2019 JLT Game Chat – North Melbourne vs St Kilda

Written by Huttabito on March 2 2019

North Melbourne v St Kilda at Chimside Park, 1.10pm AEDT


B: M.Williams 2, J.Macmillan 34, J.Pittard 17
HB: A.Hall 43, B.McKay 23, L.McDonald 11
C: J.Polec 13, D.Tyson 21, T.Dumont 14
HF: S.Atley 18, B.Brown 50, S.Higgins 4
F: J.Simpkin 12, M.Wood 32, K.Turner 28
Foll: T.Goldstein 22, J.Ziebell 7, P.Ahern 15
I/C: L.Davies-Uniacke 9, N.Larkey 20, T.Thomas 26, B.Scott 30, E.Vickers-Willis 33, T.Murphy 40, T.Campbell 42, C.Zurhaar 44

Emerg: N.Hrovat 8, C.Taylor 31, D.Watson 35, K.Hayden 37

Notable absentees: Majak Daw, Robbie Tarrant, Jed Anderson, Ben Cunnington, Ben Jacobs, Taylor Garner, Scott Thompson, Sam Wright, Will Walker


B: J.Geary 14, N.Brown 22, S.Savage 5
HB: J.Battle 26, D.Roberton 17, J.Webster 29
C: J.Billings 15, H.Clark 11, J.Sinclair 35
HF: J.Gresham 4, J.Bruce 27, D.Kent 25
F: T.Membrey 28, P.McCartin 32, J.Lonie 13
Foll: L.Pierce 42, S.Ross 6, J.Steele 9
I/C: L.Dunstan 7, J.Newnes 16, E.Phillips 30, B.Paton 33, M.Parker 34, D.Joyce 39, N.Hind 40, C.Wilkie 44

Emerg: N.Coffield 1, R.Marshall 19, D.Armitage 20, R.Young 41

Notable absentees: Jake Carlisle, Jack Steven, Dan Hannebery, Blake Acres, Max King, Billy Longer


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29 thoughts on “2019 JLT Game Chat – North Melbourne vs St Kilda”

  1. Aaron Hall going off the ground already. Nice that his owners can trade him out! You are trading him out right, anyone brave enough to take him now….?


    1. I admit I haven’t spent much time in the ‘Rate my Team’ threads up up till now… but people actually had him!? WHY!?


      1. Okay, I’ve looked him up and it seems he is cheap compared to his past output. Fair enough. But surely there are better options?


  2. Aaron Hall in some pain after Pierce landed on his knee and it buckled. Looks medial damage. Went straight down into the rooms, hopefully he is still available for Rd 1. Was walking, so could put weight on his leg


      1. Ok, this needs to stop. No more injuries! Damn.

        I feel bad for Hall, even if it didn’t sound like it above. Not even a quarter!


  3. Positive news for Hall, he was running the boundary line and looks to come back out. So no damage, hopefully nothing bad comes from it though


  4. Ranking points just came up on screen with 8 minutes to go in the 2nd
    Steele was on 59 points
    Macmillan 50
    Goldy 49
    Polec 48
    Billings 42


  5. Looking at the TOG Goldy and Campbell are 65% and 35% so it appears they are alternating ruck for the day. Only 1 is on the ground at a time, which is bringing in the idea North won’t play a dual ruck set-up. Keep note the Saints ruck Pierce is down for the day so they should be winning most of the hit outs and clearances.


  6. Ranking points of key players
    Steele 74
    Billings 56
    Goldy 52
    Polec 48
    Ross 40
    Tyson 37
    Pittard 37
    Scott 37
    Kent 36
    Hind 36
    Mckay 30
    Parker 25
    Zurhaar 25
    Webster 23
    Roberton 22
    Sorry if I missed anyone, was running along bottom of screen


  7. HT SC Scores:(via Fox Footy broadcast)

    J Steele 74
    J Macmillan 65
    J Billings 56
    T Goldstein 52
    J Polec 48
    P McCartin 45
    S Savage 45
    H Clark 44
    S Ross 40
    M Williams 40
    J Lonie 39
    S Atley 38
    K Turner 38
    J Sinclair 38
    L McDonald 38
    D Tyson 37
    B Scott 37
    J Pittard 37
    P Ahern 37
    J Gresham 36
    E Vicker-Wills 36
    L Dunstan 36
    D Kent 36
    N Hind 36
    L Davies-Uniacke 34
    J Ziebell 33
    T Dumont 33
    J Newnes 32
    S Higgins 31
    J Simpkin 30
    J Geary 30
    B McKay 30
    T Membrey 30
    T Murphy 28
    J Bruce 28
    M Parker 25
    C Zurhaar 25
    J Webster 23
    T Campbell 22
    D Roberton 22
    T Thomas 20
    B Brown 19
    M Wood 19
    E Phillips 17


  8. Some quick obs from me watching on fox thus far:
    – poor coverage on fox – looks like only 1 camera, at ground level …
    – Goldy: pay no attention to his stats – he should kill it as Pierce gone for Saints in first half and no real contest
    – Steele looking quite good and classy with possessions
    – Some early possessions for Hind, but haven’t noticed or heard his name called too much.
    – Comment noted that Gresham will be playing mostly mids this year …
    – Commentators noted that after centre bounce Goldy is dropping into defence and behind the ball a lot … signs to come?

