2018 Rookie Review – Round 5

Written by Huttabito on April 26 2018

*  Updates *

Stephenson drops the 33 from 3 weeks ago out of his price cycle replacing it with an 88 against the Bombers on ANZAC Day sending his BE plummeting down to -35. He picked up right where he left on and collected 15 disposals (12 kicks), 5 marks, 4 tackles and kicked 2 goals and 2 behinds now making him the highest total scoring rookie. It’s said that Collingwood will rest a few youngsters given the 4 day turn around but expect Stephenson to return firing.

Higgins played an impressive game in his debut a few weeks ago but was out of the team straight away. This week he returned in place of the injured Josh Caddy and was out to prove a point kicking a team high 3 goals from 14 disposals (7 kicks) to go with 8 tackles and 91 points. He will no doubt get another game this weekend but he is clearly on the edge of the team with so many who play the same role and could find himself yo-yoing in and out throughout the season.

Guelfi is listed as a forward but spend majority of the game roaming around the ground including a lot of time in the defensive half. This resulted in him getting 15 disposals (9 kicks) at 87% DE to go with 9 marks (2 contested), 2 tackles, 2 1%ers and a behind for 69 points. Now on the bubble, he looks right at home at senior level and will be a popular trade in target this week.

Weideman played his first game for the season and 11th for Melbourne in 3 years and played back up ruck allowing him to play a fair amount onball. Finished up with 12 disposals (7 kicks) at 75% DE, 4 marks (1 contested), 9 hitouts, 5 tackles and 4 inside 50s for 64 points.

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* Denotes bubble boy


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd5AvgBE
Finlayson (MID)GWS$329.0k (+$45.4k)89923
DoedeeAdel$312.8k (+$36.0k)10088.626
MurrayColl$304.3k (+$53.1k)78798
Coffield (MID)StK$219.3k (+$48.0k)6169-13
O'Connor (MID)Geel$123.9kDNP62-
RichardsWB$224.9k (+$36.8k)4460.321
NaughtonWB$251.3k (+$32.9k)62557
O'Brien* (MID)Carl$162.3k6153.5-12
O'SheaCarl$170.4k (+$4.4k)1435.741


Finlasyson is proving his worth yet again after a 89 from 18 disposals (14 kicks) at 83% DE – some of these rookies are making it hard for who should go first but with an average north of 90 after 5 games, he is becoming a “keeper” very fast but would expect to drop off as the year goes on so keep in the back of your mind when you think this time will be.

Doedee was back in the dry this week and a good score followed. Was everywhere and had 25 disposals (17 kicks) at 76% DE to go with a game high 11 marks and 6 1%ers for an even 100 points. I recall reading a few people looking to move him on after one bad score, hope you held!


Richards looked very uninterested and wanted cheap ball which resulted in only 3 contested possessions from 15 and when combined with 4 clangers, he managed just 44 points. He had 9 kicks all up at 60% DE to go with 4 marks and a tackle.

O’Shea popped his bubble this weekend and copped an injured score of 14 and was lucky not to end in the negatives with an 8 clanger, 50% DE (10 disposals) game.


Cole would have been just about a lock for Rd1 had his father unfortunately not passed away the week before the start of the season. He looked very composed and ran at a team high 95% DE from 19 disposals (10 kicks) to go with 6 marks, 2 tackles and a behind for 98 points. Another game like that and we may just need him in our teams.

Taylin “The Man” Duman made his debut with Johnson being rested after a good month in the WAFL and impressed in his first outing with 15 disposals (9 kicks) at 73% DE, 4 marks, 2 tackles and 4 1%ers for 85 points. Will be a tough backline to settle into for an extended period of time and not one to go early on.

Mirra looked good last week but struggled this week with the pressure from the North talls and cost an early goal – he also blazed away at the ball on numerous occasions resulting in a DE of 59% and 4 clangers which is something Clarkson would not have enjoyed watching. He managed 54 points and at his price, is more than sufficient but needs to settle if he’s going to make cash for an extended period of time – hope he sticks around as he is one of our last basement price rookies for the foreseeable future. Sicily being in/out of the team may be all he needs to get the time we need….


