Round 4 Review

Written by Thommo on April 18 2017

Apologies for the dodgy formatting this week folks, hot-spotting my phone for this one!


Another week, another change to the leader of the Supercoach Talk group with Ross and his Winterblues@SCT moving into the group lead after posting a 2162 in Round 4. His rank has moved into 158 overall so hopefully he can continue his upward trajectory in Round 5.

The top 5 coaches in the hunt of the overall group prize are:

1 Winterblues@SCT Ross 9029 158
2 Baby Bombers@SCT Dilan 9003 218
3 Jobe robbed@SCT Jataal 8947 574
4 No Worries@SCT Timothy 8901 1059
5 Obrigado@SCT Alex 8874 1475

Please note that I am only listing the teams from the group with @SCT in their team name because only they are eligible for the overall prize!


Last week coaches were divided as to who they should vote for so Rory Sloane and Nick Riewoldt shared the 5 votes. Marc Murphy received the 3 votes after his stellar start to the year, Danger posted 2 votes and Dusty just the 1 vote.

The overall leaderboard stands as follows:

Player Total Votes
Rory Sloane 8
Patrick Dangerfield 7
Rory Laird 5
Dustin Martin 5
Nick Riewoldt 5
Robbie Gray 4
Marc Murphy 4
Josh Kennedy (WC) 3
Marcus Bontempelli 2
Scott Pendlebury 2
Dyson Heppell 1
Toby Nankervis 1

So who did you like in Round 4?

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WEST COAST 13.13 (91) DEF SYDNEY 10.5 (65)

Who likes a bit of numerology?

Being a weekend that has religious significance, let’s look at the number 24 in religion.

  1. It is a multiple of the number 12 which signifies the number of perfection and God’s authority.
  2. Twenty four is the number of letters of the alphabet that we find in the four Gospels.
  3. The Christ in the Gospels achieves 33 miracles of which 24 were cures.
  4. The 24 Elders sat on 24 thrones.
  5. Number of chapters of the Gospel of Luke.
  6. The number of years since Sydney started 0 wins and 4 losses.
  7. The number of teams which have started 0 and 4 since 2000, none of which have made the finals.
  8. The number of players taking pay-cuts to afford Buddy Franklin’s salary (bitchy, I know!)


First: An apology from the all the Supercoaches who laughed at Matteo last year. He wasn’t wrong that Yeo could place in the Brownlow, he just had the wrong year!

Elliott Yeo (141) just did his thing floating across half-back and through the midfield intercepting the Swans’ forward forays at will. When every other player struggled to hit the target, he had 29 possessions at 89% DE, 11 marks and 17 intercept possessions. Unless his role changes or teams man him up, he’s going to challenge for top dog in the forward line.

Luke Shuey (127) played another good match with 30 possessions, 7 tackles and 12 goal for West Coast while Captain Josh P Kennedy (113) led Sydney’s midfield with 33 possessions, 19 contested and 9 clearances.

Jeremy McGovern (116) and Josh J Kennedy (110) enjoyed playing together up forward with both of them kicking 2 goals, handing off 2 more and taking 3 contested marks. All the Eagles need now is another McGovern because he’s so damn good playing forward and back!


Andrew Gaff (78) and Sam Mitchell (77) both struggled, Gaff due to his high uncontested possession rate and poor efficiency, Mitchell because he copped some friendly fire and looked like he’d broken an ankle for a while there!

Speaking of (un)friendly fire, Buddy Franklin (77) also struggled after a big hip and shoulder by Shannon Hurn and did well to kick 2 goals.

And finally, our thoughts are with those more adventurous coaches who started with Sharrod Wellingham (64) and Zak Jones (72). No guts, no glory!

Well, no glory anyway, but plenty of guts.


Good Friday footy!

Finally, our penitence is over and we can celebrate Jesus’s sacrifice in our most holy of places, the MCG.


Well Etihad Stadium, at least.

Hold it a moment: Isn’t Etihad an Arabic airline?

Well, there is a prophet named Jesus in the Koran (Qu’ran?), so that should be fine.

Still, should we really celebrate Good Friday by watching sport and eating meat pies in an Arabic sponsored stadium?

When the game is that good, the answer is “Yes”!

How about we all say 24 Hail Mary’s just in case!


He started the year a little slowly, seemingly spending a lot of time forward in 2017, but Luke Dahlhaus (145) certainly turned up on Friday with 32 possessions, 6 tackles and 2 goals. He was everywhere around the ground and played a big hand late with clutch goals late in the third and in the fourth quarters. Now if he stops handpassing so much (24 handpasses)! Ben Cunnington (125) was also handpass-happy with 23 of his 33 possessions by hand, but he was unlucky not to score more with 10 clearances and 20 contested possessions to his name.

Marcus Bontempelli (115) and Jackson Macrae (107) did their usual slow first half, massive second half routine with Bontempelli particularly effective late in the match.

