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Written by Huttabito on March 14 2019

Heading into my 6th season with the last three seasons being my best:
2016 – 1,229
2017 – 1,492
2018 – 2,096

I ranked ~20k for the first few years playing but discovered SuperCoachTalk in the 2016 pre-season, so if you are new around these places, it’s a good idea to stick around! The people around here sure helped me.

** All rookies are placeholders and the only non playing rookie that will be selected come Rd1 is R3.


Whitfield: Will get thrown around in 2019, but runs all day and knows how to find the ball. When he is on, he’s on and could very well be the top defender for the year – as evident from his 108 average for his last 14 games of 2018.

Hurn: Captain, half back general and loves a kick. What’s not to like? One of the safer starting picks with the question marks on the new rules, lack of pre-season or team adjustments for others.

Williams: I’m a huge fan of this guy and he was one of my first picked when SuperCoach opened last year. As we all know, he went down with injury and comes in discounted this year. If he stays fit, he’s almost a shoe in for my top 10 defenders and at his price, that’s a steal. I’m not to worried about the latest concern and only getting to see him for half a JLT game – I know what he can do.

Smith: A popular burn man, but since I’ve never been burnt by him before, I have no hesitations jumping on. Will he be a keeper? Probably not, but I think we will need a stronger D4 and with Roberton going down, he’s the next best pick. Rock solid job security and should make his way up in price nicely (to what would be acceptable as a stepping stone) and be a sideways trade come the byes.


This line has definitely been the hardest for me to pick and I think my wife will attest that I have probably spent more time fiddling with my midfield core than I did planning for the wedding. I just want everyone.

The ubers and the premiums: Macrae, Cripps, Oliver, Fyfe, Neale, Coniglio
The underpriced premiums who I think will go +10 in 2019: Dusty, MCrouch, Sloane, ZMerrett, Zorko
The midpricers: BCrouch, Sheed, Libba
The rookies: Walsh, Cousins, Butters, Hately, Constable, Scott, Bewley

You get it, the list goes on…. So, I have had to find a balance.

Cripps: Ticks all the SuperCoach boxes.

Oliver: I’ve never had this guy, but I just love the way he goes about it and with Max Gawn feeding him at every ruck contest, he will always continue to just rack them up. Alongside Cripps, the pair of these will become a central part of our SuperCoach teams for years to come.

Yes that’s right, I have 3 Adelaide players. This is why…..

MCrouch: His consistency is a thing of beauty and he attracts the ball like no other. He averaged 110 just 2 years ago and comes in discounted this year due to an injury affected game. Adelaide have a very favourable draw with many games at Adelaide Oval to start the year, which history suggests their players should start 2019 off nicely and get a bit of confidence heading into the year. Finished 2018 strong averaging 110 over the last 9 games and was arguably my best trade in of the season, so I have a soft spot.

Sloane: The last few seasons I’ve always tired to go for as high a ranking as I can and this means finding good value for your money. Sloane had an injury affected year in 2018 walking away with an average of 96.6 but between 2012-2017, he averaged 108.9 over 123 games. He will score 170s, he will score 50s, but I am pretty confident he will return to a 110 average which will put him in top 10 midfield territory and when going for overall, you couldn’t ask for more at $524k.

BCrouch: I’ve never started the players returning from injury (Libba or Coniglio to name a couple) and I always end up putting my tail between my legs early on and bring them in. I’ve always ignored the pre-season even if all signs point to them being successful picks. Despite his history, Brad Crouch hasn’t put a foot wrong this pre-season and has shown he is one of the main men of the Adelaide engine room – he was always touted to be the better of the two Crouch brothers.

I would love a stronger M6 (i.e. Libba) or go full uber (Macrae, Cripps, Oliver, Fyfe) and shuffle the rookies down one but the rookies on other lines are really dictating a lighter and more value friendly midfield.


Not over thinking this line. Locking in the two top rucks from the get go.


Dangerfield: I heard this guy is pretty good. Little pricey for F1, but thought I would see how it goes.

Heeney: Young gun with the last two seasons average 98 despite missing most of the pre-seaosns those years. 2019 is his first ever full pre-season (until he did his ankle on the weekend) but I’m still backing him in.

Darling: Outside of my midfield, this would be the next rotated spot. It’s had everyone – Dunkley, Gray, Mundy, Walters and Wingard just to name a few. Then I remembered a guy called Darling. He started 2018 with a 10 game average of 108 (including a 42) due to 6 scores over 112 with a height of 181. He injured himself in Rd11 on 14 and sat on the sides until Rd17. Upon his return, he just never got going 100% and averaged 71.4 over his next 5 games – although this average is true to his full 2016 and 2017 seasons so maybe his purple (blue/yellow?) patch was just an outlier. Concussed in Rd22 on -1 dropping his average but somehow geared him up for a big Rd23 and final series where he average 98 points from 14 disposals (10 kicks), 6.5 marks and 2.5 goals a game. He is a KPP, so will have his ups and downs, but there is potentially a lot of upside at $470k. He’s 26 and with JJK just about done, he will be the guy they look for to take over and if JJK averaged 95 over 2015-17, no reason why Darling can’t as the focal point of the reigning premiers.

Now I look at how much I wrote, I think I’m still trying to convince myself of the pick – but I don’t think I’m the only one trying to fill the questions marks that F3 is bringing this year.

