2020 Official SCT Leagues Applications

Written by Huttabito on February 13 2020

It’s that time of year again……..to register for the Official SCT Leagues!  Our LoEC1 League has finished #19 (2016), #32 (2017), #94 (2018) & #35 (2019) overall while LoEC3 managed to finish #48 (2018) and #29 (2019).  Places in these ultra-competitive Leagues are much sought-after as you can imagine.  For the time-being, we have the following options on offer:


League of Extraordinary Coaches – Three Elite Leagues, your entry to which will be decided purely by your ranking from last year. We’ll take the Top 51 from nominations (someone from SCT will need to be in each league to manage it……most likely Motts, Chillo & Huttabito), the highest will go in LoEC1, the lowest into LoEC3.

If you want to nominate for LoEC, I’ll need a screenshot of your 2019 end result…….as has been the pre-requisite for many years now and won’t change.  Those with photographic evidence will be given first opportunity!  This is now conveniently located by clicking the History tab when you are on team view and clicking the drop down box and selecting Season 2019. We sadly cannot accept ‘Dude…..I finished, like, around #326….believe me’ as a nomination 😉

Anyone who doesn’t provide this information when applying for LoEC will not make the cut. Only the highest 51 scores will make LoEC. Cut-off point for LoEC3 over the last two seasons has been was around #2500.  Anyone who misses out will automatically be put into one of our Standard Leagues (which will also be ranked).

Standard League – anyone who doesn’t qualify for LoEC or just wants some friendly competition.

Ladies League – made up of the lovely SCT ladies only (first 18 Coaches to apply…….will open more if demand is high).


To get involved, email me (huttabito ‘at’ supercoachtalk ‘dot’ com…….please include subject title: ‘SCT Leagues Application) with:

  • Your alias on our website
  • Team Name
  • League(s) you want to nominate for in 2020.

Nominations will close at Midnight Friday 7th March, 2020.  I will send a short confirmation email to let you know I received your application.  I’ll respond to emails with league codes once nominations are closed (hopefully around the 9th/10th March).  I ask that you join up to those Leagues as soon as you receive the acceptance email.

Late entries will receive a League code for the next available Standard League……..

Best of luck, Coaches!

** A friendly reminder that The Official SCT Group is #820497.  EVERYONE is welcome to join.  By signing up, you will automatically be entered into the SCT Cup & Group Competitions **


UPDATE: How good is our community?? Some of SuperCoachTalks finest regulars are participating in a cash league and have collectively decided to donate over half the prize pool to the winners of LoEC. As it stands, the prize money for winning our illustrious leagues are $100 (LoEC1) and $50 (LoEC2 and LoEC3).


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47 thoughts on “2020 Official SCT Leagues Applications”

    1. Same here TrooRoo. Had many great matches against you last year! Hopefully we can do the same again this season

      Good luck mate!


  1. Join these leagues everyone, ended up in sct3 last yesr and league finished just outside top 100, everyone in them are fair dinkum. Although think i will end up about sct 6 this year.


  2. I shouldn’t be in a LOEC this season, it should be Chillo, AllSaints or the good Father. I sucked last season!

    I’ll host a Standard League!


    1. Share your pain Thommo….went from top 1000 in 2018 to back in the rear view mirror last year….not trying for any LOEC unless there is a last minute spot up for grabs.


  3. Looking forward to a great season, & hopefully improve from my nightmare 2019, where I was at times embarrassed to be in LoEC1 – but at least I didn’t come last! So no LoEC leagues for me this season but looking forward to another season in one of the Standard Leagues hopefully & the Ladies League (my 6th year I think..)


  4. Hey there….Will there be a SCT Cup this year and is a group being set up? Finished over 20k last , no where good enough for the big leagues but would like to be in a standard league. Will send through email later next week. Cheers


  5. First time application sent. Here’s hoping I get into a league. Be a real challenge, looking forward to it, and learn some more.


  6. Current LoEC Cut-Off Update:

    LoEC1: 472
    LoEC2: 1,223
    LoEC3: 2,410

    2020 is now the strongest LoEC is SCT history with over 2 weeks of applications to go!



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