Initial Team – JAN2019

Written by Schwarzwalder on 11:02 pm, January 1 2019

Don’t have SuperCoach Gold?  Doesn’t matter!  You can use SCTs Team Picker care of our very own Huttabito.

While there is still a long way to go before Rd1, it’s interesting to see how the teams evolve before the season opener.

If you’re feeling the urge to rate the other teams, then go nuts.  Just remember to keep any critique constructive.  We’re here to help, after all.

So how did your first draft come up?  Enter it into the comments below………

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Footy Banter – Jan2019

Written by Schwarzwalder on 11:00 pm, January 1 2019

Are you wanting to share some statistics with your fellow Coaches?  Got a good feeling about a certain player?  Or just wanting to chat about footy in general?  Whatever you want to discuss, feel free to do it here………

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