    I have now noted commentators in games thus far saying that they feel the new rules are allowing the game to open up more easily and the ball going much more quickly info fwd / def lines – I tend to agree, albeit it is only JLT … but it does appear that the ball is cleared quickly … it also seems to result, a fair bit, in quick goals (as long as players kick straight!) Thus, for those mids last year that have high contested possession counts and tackle counts, they may, potentially, not rack up as much this year – time will tell, but something to factor into your thinking / planning … and I believe Allsaints may have alluded to this a bit??

    Also, with Goldy dominating ruck, it isn’t translating to clearances in North favour – Saints clearly winning that with more / better quality use of possessions from the centre bounce …

    OK, just some quick blurb from me – again, make of it what you will!!


      1. Great observations Macca, thank you very much. Certainly food for thought but will need next JLT to see if Gresham really does play mid an$ whether North go with two rucks. Cheers…M.


    1. Not sure if Goldy will keep dropping behind the ball all season, I think they’re doing that because North’s backline is missing quite a lot of height due to injury and suspension, so once those key players come back he should hopefully play more on ball.


    2. Just out of curiosity, have there been a lot of goals from centre clearances? Because that’s the only time the new rules would be contributing to an uptick speed/scoring (okay, there are also the kick-in rules, but coast-to-coast goals will always be rare, with or without the forward-press). Everything else would be down to tactical decisions by the coaches.


  9. I’ve been watching the game on fox and have seen billings play a big chunk of the game on the wing. Although, I haven’t seen Gresham on the ball too much. Am i seeing things, is Gresham playing that advanced midfield role?


  10. WINX!!!! – wins again!! Happy Clapper made it tough with big lead

    That horse is nothing but amazing – must have been what it was like watching Pharlap. When she goes, its like she has rockets on and the rest of the field run in lead weights … her will to win is so amazing!


  11. Dylan Roberton and Jack Steele both ones to look at it you haven’t already. Roberton has had a role change with Jack Carslile out of the side.

    Polec and Goldy both played very well and also Marley Williams played a solid game with 30 disposals.

    Jamie MacMilliam had 40 disposals playing a ripper of a game but I don’t expect him to play this at all throughout the season again, but you never know.

    No real standouts when it comes to rookies but LDU played a solid game and Hunter Clark was decent to say the least


    1. Macmillan may play completely different when Thompson comes back from his Rd 1 suspension and Tarrant from injury. He might get some preseason hype though that will suck people in


  12. I’m not sure about Kent, I’ve been thinking about him through the preseason, but got little midfield time. Had 14 possessions with 4 contested. His 2 goals help boost his score, but I need a better JLT 2 to consider him more




    Jack Steele 117
    Dylan Roberton 103
    Jack Billings 100
    Shane Savage 93
    Jack Lonie 88
    Sebastian Ross 86
    Josh Bruce 73
    Jimmy Webster 69
    Tim Membrey 66
    Paddy McCartin 65
    Hunter Clark 65
    Dean Kent 61
    Matthew Parker 61
    Jack Newnes 60
    Jade Gresham 60
    Jarryn Geary 57
    Jack Sinclair 56
    Nick Hind 52
    Luke Dunstan 50
    Nathan Brown 46
    Ed Phillips 43
    Darragh Joyce 43
    Josh Battle 26
    Callum Wilkie 26
    Lewis Pierce 14
    Ben Paton 13


    Jamie Macmillan 136
    Todd Goldstein 117
    Paul Ahern 92
    Marley Williams 88
    Trent Dumont 83
    Dom Tyson 82
    Luke McDonald 79
    Jasper Pittard 79
    Jared Polec 79
    Luke Davies-Uniacke 73
    Tom Campbell 72
    Shaun Higgins 67
    Tom Murphy 66
    Ben McKay 62
    Ed Vickers-Willis 59
    Bailey Scott 59
    Shaun Atley 59
    Jack Ziebell 53
    Kayne Turner 51
    Jy Simpkin 51
    Nick Larkey 43
    Cameron Zurhaar 42
    Ben Brown 37
    Mason Wood 36
    Tarryn Thomas 31
    Aaron Hall 16


    1. TOG Percentages:

      Jamie Macmillan 88
      Jared Polec 78
      Dom Tyson 66
      Marley Williams 84
      Todd Goldstein 62
      Trent Dumont 75
      Paul Ahern 56
      Shaun Higgins 55
      Luke Davies-Uniacke 60
      Jasper Pittard 75
      Luke McDonald 81
      Ed Vickers-Willis 84
      Tom Campbell 38
      Tom Murphy 77
      Nick Larkey 66
      Bailey Scott 70
      Jack Ziebell 58
      Ben McKay 87
      Cameron Zurhaar 74
      Kayne Turner 75
      Shaun Atley 75
      Jy Simpkin 73
      Tarryn Thomas 59
      Mason Wood 79
      Ben Brown 85
      Aaron Hall 20

      ST. KILDA
      Jack Steele 79
      Dylan Roberton 81
      Shane Savage 82
      Jack Billings 79
      Sebastian Ross 76
      Jack Newnes 76
      Jack Lonie 77
      Tim Membrey 80
      Jimmy Webster 80
      Hunter Clark 72
      Jade Gresham 76
      Dean Kent 71
      Paddy McCartin 80
      Josh Bruce 79
      Ed Phillips 55
      Matthew Parker 81
      Luke Dunstan 73
      Jarryn Geary 75
      Nathan Brown 64
      Darragh Joyce 72
      Jack Sinclair 72
      Nick Hind 58
      Josh Battle 84
      Callum Wilkie 46
      Ben Paton 19
      Lewis Pierce 11



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