2019 JLT Rookie Review – Week 2

Written by Huttabito on March 12 2019

Chayce Jones ($171.3k MID) rotated through the midfield and got a very nice run in a full Adelaide side impressing with 9 disposals (8 kicks) with 5 contested possessions. Laying 5 tackles and kicking a couple of goals got him to 78 points for the evening. Looks set to line up Rd1, but will need to keep up the high kick ratio, tackles and goals to score well consistently.

Reilly O’Brien ($136.8k RUC) was named, but bench-warmed the entire game.

Archie Smith ($172.3k RUC) lined up at the first bounce against Max Gawn but it wasn’t long before Brisbane took him out as he was getting destroyed. He played most of the first quarter before copping an arm to the throat and he came off and went to the hospital. Left the oval with 2 disposals (both kicks) at 50% DE, 5 hitouts, 3 tackles and 2 clangers for 9 points.


Sam Walsh ($207.3k MID) is just a gem. Equal high team 13 contested possessions along with Cripps. His day didn’t stop there, 23 disposals (12 kicks) at 74% DE, 5 marks, 2 tackles, 2 1%ers, 6 inside 50s and a goal assist to finish on 96 points. He picks himself despite the price tag.

Will Setterfield ($144.9k MID/FWD) started the game off very strong but fell away the longer it went on. Finishing with 13 disposals (9 kicks) at 77% DE but the 9 contested possessions he got took a toll as he had 5 clangers. That said, he was kept busy with 1 mark, 4 tackles, 2 clearances, 2 1%ers, 2 inside 50s and a goal next to his name to finish on 60 points. If this is a low game from his price, its a win.

Cam Polson ($191.8k FWD) is going to be a pass at his high price. 75% game time translated to 10 disposals (8 kicks) at 60% DE and 20% contested rate. Laid 3 tackles and put in a couple of 1%ers to get to 42 points.

Michael Gibbons ($102.4k MID) is off my rookie watchlist. Small forward in a bottom of the table side, reeks of the Pickett/Garlett type players Carlton has dished up over the years that we all complain about being on a breakeven of 30 after 3 games and $10k made. 6 disposals in 83% game time is more along the lines of what we should expect playing his role. He did have good forward pressure though and lay 5 tackles helping him get to 34 points. Apparently got some midfield time the last half but had just the 3 disposals in each half.

Tyler Brown ($123.9k DEF) played, for a little bit. Had 6 disposals and 4 tackles for 28 points.

Brayden Ham ($117.3k FWD), Sam Draper ($123.9k RUC) and Dylan Clarke ($147.7k MID) all got given about a 10 minute run reach. Draper got the most dirty of the lot with 5 disposals, but not much to say here than none will feature come round 1.

Brett Bewley ($117.3k MID) was a late inclusion and was only given 41% game time. When taking this into account with his low TOG last week, it seems he’s not in the early round plans of Ross Lyon. Just the 8 disposals at 50% DE and 3 clangers for 16 points in the JLT derby.

We always look for the next Champion Data darling, and Tom Atkins ($112.9k MID) may just take the cake for this week turning a 46 AF game into 80 SuperCoach points. Despite a DE of 65% and committing 4 clangers, 12 of his 17 disposals came from contested possessions giving his score a healthy boost. He managed to lay a couple of tackles, kick a goal and set one up too.

Jordan Clark ($144.3k DEF) knows his football a 100% kick ratio from all 11 disposals to go with 6 marks (1 contested), 5 rebound 50s, 2 tackles and 3 1%ers helped him get to 67 points. Should like up Rd1 and will grow into his role and confidence with game time.

Charlie Constable ($123.9k MID) spent a lot of his 50% TOG on ball and finishing up with and game high 11 centre bounce appearances – which is mighty impressive with his game time. He was able to pick up 17 disposals (6 kicks) at 65% DE and over 50% contested rate in his limited time. Picked up 5 clearances, 3 tackles and a goal assist for 61 points and looks ready to line up Rd1.

