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Written by JimmyDee on February 18 2020

Previously on Tech Team criteria…..

Good evening SCers, you may recall we stipulated a selection criteria for the All Stars team loosely following the AFL’s, ie they put a maximum of three players per club and we put a minimum of three players per state.

However, they’ve since given carte blanche to the coaches, so I was hoping to generate some discussion regarding reducing my original restrictions. If  I did this, it may allow more flexibility in selection but could also reflect a bit more of a cookie cutter team like the classic teams, with the trade off potentially higher scores to start.

If I keep the criteria as planned, it would generate a far different looking team and create some good challenges for the coaches, but being a great democratic community, I feel the need to ask the question. So chuck a vote in and if you don’t care and just want a team provided by me, say so in the general comments. Look forward to your thoughts.


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5 thoughts on “Tech Team Poll”

  1. PS sorry folks, still working out polls – use the thumbs up to select change to unrestricted, thumbs down for keeping three per state, and still comment if you don’t mind being presented with a set team.


    1. Either way Jimmy – My wife has found it fun to play with different starting lineups so you’re looking at players you wouldn’t otherwise consider.


  2. I agree. Last year’s looked horrible, but it worked out brilliantly. The more challenging … the better the competition.

    Just don’t pick injury-proners, or we’ll run out of trades before the byes!! 😉


  3. Yeah JJ – as per comments above mate – run with what you choose, and make it a little difficult … the beauty is everyone starting the same and then the big diversity in everyone making trades!!



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