2019 JLT Chat – West Coast vs Geelong

Written by Huttabito on March 1 2019

Friday, March 1

West Coast v Geelong at Leederville Oval, 4.10pm AWST


B: B.Sheppard 5, T.Barrass 37, S.Hurn 25
HB: T.Cole 28, J.McGovern 20, L.Jetta 23
C: J.Redden 8, D.Sheed 4, A.Gaff 3
HF: C.Masten 7, J.Waterman 2, W.Rioli 44
F: O.Allen 12, J.Darling 27, J.Petruccelle 21
Foll: N.Vardy 19, E.Yeo 6, L.Shuey 13
I/C: L.Ryan 1, J.Brander 10, L.Duggan 14, T.Hickey 16, D.Venables 18, F.Watson 26, M.Hutchings 34, J.Cameron 39

Emerg: J.Nelson 30, J.Rotham 35, M.Allen 43, J.Smith 45

Notable absentees: Josh Kennedy, Nic Naitanui, Jamie Cripps


B: J.Kolodjashnij 8, M.Blicavs 46, L.Henderson 25
HB: M.Duncan 22, H.Taylor 7, T.Stewart 44
C: G.Rohan 23, P.Dangerfield 35, J.Henry 38
HF: S.Menegola 27, E.Ratugolea 17, C.Guthrie 29
F: B.Parfitt 3, T.Hawkins 26, L.Dahlhaus 40
Foll: R.Stanley 1, J.Selwood 14, T.Kelly 11
I/C: G.Miers 32, Q.Narkle 19, M.O’Connor 42, T.Atkins 30, J.Clark 6, D.Fort 28, Z.Guthrie 39, C.Constable 18

Emerg: G.Ablett 4, R.Abbott 45, J.Parsons 34, J.Jones 41

Notable absentees: Zach Tuohy, Nakia Cockatoo, Zac Smith, Scott Selwood, Jed Bews


Anyone watching the game?  Rookies to watch?  Premos that performed well?  Leave your thoughts in the comments below……


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37 thoughts on “2019 JLT Chat – West Coast vs Geelong”

  1. Well, no thread available for the Cats v Eagles JLT match, so will use this one!! My few observations based on the fox coverage of first half: (haha as I posted on the JLT teams thread, this one came up!!)

    Fort – not starting ruck or preferred ruck. He looks a bit lost and hesitant and doesn’t commit in the contested chance possessions. Based on this half, a line through him so far.
    Clark (Jordan) (Cats) – looks quite good thus far and has a real turn of speed.
    Dahlhaus – hasn’t offered much at all.
    kick outs – Eagles don’t seem to have a set kick in at this stage – Hurn not really sighted – bit of a concern if selecting him in D to start on that basis.
    Yeo – not done a lot, but what he does do is smooth, looks like he has time and good choices
    Kelly – wins a lot of contested ball still and still playing mids – albeit no Ablett
    Danger and Selwood letting the other mids have a good go at it and no Ablett either.
    Allen – took some good marks and kicked well for goal.

    Not a lot to make of it from there – make of these comments as you will!!


  2. NOTE: I can’t watch the game as I don’t have Foxtel or Kayo, so anything I say here is based on what’s coming through on FanFooty etc.

    Constable playing inside mid is a good sign. Tom Atkins has got a forward pressure role, so he probably won’t score many points for us. Petruccelle has done stuff all. Hickey is playing first ruck for WC, but hasn’t really set the world on fire.

    I think Macca has covered the other players of interest pretty well.


    1. Watson also looking very composed in defence for WC, and Miers pretty solid in Gee forward line. No idea about JS for either though.


  3. Clark and Constable looking good as rookie options! Showing a lot of promise and Chris Scott isn’t shy about playing draftees a lot during the year.


        1. Definitely worth a watch early on, even a sideways injured premo. Once the season gets started, I’ll look for fallen premiums to upgrade to.

          Yeo has more upside, Gaff will offer week to week consistency.


  4. Constable looking the goods everyone, great signs for another solid midfield rookie!! He’s got plenty of the pile and taken a few good grabs too!


    1. Yeah constable killed it JLT last year as well Gibbo but as you know he still couldn’t get a game in the real stuff


      1. I’m wondering if moving Selwood down back and Ablett up forward* is to open up a midfield spot for Constable, and not so much for opening up more minutes for the likes of Menegola, Kelly & Parfitt

        *I didn’t actually get to watch the game so have no evidence other than pre-season chatter of Selwood moving behind the ball


    1. Ticking boxes this preseason but players like him will get the HFF role coming through the eagles system which has been a killer for their rookies over the years.


  5. No mention of Parfitt. Another who everyone poo-pood when I said look-out 3 months ago. Yes it’s JLT, but he finds space like David 21lva. If you don’t get the EPL reference I apologise. It basically means he’s VERY good.
    Impressed by Clark of the rookies. Couple of others ok. Still a qtr to go. Have enjoyed watching one of my faves Tom Stewart playing on from kick-ins, or playing first receiver:)


    1. The Geelong boys on BigFooty have been all over Parfitt this pre-season. Danger, Menegola, Parfitt, Kelly and Hawkins could all go 95+


  6. Not to mention Selwood, Duncan and Ablett – not sure how many of this nation’s cattle Scott had to slaughter to the AFL gods to get this level of midfield depth


  7. Laird, Whitfield, Williams, Collins, Logue, Duursma (Burgess, Hore)

    Cripps, Oliver, Fyfe, Kelly, Crouch, Walsh, Constable, Hind (Smith, Bewley, Gibbons)

    Grundy, Gawn (Fort)

    Dangerfield, Heeney, Dunkley, Blakey, Setterfield, Parker (McAdams, Cavarra)

    $0 Remaining
    (this is obviously an issue but the team on paper seems solid)
    Any suggestions would be awesome.


