experience.


  2. Holy Shit!!!

    How did that happen?

    I went searching for my team and I was surprised that it took so long but that was because i started at the bottom where I usually am.


    1. Tried for a fully midprice team – only allowing 1 rookie in Walsh and 1 premo in Steele. Actually, also splashed on rucks but ladies and gentlemen the Nank is not cutting it. some risks have worked (Williams, Taranto, Hopper, Fiorini). But some have flopped (like Aaron hall being dropped, Hibberd being a potato). Fun update though, this would be a great Supercoach mode! How’s the rest of your teams doing?


      1. In my team I tried to pick forwards who wouldn’t play forward, backs who didn’t defend but took the kick outs and those that had a solid preseason. In addition I tried to stay away from 1st year players except for Walsh and have mature agers
        Hence no Grundy because of preseason

        However i did make one error – I selected Lycett as ruck cover as I am just so used to having a ruck/forward DPP in my teams!!

        Hutta, I definitely got lucky in my 2 point win over you. I took the C loophole off Cripps at 3/4 time when he had 86 put it on Fyfe. Fyfe out scored Cripps by 2 points in the end but I thought you might get me after scaling with Sloane getting a few possies in the last couple of minutes.


  3. I was 2nd in last update as well, also 2nd last year…
    hope this isn’t becoming a pattern..
    Consistency is always the key… of my 22 players, only 2 of them have missed games soo far ths year, ( Setters 3 games and Clark 1 game )



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