A Bit Of A Stretch(er)

Written by Motts on August 30 2011


Player Injury Estimated Return
Myke Cook Ankle Test
Matthew Jaensch Shoulder Season
Chris Knights Thigh Season
Brad Moran Ankle Test
Andy Otten Head knock Test
Jason Porplyzia Shoulder Season
Brad Symes Jaw Season


Player Injury Estimated Return
Todd Banfield Hamstring TBC
Claye Beams Foot Season
Jonathan Brown Facial fractures Season
Xavier Clarke Foot Season
Ryan Lester Foot Season
Daniel Merrett Back Season
Jesse O’Brien Lower leg Season
Joel Patfull Hand Season
Jared Polec Knee Season
Brent Staker Knee TBC


Player Injury Estimated Return
Mitch Carter Shoulder Season
Andrew Collins Shoulder Season
Pat McCarthy Groin Season
Andrew McInnes Shoulder Season
Luke Mitchell Shoulder Season
Jarrad Waite Hip Test

Collingwood (as of 23 August)

Player Injury Estimated Return
Nathan Brown Knee Season
Chris Dawes Hand Test
Brad Dick Knee Season
Nick Maxwell Thumb 3-4 weeks
Sharrod Wellingham Groin Test


Player Injury Estimated Return
Stewart Crameri Shoulder Test
Courtenay Dempsey Knee Indefinite
Dustin Fletcher Ankle 1 week
Sam Lonergan Knee Season
Anthony Long Hamstring Indefinite
Brent Prismall Knee Season
Jason Winderlich Knee Season


Player Injury Estimated Return
Hayden Ballantyne Hamstring Season
Justin Bollenhagen Ankle Test
Jesse Crichton Knee Season
Matt de Boer Knee Season
Peter Faulks Jaw Season
Nathan Fyfe Shoulder Season
Jonathan Griffin Hip Season
Antoni Grover Soreness Test
Roger Hayden Leg Season
Garrick Ibbotson Shoulder Season
Nick Lower Shoulder Season
Adam McPhee Foot Season
Josh Mellington Elbow Test
Viv Michie Foot Season
Anthony Morabito Knee Season
David Mundy Ankle Season
Matthew Pavlich Calf Season
Dylan Roberton Ankle Season
Gavin Roberts Quad Season
Alex Silvagni Concussion Test
Jay van Berlo Groin Season
Michael Walters Knee Season


Player Injury Estimated Return
Mitch Brown Shoulder Season
Joel Corey Groin Test
Mitch Duncan Soreness Available
Darren Milburn Achilles Available
Billie Smedts Hip Season
Harry Taylor Concussion Test
Nathan Vardy Hip Season

Gold Coast

Player Injury Estimated Return
Roland Ah Chee Shoulder Season
Campbell Brown Pelvis Season
Michael Coad Hamstring Season
Sam Day Knee Season
Piers Flanagan Hip Season
Daniel Gorringe Ankle Season
Tom Lynch Back Test
Tom Nicholls Knee Season
Jack Stanley Ankle Season
Jeremy Taylor Hip Season


Player Injury Estimated Return
Taylor Duryea Ankle Indefinite
Stephen Gilham Knee Indefinite
Mitch Hallahan Ankle Indefinite
Angus Litherland Foot Indefinite
Luke Lowden Thumb Indefinite
Jarryd Roughead Achilles Indefinite
Clinton Young Ankle 1 week


Player Injury Estimated Return
Jack Grimes Foot Season
Jordan Gysberts Wrist Season
Liam Jurrah Hip Test
Michael Newton Foot Test
Jake Spencer Knee Season
James Strauss Leg Season
Luke Tapscott Hip Test
Austin Wonaeamirri Ankle Season

North Melbourne (as of 16 August)

Player Injury Estimated Return
Ayden Kennedy Knee Season
Matthew Scott Knee Season
Ben Speight Shoulder Season
Sam Wright Shoulder Season

Port Adelaide

Player Injury Estimated Return
Dean Brogan Calf Test
Hamish Hartlett Shoulder Season
Jarrad Irons Shoulder Season
Ben Jacobs Ankle Season
Danny Meyer Hip Season
Andrew Moore Groin/Tonsilitis Season
Marlon Motlop Fractured finger Season
Ben Newton Hip Flexor Season
Simon Phillips Shoulder Season
Jasper Pittard Hamstring 1-2 weeks
Paul Stewart Shoulder Season

Richmond (as of 23 August)

Player Injury Estimated Return
David Astbury Dislocated patella Season
Jake Batchelor Shoulder Season
Reece Conca Soreness Test
Daniel Connors Quad tendon Season
Tom Derickx Fractured ankle Season
Dylan Grimes Hamstring Season
Brad Helbig Ankle Season
Kelvin Moore Hip Season
Chris Newman Knee 1-2 weeks

St Kilda

Player Injury Estimated Return
Sam Crocker Shoulder Season
Sean Dempster Concussion Test
Jackson Ferguson Shoulder/Thumb Season
James Gwilt Knee Season
Lenny Hayes Knee Season
Will Johnson Shoulder Season
Tom Ledger Hamstring Season
Andrew McQualter Shoulder Season
Rhys Stanley Hamstring 2 weeks


Player Injury Estimated Return
Daniel Currie Foot Indefinite
Andrejs Everitt Calf Available
Lewis Johnston Ankle Test
Nick Malceski Knee Test
Lewis Roberts-Thomson Calf Test

West Coast

Player Injury Estimated Return
Jack Darling General Soreness Test
Daniel Kerr Back 1 week
Ryan Neates PCL Season
Matt Rosa PCL 1-2 week
Koby Stevens Shoulder Test
Lewis Stevenson Adductor Test
Blayne Wilson Ankle Test

Western Bulldogs

Player Injury Estimated Return
Adam Cooney Knee Season
Ayce Cordy Hand Season
Brian Lake Knee Season
Brodie Moles Shoulder Season
Dale Morris Broken leg Season
Eddie Prato Knee Test
Justin Sherman Foot 1 week
Zephaniah Skinner Knee Test

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14 thoughts on “A Bit Of A Stretch(er)”

  1. Gut feeling big Broges will play this week for the Power. What a way to finish your AFL career than playing on the picturesque Adelaide Oval. Good feeling this week and reckon the boys can win.


  2. Andrew Moore has tonsilitis of the Groin… (no comment)

    and Jacobs will be back in 1-2 weeks apparently. Brilliant!


  3. Some how I may be able to field a team copping only one doughnut this week despite having Pav, Fyfe, Mundy, Lower, Watson, Kerr & Newman sitting on the pine
    a handy 2.8k sitting one the pine for the grand final with no trades


  4. This round of SC is like a bloody multi bye round again, I’m with StackMyster in having 2.6 million of value sitting on the frikken pine.! DOH!!


  5. Funny thing, Maxwell above says 3-4 weeks & I read on Superfooty this morning that Maxwell could make a surpized return this week-end v Geelong!!


  6. Gaaaah annoying but now surprise really, alot of dead rubbers this weekend. Bloody Fyfe! doesn’t he realise he had another game to play for the saintsations? Was going to trade Sylvia, now I guess it’ll be him.


  7. I feel sorry for freo. They have to ask special permission from the afl to allow them to upgrade 2 rookies just so they field a team of 22…



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