A Historical Guide to Selecting Your Premiums for 2015

Written by MJ on March 19 2015

We hope you’re ready for another spreadsheet, because Bonsai! has come to the party, bringing an excellent piece of research to help you select your premiums in your starting squad this year. He’s done a painstaking degree of number crunching, scrawling through the previous three years of data for all the popular players we’re considering.

Particularly helpful features include:
– Standard Deviation; A lower SD reflects better consistency, whilst a high one suggests a roller-coaster ride.
– High/Low Price; you can see at what point in the season each player peaks and troughs in price.
– A comparison of statistics between the first and second half of the season. Do some premiums perform better later in the season, priming them for upgrade targets rather than starters?

Check it out: SC Premiums – Historical Performance 2011-2014

From everyone at SCT, we say thanks, Bonsai!


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5 thoughts on “A Historical Guide to Selecting Your Premiums for 2015”

  1. Thanks MJ for your kind words.
    As we come closer to finalising our team for the start of the season, I hope that you’ll find this guide useful in selecting your Premiums with some confidence as it certainly did for me.
    All the very best for the season ahead and remember, it’s a marathon not a sprint…and don’t forget to have a bit of fun along the way.


  2. Fantastic work Bonsai. You’ve put a hell of a lot of time into those spreadsheets. Thanks!

    It’s surprising when you see how few players consistently play 20+ games every year.


  3. Amazing effort Bonsai!!!

    Very keen to go over all of the spreadsheet tomorrow on the computer as have only had a chance to checkout defenders as downloaded on the phone and that’s all I got.



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