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd5AvgBE
KellyGeel$337.1k (+$33.5k)7096.835
Cunico *Geel$188.6k6085.5-59
HolmanGCS$265.5k (+$28.5k)887835
L.FogartyGeel$267.8k (+$50.2k)8973.6-12
JacobsNM$308.2k (+$18.1k)6968.655
BanfieldFrem$252.9k (+$34.8k)676412
DowCarl$225.7k (+$17.1k)7060.421
CerraFrem$227.6k (+$25.0k)8758.812
BrayshawFrem$222.1k (+$3.7k)6251.226
ClarkStK$180.3k (+$4.5k)4737.733


Holman was back after his poor performance last week with 88 points against the Suns. Played a slightly different role from the first 3 rounds where he scored good for us. He wasn’t tagging and only came away with 2 tackles, but was still a contested game with 9 contested possessions from his 18 disposal (9 kick) which went at 78% DE to go with 2 marks (1 contested), 1 goal/1 behind and a goal assist. Another who was being floated as a trade out target based on last week.

L.Fogarty remains the rookie that got away from my time and registered a team high 10 tackles boosting his score to 89 points for 6% of his coaches. His score was helped by 17 disposals (9 kicks) at 65% DE, 2 marks and a goal.

Dow finally cracked the 50 SuperCoach point barrier with his season best 70 from 15 disposals (6 kicks) at 80% DE with most his score coming from the contested nature of his game with an equal third team high 11 contested possessions to go with 3 tackles.

Cerra was everywhere on his way to collecting 15 disposals (10 kicks) at an impressive 87% DE in the wet to go with 5 marks, 2 tackles, 1 rebound 50,  3 inside 50s, 4 tackles, 2 goal assists and 2 goals/1 behind for 87 points – pretty close to an all rounded game as you can get.


This could be hard on Kelly but it seemed to work when I labelled Doedee here last week, but 70 points is far from what we expect and the lowest SuperCoach return in his first 5 games. The worrying sign though is his score has dropped every week and given his price tag due to his rapid price growth, if he begins to drop 60s he will very quickly stop making cash and come to a halt.

Holman for a 2 handball final quarter resulting in 0 points after scaling! A 100+ game was on the cards and would have been mint.

Brayshaw statistically had his best game of the season with an all rounded performance of 17 disposals (7 kicks) at 71% DE, 4 marks, 5 tackles and a behind but his TOG is being managed which only resulted in 62 points so the real dud here is Ross Lyon. I was hoping for a Taranto like performance from Brayshaw – 57 average in the first 4 games as he finds his feet before a string of 70-85 games but it’s not looking the case. His BE will drop again after his next match pending another ~60 score but doesn’t look like he has much in him.


Cunico wasn’t able to back up his triple figure debut with 60 points from 15 disposals (11 kicks) at 67% DE, 4 marks and a tackle. Given his elevated price tag and the face his 109 will only remain in his price cycle for 1 game, it’s a tough spot for him to come into our teams.

Bailey kicked his first AFL goal after being given a free kick post mooning the crowd. We needed more than a 41 point game to jump on board this week though as he just managed the 10 disposals (4 kicks) playing forward in a close loss, I imagine Brisbane being the winner or close too is to and far between.


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd5AvgBE
English (FWD)WB$266.6k (+$46.5k)7869.80


English needs more credit and although demolished against Sandliands in the ruck, he made an impact around the ground and collected 19 disposals (12 kicks), 9 marks, 13 hitouts, 3 tackles, 2 1%er and just missed a cherry on top and missed a shot on goal to finish on 78 points. With Roughead being held back in the twos, he seems to be their first choice ruck – I wonder when we should all think about flinging him forward for a onfield spot.


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd5AvgBE
Higgins (MID)Rich$130.8k9177-77
Stephenson (MID)Coll$286.7k (+$41.6k)8872.4-35
LongStK$241.3k (+$34.0k)9761.8-21
WatermanWCE$247.7k (+$19.6k)4461.240
RatugoleaGeel$213.9k (+$48.1k)7059-5
Rayner (MID)Bris$268.6k (+$38.3k)6055.60
Crowden (MID)Frem$201.8k (+$42.6k)5554.32
HenryGeel$206.3k (+$40.5k)4853.527
Poholke (MID)Adel$123.3k5353-
CrockerColl$232.5k (+$9.1k)4752.229
J.Garlett (MID)Carl$212.5k (+$19.2k)2150.632
RioliWCE$181.3k (+$36.6k)7849.3-20
GowersWB$194.5k (+$15.4k)484918
D.Fogarty (MID)Adel$174.0kDNP45.314
VenablesWCE$170.5k DNP4516
Polson* (MID)Carl$130.8kDNP3311


Long had great forward pressure and managed to lay a team second high 8 tackles to go with his 15 disposals (6 kicks) at a team high (5+ disposals) DE of 93% and a goal for 97 points. Handy POD rookie this week for 1% of coaches.