He’s not really Supercoach relevant but Liam Picken (112) highlighted his importance to the Doggies. It’s not surprise the Dogs lost last week after he left the field with concussion.


So many players were in 60-70 point land on Good Friday. Shaun Higgins (75), Jamie Macmillan (70), Matthew Boyd (62), Lachie Hunter (67) and Robert Murphy (73) were all a disappointment, especially Shaun Higgins who didn’t seem to be spending as much time in the midfield as in previous weeks. Jason Johannisen (83) also underperformed a little but is hovering around his price level with a 96 point average.

And finally: The Todd (96)!

Goldy started like a house-on-fire, taking the opening bounce and had 33 points at quarter time and 52 points at half-time but his points just didn’t add up but full-time. From 21 possessions, 1 goal and 29 hit-outs his 96 points was disappointing. Maybe he didn’t nail enough hit-outs to advantage?

Or maybe Champion Data don’t like him?

FREMANTLE 16.10 (106) DEF MELBOURNE 15.14 (104)

While the game of football is a swirling storm of progress, evolution and rule tampering, the teams themselves don’t seem to change.

I’m looking at you Melbourne!

When will you stop shooting yourselves in the collective feet?

Bad kicking for goal and suspensions have cost the Dees a 4 and 0 start to the season and the members must be pissed!


He didn’t do it how we’d normal expect, but the owners of Lachie Neale (140) won’t complain with his 22 possessions and 4 goals. However I’m not sure scoring 90 points in the third quarter is a great long-term plan! Bereft of the leadership, David Mundy (121) has returned to his vintage form of a few years ago and also added 3 goals of his own along with 23 possessions. He now averages 115 points per match in 2017!

Like Lindsay Thomas, Jeff Garlett (131) didn’t celebrate in his milestone match despite kicking 3 goals and laying 8 tackles.

Clayton Oliver (112) continued his hot form with another 26 possessions and 10 clearances and Nat Fyfe (107) was handy with 25 possessions even if 6 clangers hurt his overall scoring.


Cam McCarthy (100)! Why? Because he sucked for 3 straight weeks, just long enough for most coaches to sell him!

Jesse Hogan and Jordan Lewis! You all know why!

GWS 16.16 (112) DEF PORT ADELAIDE 11.15 (81)


Shane Mumford (135) enjoyed rucking against nobody (or Jackson Trengove) with 46 hit-outs as did Rory Lobb (114). After a slow start, Jonathon Patton (118) kicked 6 goals, with 2 goals in quarters 2, 3 and 4.

Tom Scully (117) and Nick Haynes (113) rounded out the top 5 with 32 possessions at 90% DE and 27 possessions at 81% DE respectively.


Devon Smith (53) won plenty of the ball with 21 possessions but had a poor disposal efficiency and didn’t kick a goal. Callan Ward (65) had a shocker with 15 possessions and 5 tackles in 66% TOG and is only averaging 85 points per game this season.

For Port, Chad Wingard (58), Hamish Hartlett (67) and Mr “All or Nothing” Robbie Gray (69) all struggled to appease their suffering Supercoaches.

GOLD COAST 17.6 (108) DEF CARLTON 12.10 (82)


It was a wonderful captain’s match by Tom Lynch (161) who almost single-handedly kept the Suns in the match in the first half. Great to see the big fella in form with 7 goals. Speaking of form, where the hell did Brandon Matera (159) suddenly learn to play football like that? 29 possessions, 3 goals and 3 goal assists! Wow!

The second coming of Marc Murphy (123) continues with another 28 possessions (11 contested) at 78% DE and 7 tackles while Aaron Hall (111) also resurrected his year with another 29 possessions. Do we trust him yet?

Hell, no!

If he can ever get his body consistently right, Jack Martin (110) will be a great player, racking up another 30 possessions at a crazy 93% DE and 12 marks on Saturday night.


Sometimes lockout happens just in time to save you from making a bad decision. I almost traded in David Swallow (43) this week but thankfully just missed that bullet. I empathize with all those coaches who understandably traded him in as his price and form was tempting.

Matthew Kreuzer (43) and Touk Miller (71) have been in great form but both had a down week although Miller was still pretty handy with 24 possessions at 70% DE.

Patrick Cripps (77) is still struggling to get his hands on the ball with just 17 possessions for the match. The Blues indicated that he copped some early knocks against the Suns so kudos to him for laying 9 tackles. He’ll find his fitness soon and start pumping out the clearances again.

ADELAIDE 24.9 (153) DEF ESSENDON 13.10 (88)


Eddie Betts (150) responded to the racist ferals in the best way possible with 22 possessions and 6 goals. Stick it up ‘em Eddie! Tex Walker (142) also enjoyed a bit of party time up forward with 5 goals in the first half, 4 goal assists, 19 possessions and 10 marks (3 contested).