Gryan Miers ($123.9k FWD) played just under half a game, which is not ideal at this time of year given a rather stable forward line at the cattery. Picked up 11 disposals, but with most being uncontested at 64% DE combining with 4 clangers, he was held to 31 points.

Darcy Fort ($117.3k RUC) will be no good for us holding down the fort at R3 after very low impact game and limited run.

Sam Collins ($188.9k DEF) had some absolute shocking grubber turn over kicks but all in all, he had 9 intercept possessions from his 10 disposals to go with a game high 9 1%ers which is exactly the type of game style he was picked up for. Finished on 52 points courtesy of 4 marks (2 contested) and 6 contested possessions.

Jack Lukosius ($202.8K FWD) was rather quiet and kicked 2 goals from a handful of disposals but was thrown back for the last part of the game. Lifted his disposals playing this role and finished with 13 (9 kicks) at 54% DE to go with 4 tackles and finished on 50 points. Pass at his price.

Izak Rankine ($198.3k FWD) limped down to the changerooms after 4 disposals and a goal in 38% game time on 32 points. Hasn’t shown enough with his time out there for his starting price.

Ben King ($184.8k FWD) played down back and had 3 intercept possessions from his 7 disposals but just 19 points leaves a lot to be desired by his price.

Chris Burgess ($123.9k DEF/FWD) was on -2 points at the main break but recovered to 15 points from 9 disposals (5 kicks), 1 goal and 3 behinds but 33% DE and 5 clangers hurt him significantly.

Isaac Cumming ($173.7k DEF) had the 5th highest DE on the ground and highest for all players who had at least 50% of their possessions being contested. He had 12 disposals (7 kicks) at 92% DE and took 5 marks (1 contested) to go with a couple of tackles for 63 points.

Both Jackson Hately ($148.8k MID), who scored 42 and Jy Caldwell ($162.3k MID), who scored 24, had a much tougher affair in JLT2 up against a much more dominant midfield in Adelaide. Hately was given more of a run, spending 66% TOG compared to Caldwells 42% and they finished with 12 (5 kicks) and 8 (3 kicks) respectively – but both pretty quiet stat-wise everywhere else. Hately has looked the better of the two in both JLT games and comes in slightly cheaper. Might just get a run early with Ward out – and who knows what the go is with Josh Kelly?

Matthew Flynn ($123.9k RUC) played 2nd ruck again, which means he is likely to be pushed out come Mumfords return in a few weeks. 7 hitouts to go with 7 disposals (1 kick) at 86% DE, 1 mark, 2 tackles and 3 1%ers for 39 points. Probably a decent bench option in AFL Fantasy, but this is a SuperCoach website.

Lachlan Keeffe ($190.5k DEF) went at 100% DE from 9 disposals, but when every single one is uncontested, you really should be hitting the target. He took an equal team third high 7 marks to go with 5 1%ers but giving away 3 free kicks (and 0 contested possessions) held him to 37 points.  Very pricey for someone who doesn’t want to get his hands dirty.

Jack Scrimshaw ($149.8k DEF) got off to an absolute flyer scored over 50 points in the first quarter alone. His laziness crept in through and finished the game on 78 points from 18 disposals (11 kicks) at 78% DE to go with 5 marks (1 contested), 1 tackle, 2 1%ers and a goal.

Mitch Lewis ($149k FWD) started strong and was up and about running up the wing clunking marks along with wing. Finished with a stock standard forward KPP statline  with 11 disposals (5 kicks), 5 marks, 3 1%ers and a goal assist but no goals held him back to 44 points. Will become important this year with the ageing Roughead but can he impact enough at his price.

Dylan Moore ($123.9k FWD) playing the small pressure forward meant he just got his hands on the ball all of 6 times and he relied heavily on 5 tackles and a goal assist to finish on 40 points as went at 50% DE and was very quiet stat wise otherwise.

