A Blended Team

Written by Motts on March 22 2011

In the last of my examples of teams I present to you a blended team. The key features are: you’ve got guns, mid-pricers who are considered bargains, DPP’s, and rookies that should get early games.


B. Goddard (C) (MID),

B. Deledio (MID),

P. Duffield,

J. Grimes,

S. Hurn,

J. Adcock,

D. Stanley

(S. McKernan (FWD), N. Duigan (E), N. Lower)


S. Pendlebury,

A. Goodes (FWD),

T. Cotchin,

S. Higgins (FWD),

L. Anthony,

D. Swallow

(J. Polec (E), D. Harris, S. Buckley (BAC))


A. Sandilands,

D. Jolly

(J. Tippett (FWD), Z. Smith)


N. Riewoldt,

C. Rioli,

H. Grundy (BAC),

P. Dangerfield (MID),

C. Yarran,

A. Krakouer (MID),

P. Veszpremi

(D. Petrie (RUC), C. Richardson (E), I. Smith (MID)


CASH LEFT: $6,400


Have I got it right? Is this the strategy you’re following? Would you add more guns/less rookies or would you take some of the guns out and add more midpricers?


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