Rory Sloane (124) looked to be having a quiet-ish day but pumped out a 46 point final quarter, racking up 34 possessions, 9 tackles, 8 clearances and 2 goals for the match. He’s now averaging an impressive 129 points per match.

For the Bombers Zach Merrett (120) and Travis Colyer (119) were the standouts with Merrett continuing to suffer leather poisoning (35 possessions) and Colyer kicking 3 goals and giving another 2 away.


On the back of a stinky performance, Dyson Heppell (67) has dropped his average down to 105 points per match, in line with his 2015 form. Similarly Jobe struggled to just 44 points from 16 possessions.

For the Crows, Matt Crouch (78) was a popular POD in the preseason but he’s shaping up as more of a Dreamteam than Supercoach player in 2017.

ST KILDA 9.15 (69) DEF COLLINGWOOD 7.13 (55)


With goals hard to come by, mainly because nobody could kick straight, defenders Jeremy Howe (130) and Dylan Roberton (126) had a field day marking everything that came near them. Howe took 12 marks, 3 contested, and has pushed his yearly average over 100 points while Roberton had a massive 32 possessions and also grabbed 12 marks and his yearly average is now 99 points. Handy options!

Strangely enough, Brodie Grundy (113), Taylor Adams (113) and Ben Reid (108) were the other top scorers despite the Pies losing, showing that the Saints spread the load more than the Pies.


Steele Sidebottom (64) and Adam Treloar (72) put on a clinic of how to butcher the ball with Sidebottom’s 31 possessions going at 51% DE despite only 4 possessions being contested and Treloar’s 28 possessions running at 67% DE with 6 clangers. One day Treloar will hit the target for an entire match and score well.

One day…

Leigh Montagna (77) went from hero to zero, scoring less than half of last week’s output and David Armitage (67) returned to the side but not to form with just 17 possessions.

RICHMOND 17.17 (119) DEF BRISBANE 10.7 (67)

If the lid came off last week, this week the wallets came out and Tigers’ fans started to line up for finals tickets.

With 4 wins on the trot, top 4 beckons for the long-suffering Richmond supporters.

What could possibly go wrong?


Hello, Mr Rockliff (176)!

He reminded us all that he can score like few others with 33 possessions, 21 contested, at 81% DE, 15 clearances and 11 tackles. He even kept scoring rapidly after dislocating a finger in the final quarter!

Daniel Rich (137) scored well for a second week in a row and nobody is impressed, while Stefan Martin (131) also scored well again and all the ex-Max Gawn owners were VERY impressed.

The Lions certainly do score well when they lose! At least Fagan is looking after the Supercoaches!

For the victors, Shaun Grigg (127) led all comers with 31 possessions and 1 goal and Jack Riewoldt (122) had his best return for a while with 4 goals to go with his 15 possessions.


The weight of all those coaches jumping on Dustin Martin’s (54) back really held him down and he posted his first sub-100 score for the season. He only had 16 possessions at 50% DE and kicked 3 behinds. Alex Rance (55) also stank it up with just 10 possessions and 8 one percenters but he wasn’t bad: the ball just never entered the Tigers’ backline!

Josh Caddy (69) is perpetually on this list as he is again stuck in the forward line role. Isn’t that why he left Geelong?

GEELONG 20.14 (134) DEF HAWTHORN 6.12 (48)


The Cats are humming along nicely at 4 wins and 0 losses with Sam Menegola (126) and Mitch Duncan (125) playing a blinder even though Dangerfield and Selwood were a little down on their usual output. While the Hawks couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn with their kicks, Menegola went at 87% DE for his 31 possessions, laid 10 tackles and kicked 1 goal while similarly Duncan had 32 possessions at 84% DE and 2 goals. Menegola will be looked at for a dangerous tackle on Luke Hodge but surely he should be fine.

Stevie Motlop (123) also cashed in for 3 goals, 2 goal assists and 33 possessions while Joel Selwood (110) had a big last quarter to tonne up.

Luke Hodge (116) was the Hawks’ best with 35 possessions although he had more than a few wayward kicks like most of his teammates.


Like the Swans, the Hawks have found themselves in the basement with 4 straight losses, their worst start since 1998. Unlike the Swans, they have a cupboard seemingly bereft of talent and future prospects.

It is going to be a long year for Alistair Clarkson.

I’ve been pretty understanding of Jarryd Roughead (53) but he gets a mention here for his cork of the magnificent Dangerfield butt. Just because you are having a bad season, doesn’t mean you have to Rough up Danger’s cheek!

Tom Mitchell (85) tried hard but he put in a Treloar-like performance where he racked up 32 possessions and 10 tackles without actually finding a target.

Josh Gibson (55) is no longer a premium and shall no longer be mentioned in Supercoach circles until he retires.



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