2019 Dead Team League Submissions – Reminder

Written by Huttabito on March 18 2019

And playing is simple. Attached at the bottom of this post is a spreadsheet for you to fill in and email it to ‘huttabito @ gmail.com’ (no spaces)

Please fill out your details on the instructions page so we know who to credit the win to!

The rules are easy. You have a salary cap of $9,000,000 to pay for 6 defenders, 8 midfielders, 2 rucks, and 6 forwards. We’ve thrown out the last $1,000,000 as you get no bench cover in this league. A player goes down, they’re dead! At the end of the season, I will add up their total scores for the year and whichever team has the highest total, wins.

We are rolling with no captains again this season, it makes for a much more interesting and closer competition.

The deadline (no pun intended) for entries is 7:20pm AEDT Thursday March 21 – the moment that ball is bounced to commence the start of the AFL season, entries will be closed.

I am also going to enter a Dead Team as well and I will be emailing my submission to Schwarzwalder personally before the deadline, just to keep everything above board.

I will not be checking the submitted teams until entries have closed so I don’t get a gauge on who others have selected, so if you make a mistake (or go over budget) and need to resubmit, please email the changes through and make sure you clearly state so on your re-submission. A team submitted that is incomplete or is over budget will be void.

The winner will receive the honour of being elevated into the SCT Hall of Fame. How’s that for a prize!?!

Most importantly though, have fun! Good luck, Coaches!

Excel Download: Dead Team Submission Sheet 2019


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15 thoughts on “2019 Dead Team League Submissions – Reminder”

  1. I have missed 1 or 2 supplementary players recently added, if you would like them, or someone gets added again, use another the same price and let me know in your email so I can fix it up.


  2. Sorry to post this here but I have a draft league needing 3 more players. Draft is Wednesday night 8.30pm. Anyone want to join. Code is 700004. Cheers


  3. Hutto I’m having a problem with the spreadsheet. Can’t fill out the name, team, email details. Get a ‘function not valid’ message. Any ideas?



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