Ratugolea has found his role and has settled well and truly in the Cats team offering back up rock duties allowing him to cover the ground collecting 7 disposals (2 kicks, 5 contested possessions), 19 hitouts, 4 tackles, 2 1%ers and 1 goal/1 behind for 70 points. Winning the Ratugolea vs Henry bubble rookie battle from a fortnight ago.

Rioli is playing the small forward role with the injury to Ryan and got among the action this week creeping up the wing for 16 disposals (10 kicks) at 56% DE to go with 3 clangers but managed 10 contested possessions. He took 2 marks, laid 3 tackles, had 6 inside 50s (second team high) and finished up on 78 points. Could have had a bag firing off 5 shots at goal but came away with 1 goal, 3 behinds and a complete miss.


Waterman has been tracking along nicely but it does appear his opportunities are starting to dry up with the inclusion of JJK. He had the 10 disposals (5 kicks) at 60% DE to go with 5 marks (1 contested), 2 tackles and 2 clangers for 44 points. The Eagles are starting to look very top heavy so it wouldn’t surprise me to see him get a run in the WAFL shortly.

Lindsay Thomas for leaving Henry dazed and only allowing him to scrape through to 48 points.

Garlett must be the most uninterested player going around and goes out of his way to only get cheap ball. He had yet another stateless first quarter for the year and finished on 21 points due to all his 5 disposals being kicks to go with 2 marks and 3 tackles but the 3 clangers cost him half his score. That 21 will completely destroy his cash generation for a few weeks, that’s if Bolton gives him another run!


Zurhaar, last years fun name but not so fun scores has returned for his 1st game of the year and 5th AFL game overall, but this time posts a career best 87 points from 15 disposals (11 kicks), 2 marks, 2 tackles and 2 goals/1 behind but was let down by 5 clangers and a DE of 53.3%.


Poholke is a goal kicking midfielder and got his chance with the extensive midfielder injury list that Adelaide have (Sloane + Crouch x 2) and had a tidy debut with 10 disposals (5 kicks) at 70% DE to go with 4 marks and 4 1%ers for 53 points. Very risky to go early given the names to come back for the Crows.


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19 thoughts on “2018 Rookie Review – Round 5”

  1. Thanks Hutta! I’m hoping Guelfi can put in a strong performance on Wednesday as he is looking like the only viable downgrade this week. I really need someone to go down to.


  2. Are you jumping on Mirra or do you think its worth waiting a week for duman?
    Im keen to downgrade bonner soon but with sicily out if I downgrade him to mirra this week it means two of mirra, naughton and richards will have to be onfield.


    1. Didn’t play SANFL yesterday so there is a decent chance as he will be fresh but his last game he was far from their best, hard to know.


  3. I am unsure whether to bring Higgins in. I think he is great but will be on the cusp of selection. I may need to cull a cow early.

    Up – he is a must have, make room.
    Dn – save the trade


    1. I think if Higgins played for basically any other side. he would be getting a game each week. The trouble is that the Tigers seem to have a lot of similar players to Higgins that play the same role. I don’t think he is a must have at this stage because his JS simply isn’t there. Looks like he will be a ripper of a player though.


    2. For what it’s worth, he is in Damien Hardwick’s son’s SuperCoach team, so that might bode well for his job security.


    1. Pretty shaky for Zurhaar. LDU is likely to be favoured eventually, as well as Ahern who’s making waves in the vfl. Garner also had his first run in the vfl last week and likely to return within the next two weeks.


  4. I was going to trade bonner for mirra but then saw that Cole and Duman may be on bubble next week.
    Anyone know the likelyhood of each having any JS and continue playing (comments)


      1. Thankyou….
        Garlett to guelfi or langdon this week
        Bonner to cole and bringing in the DANGER…
        Js for landgon better than guelfi one would think?



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