A DPP Team

Written by Motts on March 13 2011

I put this together today based on the available (good) DPP’s, a view of who will be available in the finals, a hunch about who will get better this year and a bit of a G’n’R strategy.

Backs: Goddard, Gibbs, Broughton, Gilbert, Grimes, Otten, Duigan (Smith, Toy, Hibberd)

Centres: Pendlebury, Boyd, Burgoyne, Pavlich, Higgins, Swallow (Heppell, Harris, Buckley)

Rucks: Sandilands, Cox (Petrie, Z Smith)

Forwards: N Riewoldt, Rioli, Goodes, Knights, Krakouer, Gamble, Prestia (J Tippett, McKernan, I Smith)

$15,100 spare cash and a TON of flexibility throughout the season amongst all positions.

What do you think?


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7 thoughts on “A DPP Team”

  1. Grimes slightly injury prone, Sandilands worries me with his feet as well, gone for Jamar instead.. can get more guns by saving cash on him!

    Knights still a query on his fitness and recovery from Injury!

    Rioli not sure is going to constantly score over 100! As much as they say he’ll play in the midfield.. if the hawks have no injuries he won’t!

    Goodes won’t score as much if he is going to be forward more like last year!

    I think overall you’ve got a few too many mid range players that aren’t really guns yet (like Grimes, Broughton, Higgins, Knights) but worthy risks perhaps they might have breakout years this year!

    I’m going for less risks this year and opting for more guns than i’ve normally ever gone for..even though at the same time i have gone for a lot of DPP to counter act the byes!

    Good Luck!


  2. You get 2 gold stars out of 5 for effort and trying something different, but I wouldn’t be focusing on DPP players for the sake of it when you could have a stronger team with out any links. I’m worried you might have a good ordinary side, like the SC equivalent of Stanton.

    As for Steve you have too many exclamation marks, but I suppose with our aussie accents that’s how we all sound.


  3. I personally think it’s a good enough team to be up there in most average leagues. Last year my DPP loaded squad strategy let me trade for value rather than necessity + left me with 7 trades for the finals which assisted my league win by getting a full team + emergencies in GF. As Motts says the strategy is even more relevant this year due to the bye’s



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