Oliver Hanrahan ($123.9k FWD) played just under half a game but 9 disposals (5 kicks) at 57% DE, 5 tackles and 4 clangers held him to 26 points. Has all the tools to score well, but the DE and clangers really held him back.

Jordan Lewis was back in the team for JLT2 and Marty Hore ($117.3k DEF) was immediately off kick in duties. Started the game slow, he only collected the 5 disposals until the main break. Got going in the last half he finished with 16 disposals (6 kicks) at 81% DE to go with 2 marks, 1 goal assist and an equal team second high 6 1%ers to finish on 69 points (insert adult joke about surname and score here). Played most of the game (92% TOG) which was great to see.

Declan Keilty ($123.9k DEF) got a decent run with 65% game time but struggled to impact and just managed the 6 disposals (3 kicks) at 67% DE. Looked quite rushed at times and finished on 19 points.

Bailey Scott ($117.3k MID) was reportedly already pushing for a Rd1 debut and after a 19 disposal (11 kicks) at 74% DE, 4 marks, 2 tackles and a 2 goal game all from just 58% game time, he has done himself no harm. Finishing up on 89, he could be quite the promising rookie.

Luke Davies-Uniacke ($197.5k MID) likes to start fast but always seems to fade away as the game goes on. This weekend was no exception, and just under 200k, we really need a full game performance. 16 disposals (7 kicks) at a low contested possession rate and 4 clangers held him to 57 points.

Ben McKay ($123.9k DEF) may see a fair amount of game time early on this season but being a KPP, he’s going to be very susceptible to low scores just like his 7 disposals at 57% DE hitout against Port Adelaide for only 35 points. He relied on 4 marks (1 contested) and 4 1%ers for bulk of his scoring.

Nick Larkey ($123.9k FWD) played just under a quarter of footy and got 6 disposals (1 kick) in his time but was otherwise pretty quite to finish on 29 points – which isn’t a bad point per minute, just a shame on the limited game time.

Tarryn Thomas ($175.8k MID) also played just under a quarter of footy but 6 disposals (3 kicks) at 33% is not what we want from his price. Much better and cheaper options going around in 2019.

Zak Butters ($157.8k MID) backed up his JLT1 game with another sensational game to lead Port Adelaides goal kickers with 3 through the big sticks. He collected himself 14 disposals (8 kicks) at 86% DE to go with 3 marks, 1 tackles and a couple of goal assists for 82 points. Will be given opportunities early.

Willem Drew ($123.9k MID/FWD) didn’t get as much contested ball as he normally would, but the game was extremely free-flowing and high scoring all around. Rotating through the midfield he helped himself to 16 disposals (10 kicks) at 81% DE to go with 7 marks, 4 tackles and a goal assist for 86 points. As mentioned last week, an injury to Ollie Wines should open the door for a Rd1 debut but he will have to work hard to keep it.

Xavier Duursma ($130.8k DEF/MID) also lead Port Adelaide in a stat, but unfortunately for us, it was 6 clangers resulting in a 30 point penalty. Nevertheless, he still walked away with 78 SuperCoach points for the game as he played across half back moving up the ground to finish with 24 disposals (16 kicks) at 75% DE, 11 marks (1 contested) and a goal assist. Started the game slowly but built nicely and finished with 67% TOG.

I put the word out to Connor Rozee ($189.3k DEF/FWD) that he needs to impress us more in JLT2 than he did in JLT1 if he wants to be relevant for his starting price but 11 disposals and 44 SuperCoachs doesn’t fit that bill.

Noah Balta ($123.9k FWD) was much quieter this week although if you take out his heroic quarter in JLT1, he probably played quite similar across the board. Playing as key forward he had 7 disposals (5 kicks), 6 hitouts, 3 tackles, 5 1%ers and a goal for 52 points. He was third in line for ruck duties behind Nankervis and Soldo, but may appear more on ball if he lines up Rd1 with Soldo out of the side.

