2019 Team Preview – Geelong

Written by Schwarzwalder on January 28 2019

(Written & Created By Ben)



Feeling Lucky

Geelong don’t have any players who I’d consider locks down back, but they do have two players who should be on most coaches’ watchlist.The first player who should be on that list is Zach Tuohy ($460,400). An ultra consistent stalwart of Geelong’s backline for the last few years, Tuohy has never quite put it together in terms of scoring in Supercoach, with his best average being 88 in 2017. However, I believe that with the new kick-in rules,  that beautiful Irish boot of his may lead to some higher scores, and higher averages, in 2019.

The other player you should keep an eye on is Tom Stewart ($463,000). Tom had a semi-breakout year in his second season, increasing his average by about 17ppg and cementing a spot for himself in Geelong’s best 22 in the process. Stewart had a knack for scoring last season, with 7 of his games resulting in tons, including 3 of 110+. Unfortunately, he also had his fair share of low scores too, with 6 of his scores being lower than 70, including two below 55. Hopefully in his third year he can find a little bit more consistency and pump out more big scores than bad ones for your team.



Lock and Load:

An often underappreciated member of Geelong’s midfield, Mitch Duncan ($576,500) could be the POD your side is looking for. Averaging 106.2 in 2018, including 13 tons and 17 scores of 90+, Duncan is ultra reliable and bound to have a strong 2019 campaign. With Danger and Ablett looking to take on more forward time, it’s looking like Duncan will have more responsibility in the middle, and more responsibility usually equals more points! One to watch in JLT for sure.


Feeling Lucky:

I feel like we’ve had this conversation every year the past few years, but am I crazy for thinking Gary Ablett Jr ($580,600) wouldn’t be that insane of a pick? The man can clearly still play, putting up 10 tons and 3 scores of 140+.
However, I’m surprised Geelong don’t wrap him up in bubblewrap every time he runs onto the field, as the last time he played more than 20 games in a season was 2013 (side note, oh my god 2013 was 6 years ago, where did the time go?) Additionally, with his age getting up there, he seems destined for more forward time, which is what resulted in some of his poor scores last year.
So in conclusion, should you pick Gary Ablett? Nah probably not, but it’s fun to talk about anyway!

Money Maker:

A popular choice among many coaches so far, Charlie Constable ($123,900) is looking primed and ready to play in Geelong’s engine room for round 1. Pushing for an AFL debut in 2018, Charlie could never quite break into the side despite some excellent VFL form. By all reports he’s had a strong preseason and is in strong consideration for round 1.




I’m going to be honest, don’t pick any rucks from Geelong to start on field. If Beveridge is the Mr. Magnets for midfielders, I don’t even want to know what Christ Scott is to rucks. He switches them in and out of the side so often that it doesn’t matter how good their average is, cos Scott won’t keep them in the side for very long. However, with all of this said…

Money Maker:

Darcy Fort ($117,300) could be a fantastic choice at R3. The 25 year old mature-ager has been recruited by the Cats after some stellar form at the Central Districts League. Usually mature age recruits are picked up for a reason, and I believe that reason could be to use him as a permanent starting ruck. I doubt they recruited him for ruck depth considering all of the rucks they already have on their list. One to watch in JLT for sure.



Lock and Load:

Patrick Dangerfield ($660,500). 121.7 average. 3rd best midfielder, 5th best player. 20 tons. 8 scores of 130+, 3 of 150+. Missed 3 games in the last 5 years. Given FORWARD ELIGIBILITY. I don’t think I need to say more. Pick him.

Feeling Lucky:

After having the second best rookie year in history, Tim Kelly ($505,800) is coming into 2019 premium priced and with a new position to boot. The question is, do you still pick him at that price? Last years average of 93 might look enticing, but he also had 4 games under 70, making him a bit of a rollercoaster ride. If you pick him, you’d be banking on him getting even more midfield time and fixing some of his consistency issues. If he does that, you’d have yourself a nice POD on your hands. One to watch during JLT.

And there’s my review of Geelong! Geelong fans, if I’ve missed anyone (especially some of your young guns that could make some cash this year), make sure to let me know in the comments!