  8. Clark is going to be a player. He was brilliant for a debut in a real competitive match. Not afraid to take the game on and took a few good marks.

    Constable too was great with 26 touches and at 191cm once he continues to put on more size will win alot of the ball. Still wouldn’t garuntee a round 1 position however.

    Atkins too had good patches and showed that he is a tackling beast. Wont get alot of touches but is a bench option if he gets a game round 1 which i think his close too as we need pressure players like himself.

    Parfitt was close to the best for us and showed his ability to find space. Will play a massive role this season and will be in that second group of midfielders behind Danger, Kelly, Duncan, Selwood.

    I wouldn’t classify him as supercoach relevant but as my display picture shows i love Tom Stewart. Absolute beast.

    Fort wont play round 1. Showed very little with Stanley rucking for alot of the game. Stanley will be the number 1 with Sav pinch hiting when Stanley needs a break.

    Watson also looked good for the eagles. The defensive rookies may not be as bad as we first thought.


  9. Dom Sheed anyone?? 144 points for his 39 possies. No doubt Gaff will slow that down after round two but he was everywhere today. Worth another look next week at under $400k.
    FYI Macca, Hurn pulled out 111 points so someone must have sighted him!!
    Menagola on a couple of minutes before half time and picked up the lazy 76 points.
    Darling 5 snags and 101, Yeo cruised with 91, Parfitt 3 goals and 89, Constable 92, Clark 87, Allen 86, Duncan 107 and of course Danger in second gear most of the time with a cool 129, but who cares we all have him, right ?!!


    1. Jimmy – my comments were to half time! Up until then he was quiet and more so I was also looking for him to be the kick in specialist. Apparently he stepped up and basically took over in the second half and was everywhere! (Couldnt watch second half missus had me cooking a barbque!)


      1. All good mate, most of my limited comments are tongue in cheek and not meant for criticism, although I think someone should sort out your families priorities during SC team finalising periods lol !!!


  10. sorry not sure where to post this, but how many premos should we be looking at overall in each bye round. Thanks.


        1. so to start the season (if i have read correctly @allsaints i think this sounds good)…
          round 12: premos (12).. total (22)
          round 13: premos (6)…total (17-18)
          round 14: premos (8)…total (17-18)

          only thing im worried about is rd 13 but ill be focusing on building players for that round earlier in the season.


  11. What did we think of Menegolas role tonight? He for sure scored well with 76 points from 2 and a half quarters. But he didn’t attend many centre bounces at all and was out on the wing. Do we think we’ll see him in this wing position more? It doesn’t seem good for the centre bounces to be out on the wing with this 6-6-6 rule


    1. Still recovering from injury, hence the low TOG. Keep an eye on him in JLT2 if he plays, should give a better indication of where he’s at as far as fitness and role go.

      Two interesting games so far, most of the players on my watchlist have shown a bit except for Merrett and Fort. Big decisions ahead!


  12. SuperCoach scores + TOG % for the game (note: these are from FanFooty; from memory I think they either add or subtract 1 from the SC score to avoid copyright infringement, but I could be wrong).

    D. Sheed SC: 144 TOG: 71
    J. Darling SC: 101 TOG: 77
    E. Yeo SC: 91 TOG: 74
    F. Watson SC: 76 TOG: 79
    B. Sheppard SC: 80 TOG: 81
    C. Masten SC: 75 TOG: 63
    A. Gaff SC: 67 TOG: 74
    S. Hurn SC: 111 TOG: 72
    T. Cole SC: 99 TOG: 80
    Hutchings SC: 74 TOG: 75
    J. Redden SC: 85 TOG: 70
    L. Duggan SC: 76 TOG: 74
    D. Venables SC: 80 TOG: 46
    O. Allen SC: 86 TOG: 77
    L. Ryan SC: 77 TOG: 72
    L. Shuey SC: 44 TOG: 39
    T. Hickey SC: 59 TOG: 65
    N. Vardy SC: 41 TOG: 71
    J. Waterman SC: 29 TOG: 70
    W. Rioli SC: 40 TOG: 69
    T. Barrass SC: 59 TOG: 69
    L. Jetta SC: 58 TOG: 79
    J. Brander SC: 42 TOG: 67
    Petruccelle SC: 43 TOG: 62
    J. Cameron SC: 38 TOG: 59
    J. McGovern SC: 35 TOG: 68

    M. Duncan SC: 107 TOG: 83
    Dangerfield SC: 129 TOG: 85
    T. Stewart SC: 81 TOG: 76
    B. Parfitt SC: 89 TOG: 76
    Constable SC: 92 TOG: 71
    S. Menegola SC: 76 TOG: 50
    J. Clark SC: 87 TOG: 81
    G. Miers SC: 54 TOG: 87
    L. Dahlhaus SC: 58 TOG: 86
    Z. Guthrie SC: 71 TOG: 74
    C. Guthrie SC: 83 TOG: 73
    T. Atkins SC: 69 TOG: 88
    J. Selwood SC: 78 TOG: 52
    T. Kelly SC: 43 TOG: 83
    R. Stanley SC: 70 TOG: 78
    M. Blicavs SC: 59 TOG: 85
    G. Rohan SC: 33 TOG: 84
    Q. Narkle SC: 46 TOG: 74
    Ratugolea SC: 38 TOG: 72
    D. Fort SC: 21 TOG: 61
    J. Henry SC: 28 TOG: 66
    M. O’Connor SC: 28 TOG: 82
    Henderson SC: 32 TOG: 61
    Kolodjashnij SC: 11 TOG: 55
    H. Taylor SC: 9 TOG: 12



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