Oleg Markov ($158k DEF) rotated across half back and imposed himself with an equal third team high 5 1%ers. A half contested game, he collected 12 disposals (8 kicks) at 67% DE, 4 marks and a tackle for 43 points from 63% TOG.

Jack Ross ($117.3k MID) was still part of the centre bounce rotations like JLT1 but couldn’t get his hands on the ball as much . Didn’t appear after half time and finished with 7 disposals (4 kicks) at 57% DE and 4 clangers meaning 5 tackles and a 1%ers made up most of his 28 points. Unlikely to feature Rd1 or score well once the real thing start.

Liam Baker ($162.1k FWD) spent most of the game on the bench and just had 4 handballs in 22% TOG for 20 points thanks to a goal assist and a tackle.

Darragh Joyce ($123.9k DEF) is a key defender and given Western Bulldogs don’t have the tallest forward line going around, he was able to take advantage of the his height and put up a team high 7 1%ers. He had 12 disposals with an almost perfect kick ratio (just the 1 handball) to go with 8 marks (1 contested). A couple of tackles would be nice, so would a few more contested possession (just the 3) as with those lacking, he just got to 53 points. Fun fact (maybe not for him): There is 1 AFL player who is on less than $60k a year, and its believed to be him! May well play early with Carlisle and Brown out, but would be a bench option due to KPP nature.

Matthew Parker ($117.3k FWD) is getting some nice minutes this pre-season, but its almost been solely in the forward pocket which is limiting his touches. He did possibly take mark of the JLT however that doesn’t earn you bonus points and he finished on 36 points from 8 disposals (5 kicks). Having to creep outside the forward 50 a few times to finish on 8 disposals is not what we want to be seeing from rookies – bench option at best.

Nick Hind ($117.3k MID) appeared to be everywhere early on in the game and when I saw the stats, I was a little surprised to see he only had 10 disposals (5 kicks) at 90% DE. A very high uncontested game, he only recorded the 2 contested possessions and when 4 clangers held him back to 29 points. He tool 1 mark to go with 2 tackles and a goal assist.

Callum Wilkie ($124.9k DEF) played a little but just 4 disposals, none contested, meant he just scraped his way to 18 points courtesy of 3 1%ers.


Nick Blakey ($166.8k FWD) split his performance perfectly having exactly 5 disposals and 1 goal in each half of the game. He had 7 kicks and went at an efficiency of 50% but the 2 goals and 6 contested possessions helped him to 54 points. 5 clangers did hurt his score.

Justin Mcinerney ($117.3k DEF) was pretty quiet on the stat board other than the 15 disposals (6 kicks) at 73% DE he picked up in 70% TOG. His next major stat, was 5 clangers dropping his score to 51 points.

James Rowbottom ($117.3k MID) was a late call up and only played 38% which gives us a good indication where he sits. 34 points from 9 disposals and 5 clangers.

James Rose ($165.0k FWD) had 5 touches, 3 missed the target, 3 tackles was nice, 23 points not so nice. Next.

Samuel Wicks ($102.4k MID/FWD) hit the target with all his disposals, but this was only 3 after sitting out the first 3 quarters. Just the 12 points.

Jack Petruccelle ($123.9k FWD), or Petroleum Jelly if you will, has probably done enough this pre-season to secure the vacant Mark LeCras spot, especially when you take into account Cripps is still struggling to get up for Rd1. Collecting 16 disposals (11 kicks) at 69% DE and contested rate combined with 3 marks, 2 tackles and a couple of goals saw him finish on 87 points. Will rotate between HFF and forward pocket so could throw up some low scores – bench option unless playing dud teams, like Fremantle.

Jarrod Brander ($135.7k FWD) played again of the half-back collecting 18 disposals (9 kicks) at 83% DE and 50% contested rate. The accuracy and contested rate gave his score a nice little boost to 77 helped with 5 marks, 2 tackles and a goal assist.

