Game Chat – Sydney v Essendon

Written by Motts on May 10 2019

Where and when: SCG, Friday May 10, 7.50pm AEST

Last time they met: Marvel Stadium, round 19, 2018: Essendon 15.19 (109) defeated Sydney 10.6 (66)

The home side overcame some poor finishing to run away with the game thanks to four unanswered goals in the last term. Key defender Michael Hurley’s shutdown job on Sydney superstar Lance Franklin earned him three Brownlow medal votes, while captain Dyson Heppell was superb with 31 possessions.

What it means for Sydney: The season. With just one win from their first seven games the Swans are bottom of the ladder, but incredibly, the close nature of the competition leaves them just three wins off fifth spot. This is their last chance.

What it means for Essendon: The Bombers’ three wins have come against Melbourne, Brisbane and North Melbourne, but they’ve faltered against the Giants, St Kilda, Collingwood and Geelong. If they are to be finals contenders, they can’t lose to the cellar dwellers.

How Sydney wins: The Swans defence has been under enormous pressure this season, so the midfield must make a stand and get its hands on the footy against Essendon. Josh Kennedy, Luke Parker, Zak Jones and Isaac Heeney have to give the side control of the game.

How Essendon wins: If the Bombers can get enough forward entries, Joe Daniher and Jake Stringer will prove a handful. They’re both dynamic athletes and can give the undermanned Sydney defence plenty of problems.

The stat: The Swans gave up 77 inside-50s against Brisbane last week and only lost by 22 points. If they allow the Bombers that many chances on Friday night, it will be a rout at the SCG.

The match-up: George Hewett v Dylan Shiel

The Swans stopper is familiar with the former Giants midfielder and could get the job of trying to curtail his explosive talents on Friday night. Leg speed can hurt Sydney through the middle of the ground and Shiel has burnt them before.

It’s a big week for: Joe Daniher

The star forward couldn’t back up his Anzac Day exploits and managed just one goal from four kicks against Geelong last week. With Dane Rampe his likely opponent it will be a tough night for the Bomber, but if he can break free he could be a matchwinner.

Big call: Hewett will put the clamps on Shiel and not only hold him under 25 possessions for the first time this year, the Essendon star won’t manage more than 20.

Mottsy’s Prediction: Essendon by 20 points


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    Sydney: Isaac Heeney, Jackson Thurlow, Kieren Jack, Robbie Fox
    Essendon: Darcy Parish, David Myers, Matt Guelfi, Conor McKenna


  2. Butters down to Hawks’ Moore (switch Setters to midfield) or save the trade and hope for better options next week?

    TU trade now
    TD save the trade


  3. Considering he started on the bench and I didn’t see him do anything when he came on, surprised by Heeney’s 15 at QT.

    Should be able to click into gear and ton up.



    Qtime 2.6.18 – 2.3.15

    J. Kennedy 38
    Z. Merrett 38
    R. Fox 31
    A. McGrath 32
    Z. Jones 30
    D. Zaharakis 32
    N. Blakey 29
    M. Hurley 24
    T. McCartin 27
    D. Smith 24
    K. Jack 27
    T. Bellchambers 23
    L. Parker 26
    O. Fantasia 19
    C. Sinclair 25
    A. McDonald-Tipungwuti 19
    S. Reid 22
    A. Saad 19
    G. Hewett 21
    D. Heppell 18
    A. Aliir 20
    M. Redman 17
    J. Lloyd 19
    J. Stringer 16
    W. Hayward 19
    D. Shiel 14
    J. Dawson 18
    C. Hooker 12
    C. O’Riordan 16
    B. Ham 12
    I. Heeney 14
    C. McKenna 11
    C. Mills 12
    Z. Clarke 10
    D. Rampe 11
    D. Parish 9
    L. Melican 11
    D. Myers 9
    J. Thurlow 11
    P. Ambrose 8
    T. Papley 9
    A. Francis 8
    O. Florent 6
    M. Guelfi 7


    1. he has been dropping off lately
      needs quality mids to finish off with clean receipt of his his disposals for his DE & good backs to feed him which is not happening in a lot of games
      lot’s of inexperience around him


  5. I am about to lose it with Lloyd! Had him 2017 does nothing, all of a sudden goes massive in 2018 but i kept telling myself it would just a flash in the pan. Ruined me for the rest of the season. 2019 I thought surely he will drop off. 6 round ins still not under a tonne, I bring him in. Last week was questionable but this week it half time and he on 32. He can get F$%#$#



    1/2 time 6.8.44 – 7.3.45

    J. Kennedy 67
    Z. Merrett 74
    L. Parker 65
    A. McGrath 67
    Z. Jones 52
    O. Fantasia 67
    N. Blakey 50
    D. Zaharakis 56
    C. Sinclair 48
    J. Stringer 53
    J. Thurlow 45
    C. Hooker 49
    T. Papley 44
    D. Smith 47
    W. Hayward 38
    M. Hurley 46
    R. Fox 36
    T. Bellchambers 43
    S. Reid 34
    A. McDonald-Tipungwuti 42
    J. Lloyd 32
    D. Heppell 38
    G. Hewett 32
    M. Redman 38
    O. Florent 32
    A. Francis 35
    I. Heeney 30
    A. Saad 33
    T. McCartin 30
    D. Myers 25
    D. Rampe 29
    B. Ham 25
    L. Melican 26
    D. Parish 24
    A. Aliir 25
    D. Shiel 23
    C. O’Riordan 24
    P. Ambrose 20
    K. Jack 22
    C. McKenna 16
    C. Mills 21
    Z. Clarke 15
    J. Dawson 20
    M. Guelfi 10



