Cow Talk Round 22 –> 23

Written by Father Dougal on August 21 2019

Small or Far Away, Father Dougal on Cows

Hi everybody!

This week an actual, if not useful at the moment thought or three. In fact, this may be the least immediately useful advice I have ever given. No worries though, it will


…ok, may, help next season. I plan to think on it and give it a proper write up then.

The Iron Law of Pods.  Provisional version.

Doesn’t that mean, it is more like the Bronze law of Pods?


How about the un-smelted Law of Pods?

Those are fish! 

He isn’t wrong

So, the un-smelted law of Cods?

Ahem. The Iron Law of Pods.  Provisional version:

The earlier and better a POD, the less time they remain a POD.

So, by that logic, the only time you can truly pick a Pod is the last week of the season, since nobody can react and bring him in?

Right. Which actually bring me to the next bit, The Rusty Curse of Pods.

Like stinky fish?

Well, sort of. 

Anyways, The Inverse Iron Law of Pods.  Provisional version:

The worse a POD performs, the longer he stays a POD.

Oh, right, because if he does badly, nobody else brings him in, and you get to keep enjoying his bad scores all by yourself. 


Like the Worpedo?

Oh yes, that brings me to the last bit. The Rusty Curse of Pods.  Provisional version:

After you trade out an under-performing POD, he will most likely start doing well.

Ah, right, the Worpedo indeed, at least for many. 


I have never had him, but thanks anyways little bloke.

So, there you have it. I mean them. Provisionally.



Please gods I beg you

This year all I ask is a:

Four digit finish


Dodgy Advice

Dustin Martin last week pumped out a 132 so suddenly less dodgy! I repeat him as an option.  Ross went for 116 and Worpel for 142. Dang!

Twilight Narkle went for 56, which can’t have surprised anyone really.

This week, short but simple  – Captain a Bulldog midfielder.


End Bits

Remember, all predictions wrong or triple your money back!

Apologies in advance for delays in responding to comments, ’cause sleep and work. Stupid time zones.

Please let me know what I missed and messed up in the comments. I’ll try and fix and add tomorrow afternoon.

Thanks for Reading!


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9 thoughts on “Cow Talk Round 22 –> 23”

  1. Hey Father, are you planning on doing the quick-team-picker again next year? Because if you are, I’ve decided that I am going to use it.


    1. I am planning to do that every season. Depending on work I may have to do it a day sooner and update with late changes, but I want to help out new players.

      May I ask why you want to use it?


      1. Efficiency, mostly. Putting together teams in the pre-season is a pretty low ROI activity, when you consider the effort that people put into it. You’re not going to win the competition in round 1, but you could definitely lose it. Following your guide provides a good, low-effort way to get all the good cows, and build a sound, non-dumb team around them. That’s all you really need to do at that time of year.

        This year, I made the fairly radical decision to swear off putting together a team until after the JLTs had finished. My reasoning was that pre-JLT, we knew nothing of the cows (around which any good starting team is based), and, as such, teams put together in that time weren’t really teams at all: they were daydreams. Seriously, look at the pre-JLT ‘rate my team’ threads from any given year: the teams look nothing like what people actually ended up going with. To a large extent, this is because the cows they had thrown in were nothing like the ones that ended up being viable. Anyway, I’m getting side-tracked, but the point that I am making is that people put a lot of effort into putting hypothetical teams together before the JLTs, and they get very little return on it. That’s something I worked out going into this year, and it’s a principle I intend to stick by.

        But, when I eventually did put a team together, I noticed something. After the JLTs finished, I grabbed all of those who looked like good cows, and frantically spent the next couple of weeks trying to fit premiums and a few well-chosen mid-pricers around them. And then, a few days before the start of the season, your team picker dropped. Having more or less settled on my starting lineup by this point, I decided to take some time out and look at it. As I read through it, it dawned on me: with minimal time and effort, I could have taken your guide, and picked a starting lineup that was just as good, if not better, than the one I had put all of that energy into dreaming up. So why not just do that?

        In short, it is the natural extension of my ‘no pre-JLT teams’ principle. It will free up lots of time and effort that I could spend doing other things, be they SuperCoach-related (general analysis, scouting, working on my draft order, …), or real life. And my starting team won’t be any worse off for it.

        With this in mind, the real question for me has become “why *wouldn’t* I want to use it?”.


      2. I can provide some insight here as well… in season 2018, using your team picker and some intuition, I finished 166th overall.



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