Bailey Smith ($180.3k MID) didn’t do enough in JLT1 to warrant a selection given his higher price tag and probably hasn’t done so again with 12 disposals (4 kicks) at 42% DE for 41 points.

Will Hayes ($117.3k MID) spent over 50% of the game on the bench, but was rotated through the midfield when out there to finish with 6 disposals (5 kicks) but needed 4 tackles and a goal assist to get to 29 points. With just 3 contested possessions in JLT 1 and 2 combined, he might struggle to post some good scores.


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17 thoughts on “2019 JLT Rookie Review – Week 2”

  1. Outstanding Hutta. Bit of a lean pre-season for the rooks, huh? Maybe I’m paranoid (is that what people say about me???), but the only guys I really feel comfortable picking at this stage are Clark, Walsh and Setterfield. Everyone else I have question marks over job security and/or scoring.


    1. I’m having doubts over Walsh too, playing midfield is going to be a lot more demanding on an 18 yr old when the real stuff starts. Worried that he might spend more time at half forward to ease him into it. Also Carlton had a super easy in JLT playing against 2 teams who looked like they couldn’t care less. At a similar price Cousins is mature aged and likely to get more midfield minutes and I’m not sure I can afford both Walsh and Cousins.


  2. Yeah slim pickings this year with a few rooks being found out in the JLT. As always it’s going come down to R1 team selections to see where we are at.


  3. Am I the only one who doesn’t see how Constable fits into that Geelong team? Another midfielder is surely not what they need.


    1. Duffer.

      I hear what your saying re Constable.

      I just think with T Kelly going home next year, The Cats will try to get games into Constable.

      Like any young player he will have to play well to hold his spot, But surely they will give him a decent run ( 10/15 games), knowing they will probably need him next year.


      1. I agree Duffer. I won’t be surprised if his not named round 1. Will be fighting with Guthrie, S.Selwood, Narkle etc. Maybe with Touhey out and S.Selwood possibly being underdone his a chance. I also have Atkins debuting ahead of Constable because Atkins fills the pressure forward spot that Geelong needs in the forward whereas we have an abundance of midfielders. Not sure Constable can play anywhere other than midfield too.

        However in saying that i think he deserves to be there as his pre season has been good and his had a year in the VFL to develop his tank and skills. Being around 191cm his also got the size to play AFL. I would play Constable ahead of S. Selwood and Cam Guthrie every day of the week (yes ive mentioned before i don’t like Cam Guthrie as a player)

        I hope his there round 1 but at the moment its a 50/50 in my opinion


  4. Great work Huttabito.

    Yes, the rookies are looking horrible.

    At least in defence we should be able to scrape together enough to make 8 starters, but it looks like some potentially low scoring dpp’s are going to have to be in the mix.

    In the forward line, you’re right, it looks like we’re gonna suffer Garlett disease. Players like Parker look like a 50 will be a BIG game for them, and Blakey doesn’t look like he will be much better despite the extra price.

    I’m going to have to take a better look at Darragh Joyce I think.


  5. What’s everyone’s thoughts on Lincoln McCarthy? Priced as an expensive rookie at $247k, will be in the Lions’ best 22, scored 105 and 75 in his JLT matches. With the barren wasteland that is the forward line, I’m more tempted every day to give him a go…


  6. I haven’t got Walsh in my side yet. Of those who do have him are you running him as M5 (Thumbs up) or M6 (Thumbs down)



          1. It’s less about my rookies and more that I’ve spent less on other lines. In my current incarnation of my team I’ve got J Hunt at D4 and D Moore at F4. Feel very uneasy about both of these. Still got a week of tinkering to go.


  7. Great stuff Hutta. I’m currently looking at starting 4 midpricers due to lack of decent rookies (DEF & FWD).



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