    3/4 time

    syd 9.9.63 – 8.6.54 ess

    J. Kennedy 103
    Z. Merrett 105
    L. Parker 90
    D. Heppell 89
    J. Thurlow 75
    O. Fantasia 85
    S. Reid 72
    T. Bellchambers 85
    C. Sinclair 66
    A. McGrath 83
    N. Blakey 65
    C. Hooker 76
    Z. Jones 64
    M. Hurley 73
    J. Lloyd 60
    M. Redman 66
    I. Heeney 59
    A. McDonald-Tipungwuti 59
    C. Mills 58
    D. Zaharakis 59
    C. O’Riordan 58
    D. Smith 50
    O. Florent 56
    J. Stringer 49
    R. Fox 55
    A. Francis 47
    D. Rampe 51
    D. Parish 43
    T. Papley 45
    A. Saad 42
    G. Hewett 44
    B. Ham 41
    W. Hayward 44
    D. Myers 39
    J. Dawson 41
    D. Shiel 38
    T. McCartin 39
    P. Ambrose 29
    A. Aliir 37
    Z. Clarke 29
    L. Melican 30
    M. Guelfi 25
    K. Jack 22
    C. McKenna 25


        1. nah mate – same one apparently – has hardly trained most weeks it seems – doing well to be out there playing apparently …


  8. Looks like CD have finally been feeling the heat on comments to them against favourable scores for Lloyd –
    21 disposals, 14 kicks 1 tackle, 1 CP and 1 clearance at 95DE (was at 100% till recently) – most weeks he’d already be over the 100 … interesting …

    call me a conspiracy theorist – but tell me CD scoring isn’t “managed / massaged”on various players to keep differences amongst players scoring and trades!! eg score Lloyd high early on, people with him go great, those without then begin trading him in … and change up the scoring?? … hmmmm like I said … nice conspiracy theory maybe … but scoring this year in many cases has been worst I can remember …


  9. Don’t mind me when i go all out and rant about Lloyd and how is surely going to kill me this season. In my team he doesn’t want to score well…….. Lloyd you are a an absolute…. Breathe deeply Nato it is just 1 week he will be fine next week…. Lloyd you better watch yourself! I’m not in the mood for this. I ain’t taking another season of 90 average!


      1. i gave danger the boot for ainsworth this week ,
        rage trades are great
        if you think you have an under achiever ,
        don’t stress , just boot em
        makes the game fun
        there’s no bonus for finishing with 3 trades up your sleeve



    before scaling

    syd 11.11.77 – ess 10.12.72

    J. Kennedy 116
    Z. Merrett 129
    L. Parker 113
    D. Heppell 110
    C. Mills 96
    T. Bellchambers 106
    D. Rampe 91
    M. Hurley 94
    C. Sinclair 89
    D. Zaharakis 85
    J. Lloyd 82
    O. Fantasia 83
    S. Reid 80
    C. Hooker 82
    W. Hayward 80
    D. Shiel 81
    C. O’Riordan 80
    A. McGrath 80
    O. Florent 79
    A. Saad 76
    J. Thurlow 77
    A. McDonald-Tipungwuti 74
    G. Hewett 77
    M. Redman 73
    Z. Jones 76
    D. Smith 71
    N. Blakey 73
    P. Ambrose 70
    R. Fox 72
    D. Parish 65
    J. Dawson 69
    Z. Clarke 60
    I. Heeney 64
    C. McKenna 57
    T. McCartin 61
    M. Guelfi 53
    T. Papley 52
    A. Francis 48
    A. Aliir 50
    J. Stringer 44
    L. Melican 48
    B. Ham 40
    K. Jack 25
    D. Myers 33


  11. I love Tommy Papley but 8 points in the second half, jeez…

    To be fair it looked like he was carrying an injury or soreness tonight.


    1. Hey Gunboat – see the post below from Willys Guns in the last minute queries thread … it’s also been referenced in a few other places apparently …

      Willys Guns says:
      May 10, 2019 at 4:45 pm
      Just read an article in the SA Advertiser about Heeney who said he has been playing with a torn ankle ligament since JLT2. He only trains 20-25 min per week to manage the pain.

      “Its going to take a lot longer to heal than the 4-6 weeks a normal tear would take. Now it might hang around for the whole season. The prospect of a rest has not been discussed ”


      1. i’ve had fully torn ankle ligaments & a reco a year later , gives you no control changing direction & seriously affects your balance , requires a lot of taping to stabilize it which limits your movement a fair bit , if its fully gone it wont be painful & he’ll probably play out the season with it & have surgery in the off season


  12. Giving the keyboard a big workout tonight PJ. You have contributed almost 50% of the comments on this post! I think you must have missed half the game haha.


      1. when i miss the game due to being @ work i often read the 10 comments that have been posted
        this is supposed to be a comments page , pitty ppl are more intent on TD’s than discussing the game ,
        this is the only social media i do ,
        i leave ppl posting pics of what they had for breakfast , etc
        & their TU rewards to everyone else


        1. Not sure why so many downvotes for PJ – yeah, he’s a bit gruff but he seems to know his stuff and has a pretty good handle on SC. :dunno:


      2. Not sure if this was for me PJ, but my comment wasn’t a criticism of you, simply an observation. The more posts the better, whether I agree with them or not. Always good to have food for thought. Look forward to the future discussions!


  13. Post match controversy:
    Rampe climbed/shakes goalpost whilst D Myers was kicking which is in violation of Rule 17.11.

    “A free kick shall be awarded against a player or official who intentionally shakes the goal or behind post (either before or after a player has disposed of the football).”


      1. Not sure but I think the AFL have already ticked off the decision saying that it didn’t affect the result of the game.



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