**The last of his four Team Previews……great job, Ben!! – Schwarzwalder**


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20 thoughts on “2019 Team Preview – Geelong”

  1. Brilliant stuff Ben. That’s a huge amount of quality Reviews you’ve turned out recently. Thanks.
    Have Danger obviously but am also keen on Kelly. I know with Heeney that’s too many for R13, but a DPP mid would seriously help in avoiding trouble. I just think Kelly will be a genuine top6 FWD.
    I had Stewart in my mid-price team last year and he didn’t disappoint. Think Tuohy could be a genuine bolter with the new kick-in rules. Will be watching both closely.
    The other Cat I see and will pick in my mid-price team to start this year is Parfitt. Will be a great SC Draft pick, with a huge ceiling and likely to be more consistent this year with more MID-time mooted.
    Thanks again Ben. Great stuff.


  2. Why does menengola get no love from anyone? He’s like lachie Neale the past 4 years. Completely fine pick but no one goes near him.


    1. While I think Menegola is a great pick, similar to Lachie in previous years there are just better options around the same price. You can get Smith, Heeney, Dunkley etc. all for cheaper. Additionally, Menegola is also a bit of a rollercoaster scorer, so he’ll either bottom out and be able to get snapped up for cheap, or he’ll stay around the same price and be pretty easily attainable throughout most of the year.


      1. Disagree at better. More value maby. But he finished strongly. Won’t suffer as dramatically from positional change, has a good ceiling and durability. Can be a rollercoaster but his end to the season was stable.
        I want him to be my pod, just thought he warranted a mention.


    2. This is an excellent point TOF, and is a perfect example of how we often unwittingly go for style over substance. For example, Nat Fyfe is one of the most popular mids every year, often in more than 40% of teams, but Neale has outscored him every year for the past four seasons. But Fyfe plays a more dynamic brand of footy, so he’s more popular.
      Menegola has been in the top 2 forwards in both full seasons he’s played, and yet he’s only currently in about 3% of teams. Why? Because he plays with Dangerfield, Selwood and Ablett. I understand people are concerned about the byes, but even Tim Kelly is more popular, and he doesn’t want to be at the club! Surely this makes no sense.
      Be brave people! Remember, you don’t get to the front by doing the same thing as everyone else…


  3. Tuohy not looking too bad, but I’m steering clear due to an interrupted preseason. This was from an AFL article made a few days ago; Zach Tuohy has spent the bulk of his summer indoors as he recovers from a knee injury, and having not returned to full running on the eve of February, is in some doubt for the season opener.


    1. There ya go, ignore me then! I wrote this, the GC and Brisbane review all about 2 weeks ago, so that’s why I didn’t include that part in the review (unless that information was available 2 weeks ago, then ignore me I’m just an idiot).


  4. Well, that’s a wrap for my team reviews this year! I hope they’ve been a fun and informative read, and given some of you something to think about over pre-season!

    This website has been an absolute blessing to me. I’ve gone from starting Patrick Cripps as my most expensive player (he was priced at $519,600 when I first played) and running out of trades at the byes, to finishing top 2,000 overall last year.

    Thanks to the knowledge provided on this site by all of the wonderful contributors and writers, I now feel comfortable to make my own judgments and form my own opinions on players, and share them with everyone!

    I’d like to thank Schwarzalder and Chillo for allowing someone who has never really contributed to the site before undertake 4 (!!!) team reviews, it really shows how trusting you are of this wonderful community and your readiness to give someone new a go.

    I’d like to also thank AllSaints and FreoTragic for spending far too much time on this site with me, and consistently providing in-depth, no-nonsense feedback and advice to not only myself, but to everyone on the website.

    And finally, I’d like to thank everyone who took the time out of their day to read my team reviews. All of the positive feedback I’ve received has been overwhelming and really encouraged me to keep participating and providing feedback and advice in the team review and RMT threads, as well as made me more likely to put my hand up to write articles in the future.