Greene: It’s been a few years where he has put together a full season but there is so much upside of Greene at $350k and there is little risk at F4 as there will be be no doubt someone equally or lower priced that will be an alright correction trade if he fails early. I wouldn’t have him at F3 without a kitty, but at F4 he’s worth a punt.

Confidence on the forward and defence rookies is pretty low, as you can tell and I think we need a slightly stronger D4 and F4. The rookies always dictate the structure.

I hope to have 13 keepers in my team, which is the number if you go pure GnR (3-5-2-3). This excludes BSmith and BCrouch who could also become keepers otherwise they make great stepping stones due to low starting price based on potential and the Rd14 bye.

The bye structure isn’t too bad at the moment, I just need to be careful trading in Rd14 players and prioritise Rd13 players for the first couple of upgrades to round out a nicely balanced team.

Let me know where I went right/wrong and what you would do to improve it. Current bank is $15.8k – my motto is, I would rather have no bank and a team I like than some bank and a team I don’t like.


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28 thoughts on “2019 Team Reveal – Huttabito”

  1. Great team and structure Huttabito. Love the Sloane and Darling selections and I’m deploying a similar structure.

    An alternative to your quartet of M Gawn, S Hurn, P Cripps, B Crouch could be T Goldstein, K Simpson, N Fyfe/L Neale and Z Merrett.


  2. G’day Mate,
    First time commenting on here. Just wondering about your thinking process regarding no Sam Collins. Is it just a matter of saving funds or do you see him as being not good enough value for output?

    With very few rookies having great job security he looks a safe pick to me.


    1. Welcome aboard Scotty. It’s definitely fund saving. I think he will be an alright pick – his game style is perfectly suited to SuperCoach and Gold Coast have a decent run. Will have to be held accountable at times but I can see some games where he scores 90 off the back of 10 intercept marks.

      Was unlucky to be let go by the Dockers.


  3. Good team I reckon. And as a crows supporter, I can confirm those 3 crows mids are going to kill it this year.


  4. Great effort Hutta. Your thoughts plus open discussion on J Westhoff as 2nd ruck to Goldy and he kicks a goal or two . Thoughts p.s first timer here


    1. Hard to pick Westhoff knowing he’s got a new role and is priced at his max. I’d go looking for value elsewhere personally.


    2. I actually don’t mind the Westhoff pick to be honest but he is priced way to much for me to start. I can’t see him going 100+ and he’ll probably revert back ~95 but there is merit as selecting him now. You can move him forward whenever you want to bring in Grundy/Gawn and then you have cover moving forward.

      So, not the worst pick, but I’d rather the MCrouch, ZMerrett, Dusty types (110-115) for that amount of money.


  5. Great team Hutta
    Just a question regarding going for leauges.. do u reckon the mid prices strategy is the way to go versus full g&r due to lack if decents rooks going around.. thinking whats better way tp start if main focus is league


    1. If you are focusing on main league, guns and rookies is pretty much the way to go. Start with the ubers that you are pretty confident will be top of their line and bring in the rest throughout the season.

      That said, this only works if you make enough profit. If there just aren’t enough good rookies, then bringing in some of those midpricers is a must – regardless if you are going for overall or league.


    2. Every year there’s a glut of midpricers that all look really tempting, but usually only 1 or 2 actually jump up in average by more than 20. I’ve found that the majority just in crease their average by 5 or 10 each year, or go down in average. It then makes it really hard to trade them out without paying a big penalty and when a shed load of teams have guns and rookies, you’ll never catch up.


  6. Hey Hutta,

    This question has nothing to do with your team (which I like, by the way), but since you’re a Fremantle fan, do you happen to know how long Sandilands is sidelined for? He’s currently listed as ‘TBC’, which doesn’t tell us much. I’ve been thinking that if Darcy can get a clear run at it for, say, six weeks, he could be a nice stepping stone.


    1. Don’t know the details on Sandilands sorry but I’m not sure Darcy is a good stepping stone.

      He is priced way to awkwardly to be a stepping stone – at $360k he would have to be scoring 90+ consistently to be getting any sort of price rise and I don’t think he can do that. Whilst he is a big boy, he’s still inexperienced and gets beaten by the big rucks. Goldy and Witts are his first two opponents and you’ll be on the back foot from the very start.

      $100k cheaper and he would be a good option but there is no value at $360k.


  7. We share 18 out of 22 players Hutta, so naturally I love your team!

    I think we share the same mentality: F4 and D4 are incredibly important spaces. I also think good, productive rookies seem unlikely and so the midpricers Smith, Greene or Moore seem like the risks that must be taken – with a mind to pick jets around them and at worst jettison them early for the real breakouts of the year.

    Those 3 Adelaide mids though…good god man. Nerves of steel. Sloane’s getting tagged, surely.


    1. No doubt he gets tagged, but he’s a 110 player fully fit and priced at 95, it’s a pretty safe pick going for overall. Could you imagine if he starts with a 125 average over the first 10 games like he did in 2017!


  8. G’day Hutta. Question for you and the masses. Will Dylan Moore ( Hawks ) line up or do you think that there is not enough room for him in the Hawks forward line. I have him on the bench only but has showed that he has the goods. Cheers



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