2019 SuperCoach AFL – Proven Premiums

Written by Schwarzwalder on December 7 2018

(Originally appeared in the Herald Sun on 6/12/18 & written by Ben Higgins)


Getting your premiums right can be the difference between SuperCoach glory and humiliation.

You’re paying a high price for players that should be delivering triple figures every single week, get it wrong and you’re on struggle street.

After huge years ruckmen Brodie Grundy and Max Gawn loom as two of the most expensive players on offer in 2019, along with Brownlow Medallist Tom Mitchell.

Looking at the past five years, the names Dangerfield, Gawn, Pendlebury and Oliver feature prominently.

These are the names who should be top of your shopping list coming into the new season.

Meanwhile, if you can find past top-10 scorers at discounted prices – we’re looking at you Sam Docherty – these players are simply must-haves.

Patrick Cripps averaged 119.4 in 2018.
Josh Kelly only played 15 games in 2018. Picture: Phil Hillyard

While we restricted our search to players to have played a minimum of 18 games in a season, there is plenty of value in premiums that due to injury or misadventure had their seasons cut short.

Last year Nat Fyfe and Josh Kelly only played 15 games but averaged 113.9 and 113.8 respectively, which would have had them in the top-10.

The same goes for Adam Treloar (13 games, 109 ave) and James Sicily (14, 105).

We can’t predict injuries but we can take advantage of them in SuperCoach 2019.



TOP 10 SUPERCOACH AVERAGES (min. 18 games)


Brodie Grundy 130.5

Tom Mitchell 129.1

Max Gawn 127.5

Jack Macrae 127.1

Patrick Dangerfield 121.7

Patrick Cripps 119.4

Clayton Oliver 114.7

Jake Lloyd 112.0

Lachie Neale 111.9

Stephen Coniglio 108.4

Patrick Dangerfield has finished top-10 in the past four years. Picture: Alison Wynd




Patrick Dangerfield 136.4

Dustin Martin 119.3

Tom Mitchell 118.9

Sam Docherty 114.7

Josh Kelly 114.3

Clayton Oliver 111.5

Dayne Zorko 110.8

Matt Crouch 110.6

Rory Sloane 110.2

Matthew Kreuzer 109.8




Patrick Dangerfield 131.8

Scott Pendlebury 118.7

Max Gawn 118.5

Josh P Kennedy 113.4

Dan Hannebery 113.4

Lachie Neale 112.6

Luke Parker 111.9

Joel Selwood 111.5

Zach Merrett 111.5

Adam Treloar 111.3

Nat Fyfe will hope for an injury-free season.


Todd Goldstein 128.8

Nat Fyfe 124.3

Patrick Dangerfield 119.9

Scott Pendlebury 116.2

Dan Hannebery 114.5

David Mundy 113.5

Dayne Beams 113.4

Heath Shaw 112.6

Stefan Martin 110.8

Robbie Gray 110.4



Tom Rockliff 132.0

Scott Pendlebury 124.4

Nat Fyfe 122.3

Joel Selwood 120.9

Dayne Beams 115.5

Sam Jacobs 115.4

Rory Sloane 114.8

Josh P Kennedy 113.9

Steele Sidebottom 113.2

Callan Ward 112.8


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3 thoughts on “2019 SuperCoach AFL – Proven Premiums”

  1. Boy its good to be back! It feels like its been so long, very excited for this new season!

    The first picked in each position for most people will be Docherty, Titch, Grundy and Danger, surely.


    1. I agree with you, but geez there’s a couple of close ones in it.

      Titch vs Cripps, and Cogs/Lloyd vs Doc, let alone the Gawn vs Grundy.

      Danger is a clear standout as F1


  2. I saw this article today and feel there are so many outtakes from the last six years, it might be statistically significant. I will send my ‘findings’ to Schwarz and leave it to the awesome SCT team to share as they see fit.
    There are so many contributors on this site which helped me go from 50,000th to top 2,000 in a year, that I’ve felt compelled to look at long-term trends rather than short-term analysis… I’m hoping it’ll prove useful for everyone.
    It might all be bollocks, but personally I can’t wait



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