    1. Another fine Review, but a bit shorter than we’ve come to expect 😉

      Have to agree with it all again, especially re: Schwarz and the team giving us a go. And:

      “This website has been an absolute blessing to me … [from] running out of trades at the byes, to finishing top 2,000 overall last year.” Ditto. Here’s to 2019.

      Good luck to all.


    2. Our pleasure, Ben!
      I’m a broken record on this……… Our greatest asset are our Coaches (all of you!) here at SCT. As long as your research is solid and stats are correct then literally EVERYONE can contribute.
      Great work on your Previews, Ben! Feel free to get in touch if you feel the urge to continue writing 😉


    3. Great work Ben, definitely appreciated! Great work to the whole SCT squad for everything so far! I’m silently building a contender after catching up on all the preseason chatter on here! I’m a broken record through the years as well…always great analysis and thoughts from all parties involved on SCT!


  5. Wouldn’t be selecting Touhey as his in doubt for round 1 with knee surgery.
    As a Geelong fan watching Tom Stewart is amazing. Gives 110% each week and is only going to get better. I can see him averaging 90’s however at his price there are probably better alternatives. I also read somewhere that Tom Stewart played on from kick ins more than Touhey last season (mainly because Touhey often went for large kick ins down the middle including some torps)

    Other than Dangerfield id let most of the other Geelong players become viable upgrade targets when they become fallen premiums (Duncan, Selwood, Kelly, Menegola) as due to the amount of players we have that go through the midfield its highly likely these players throw in a few shockers lowering there price.

    To touch on Menegola specifically when his on he can be absolutely incredible and damage opponents (especially at Kardinia Park!). However watching him week on week as a supporter his just not a big game player and can go missing alot of the time. 100% an option however i prefer consistency which is why he doesn’t feel as good of an option as the likes of Heeney and Smith.

    In the ruck i believe Scott has to give Stanley the first go. After persisting with him last year he showed some very promising signs before he got injured. I thought he even held his own against the likes of Gawn and Stef Martin. In saying that like Ben said you simply won’t be picking him or any other Geelong ruckmen. Fort at R3 is a good shout because there is no doubt he will play at some stage if not Rd 1 (Joel Selwood said his training well and is fighting right with Stanley for the spot)

    Finally if you really wanna spice things up Parfitt could be an extreme POD (although i wouldn’t be selecting him). We saw at the start of last season that he can pump out some big scores and is highly rated at Geelong with talks of him being one of the main players we look to pump through the midfield.

    Just thought id add a few of my thoughts being a Geelong fan! Just Danger and Constable for me with my eye on Kelly, Menegola and Duncan for mid season upgrade targets


  6. Thanks Ben.

    Its been a great preseason so far. I too have really enjoyed all your reviews. I have also enjoyed all our banter sometimes agreeing to disagree.

    I would like your take ( or anyone elses on N.Cockatoo $190K)

    He seemed to have Parfitt’s spot on wing half forward before he was injured. Do we know if he is in the mix to line up round 1 ?
    I remember him being a pretty dynamic player when fit.( he seemed to be the “next big thing” at Geelong a few years ago). There’s probably cheaper forward rookies this year but I would love to know where he is at, just in case.

    Thanks again for an outstanding effort with all your reviews.

    Hope you all had a great OZ day long weekend.


    1. Cockatoo is massive for Geelong when his fit. Has so much potential and is exactly the pacey pressure winger/forward that Geelong need. However i couldn’t select him purely based on his simply always injured. He had that knee issue that kept him on a modified program in early pre season however he has reportedly put in more work to get himself up and going. Not 100% sure on if he has joined the main group yet. One to watch if he plays JLT

      Parfitt looks set for larger stints in the midfield and although he plays a similar style to cockatoo i suspect Parfitt would be handed more opportunity in the middle than Cockatoo.


    1. Hard to see him getting much time in the mids this year. I can see him ending up being a very handy forward pocket for the Cats; not great for Supercoach though.


  7. It’s a pity you don’t have a donate button! I’d definitely donate to this superb blog! I suppose for now i’ll settle for bookmarking and adding your RSS feed to my Google account. I look forward to new updates and will talk about this website with my Facebook group. Chat soon!



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